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Tournament Arc [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Tournament Arc [Quest: Lee] Empty Sat Sep 04, 2021 10:28 pm

Lee Nakamura
She tossed her head back, growling at the thought of even waiting. The young guild master hated being in Baska for this stupid torunament. Though, the thirst for a good fight and dripping blood was itching her and Ragtime. Battling beasts was one thing, but it was another with another human or non-human race. A mage battle was something she lacked in her days. Being a guildmaster of a new guild made her feel fresh. "Thank you for taking this quest" spoke her client. He wanted her to fight the current champion as the client held a horrible grudge against him. From the floating rumors, he was an ass.

"Well, you caught me in a good mood. The first opponent" she spoke. Lector had to stay behind which was find in her opinion. The client leads her to the entrance, the light flashed into her eyes as she emerged into the arena. The crowd cheered as she stared at everyone. "Welcome to this week's Baska Tournament, today is a promising a great series of matches today. On the North entrance is a local, John Worrick. A former Rune Knight that served in the recent Bosco war. On the south entrance, is the Fire-Breathing Dragon, LeeAnn Nakamura. Daughter to the famous Nicolas Nakamura and guildmaster of the newly renounced guild, Infinity Wolves" spoke the announcer. She hated being put on the spot. The opporent looked to be seen in better days in her opinion. There was prize money and this was a good way to stay in shape and win money. The bel rang, already she was Just wanting to be done with this match. LeeAnn was quick to finish the battle then return to the site for the next match. The client was already amazed by her work, but she only shrugged this off. To her that was only a warm-up, she was waiting for the real challenge. She wondered how the client had gotten a hold of her. How he knew her location since Infinity Wolves was still a rather small guild. Though, word probably traveled fast.

She entered into an area where other challengers were already gathering, eating, and sharing stories. Lector followed her inside. Ragtime, Lee, and Lector cringed at the animalistic behavior of the savages that dared entered into this challenge. Ale was raised with loud laughter. Several men were having an eating contest. It was clear. She was the only female. She was the only non-human race. Oh, of course, she growled. The kitsune walked past several men with Lector traveling behind her. Ragtime caused her eyes tor to turn darker frost blue color. He was now in full control of her actions. This means free reign. Several of the men caught themselves staring at her figure. Many women were jealous of her voluptuous chest while she never really found it to be a good asset. Ragtime was now going to use a few tricks he picked up while his time in Blue Pegasus. "Man, I would like me a fine piece of that" mentioned one of the men. Her gaze met him, though her's was more of a sadistic smile.

"Oh really? Can I ask you a question, then?" She slowly walked closer, leaning forward with her posture boasting her chest a little. The man gulped staring at it then her eyes. Quickly, she grabbed his face and forced him into a submissive pose. "I am sure your wife would not mind me taking control, hm? Or do you treat all women like trash? First off, I am capable of beheading your pathetic face and feeding it to my parahinas. Second, I am a woman. I know how to play my cards correctly. Thirdly, do you want to mess with someone of my power? Both in politics and magic?"

The man's face went pale as so did everyone else in the room. The whole room went silent. She was loving this so much. For a fact, she knew everyone must have watched her fight after hearing some small talk about how John had his ass handed to him. Gripping the guy's face, she could feel his jaw breaking a little. "Now, promise me you will be a good boy and tell your alpha about your current champion" she whispered. Lector smirked seeing his idol being the boss.

"You tell him, Lee" he cheered. The man whimpered. "His name is Shay Fernades. A powerful mage that knows special ice magic, he's very quick on his feet" he croaked. LeeAnn loosened her grip and smiled. "Was that so hard?"


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#2Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
She threw her hand away from his face in disgust. Her lip curled a little like an irate cat. There as a sliver of disgust in her expression, she turned away on her heels and marched out. Lee found a quiet place to enjoy her meal of bread, chicken noodle soup, and a touch of Boscian Vodka. There was too much on her mind right now to even think about what to do next. Lector sat with her eating his fish meal. Footsteps disturbed their peaceful thoughts causing the kitsune to turn to find a tall, younger-looking male that looked rough around the edges. He looked skilled in her opinion, but couldn;t get a good reading without talking to him. He walked in and met eye with her. "I saw you in the lobby with the other men. Must be hard to be a gazelle in a room full of lions, hm?"

He gave a small smirk. This caused her to tell him off as she turned away to her meal. "Not a woman that can be swayed? Smart. I am sure you know a lot about me, like I know a lot about you, Ms. Nakamura" he smiled. He leaned against hte table, staring at her while she ate. It was quite rude in her opinion. The kitsune continued to eat without responding. "I know you'd used to be a Rune Knight, in your brother's quadrant" he smiled, hoping to catch her attention. She seemed unphased.

"Listen, nothing is going to persuade me to lose against you. All that information is public to any page or noob knight. I know you're a Rune Knight that has assess to information that the average bear doesn't. Don't use your damn privileges in this fight. If you're a real man, you would fight fairly" she hissed. There was a slight defeat in his eyes, know he wasn't capable to sway her his way. LeeAnn was not easy to persuade once her mind was made up. She finished her meal, ignoring his presence. She sipped the last of her drink then gently sat it down.

"I am a guildmaster. I am not easily swayed by words. Actions are my language. After all, wolves done bother with the opinions of the sheep" she retorted. The same words her grandfather always used and placed on the guild's new statue when everyone first arrived. She thought aBout her grandfather for a moment then blinked and took her dishes to the sink and washed them. Lector did the same. LeeAnn heard her name being called over the lacrima intercom. "Alright, let's go" she spoke. Lector stayed behind on the sidelines when they went onto the battlefield. She heard the crowd cheering as the announcer began his speech. She tuned them out hearing Ragtime became the center of her attention. "Are you okay with my taking full control or do you want to do this one your own?" he asked. LeeAnn sighed. She knew what would happen if she had complete control as before. LeeAnn cracked her knuckles to relieve stress. "Take full control. I know what would happen if I let loose" she spoke. She feared she may do something she would regret like that one night in Hosenka. The thirst for bloodshed was still young in her needs. Revenge was on her mind but had to be pushed back because of the guild. Her amulet glowed red, feeling the negative presence of Caspien. She grunted holding her chest. "Ragtime, you okay" she spoke.

"Yeah, you relax. I've got this" he spoke. LeeAnn felt her body tensing, her eyes turned a slightly darker shade of frost blue. It was only slightly that anyone barely noticed. Ragtime further assured her that he would handle everything. She just had to relax and let him control her body like a puppet for his own pleasure and thirst for fighting. "Are you ready, fire breath" called Shay. She hissed.

"Bring it." When the horn blew, LeeAnn dashed towards Shay without any hestation. She drew out her sword, Sting. LeeAnn and Shay clashed swords. Ragtime caused her to use her foot to catch him behind his knee causing him to fall out of surprise. While he was falling, she managed to cause A-rank damage with Sting on his chest. Quickly, he recovered by knocking the sword out of her hands. The kitsune placed both of her hands into a fist both in front of her face. A large magic circle appears that was 2 meters in diameter in front of her face. A large stream of fire that was, also, 2 meters in diameter, aimed right in front of Shay. That caused some severe burns as she was too quick for him. Lee began to leap ontop of him as he cast another spell. "Pretty slow" she smiled. He slammed his fists to the ground with ice covering the ground beneath her. Ragtime did not anticipate this, but he used her slipping as part of her momentum. The kitsune smiled as she slid to him, crouched down to the ground to grab her sword then threw it at him. She hit him on the arm. It stuck into his arm, not budging. A loud blood-curdling scream emerged from his lips causing the whole crowd to gasp. "This is a battle. I don't expect you to understand my point of view of this" she smiled. Her eyes turned red as the battle for her emotions came to play. Caspien was fighting for control of her as well as LeeAnn with Ragtime in control. A crimson red glowed with the necklace around her neck. "Fuck, kid. Stop!"

"Why? Ragtime I must stop Caspien" he spoke. Ragtime gave a long sigh before shutting down LeeAnn's control and Caspien's. The sadistic grin emerged from her lips to a serious expression at the change of a dime. The man before her quibbled to grab his weapon. Ragtime grabbed him by the throat and slowly started to throw him against the wall like a ragdoll. The crown of his skull started to bleed. Ragtime took his sword's edge and hit upside the head. This caused him to go limp. "That was easy" he made Lee speak. The crowd seemed silent at her antics, but cheered after a little bit. "LeeAnn Nakamura has defeated this week's champion. She is the new offical champion. Congraduations, Ms. Nakamura" spoke the announcer. She gave a simple nod before going back into the hall. Lector was happy that she won. The exceed did a small little dance to celebrate her offical victory. Ragtime remained in control as they walked down the hallway. He was stopped by Lector. "Ragtime...question" he asked.

Ragtime made Lee's body turn around with him meeting the exceed's eyes. "What's up?" The exceed gulped as he gained the courage to speak to the choatic entity. "What was that in the fight? I noticed Lee was fighting with something" he spoke. He had an idea what was going on, but wanted more clarifcation. "Caspien was taking over or attempting to, but Lee stepped in when I told her not to" he spoke. Lector didn't really blame her given her nature.

"Well...whatever floast your boat, I guess. Just make sure she will be okay" he spoke. Ragtime remained a little apprehensive about that request. He nodded then then went to the client to get paid in good some of money.



Tournament Arc [Quest: Lee] Tumblr_oua5s27DHT1v5lsxco4_r1_500
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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.

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