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The Road To Era [West to Era]

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The Road To Era [West to Era] Empty Tue Aug 31, 2021 7:11 am

The birds silently chirped, Zexion was making his way through the city of Baska. He realized that he had accumulated quite a bit of money for his head. Walking through the streets, he randomly bumped into a Rune Knight. The Rune Knight looked at Zexion intently and then kept moving forward. Zexion knew that this was not the time to be collecting hate and anger towards himself. He had to turn himself into the officials at Era. Doing this would cleanse Zexion of all wrong and it would open up a bright future for him. Zexion smiled and he had finally reached the end of the road which led to the outskirts of the town.

He kept walking as he made his way down through the path that led towards Era. he was quite happy with what he had accomplished and the money he had saved up but needed to figure out how to get his life more together than that. As he reached the entrance of Era, He could see the dungeons in the horizon. He was ready to do his time and do whatever it took to become born a new. This was the start of the positive times of Zexions life.

-Exit West-

-Enter Era-

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