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Big Boy Detectives [Sho|Quest]

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Brushing his knuckles against his chest lapels, Seika idly awed at the fact that he had once again been promoted within the organization he had been working for since he had arrived in Fiore. It was actually kind of surprising to him how quickly he had risen the ranks. It felt like it was just yesterday that he was following around Shichiro, and now here he was about to embark on his first real test in being a leader. He had been assigned one of the new recruits named Sho. He had met the young man out in Stella during the gala that Empyrean Divine had thrown and had gotten along just fine with him. It was now up to Seika to show that he had the chops to lead his own squad.

The quest that they were going to be taking today was relatively simple. They were going to be working with some local 'detective' on a case that he hadn't yet received the details for. He just hoped it wasn't another stupid goose chase like the last time he had taken one of the man's requests. He didn't know how many times he could deal with the man's goofy persona.


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Sho jerked awake in his room suddenly knocking over several cans of empty beer. He had a bit of a rager by himself the night before due to making a bunch of jewels gambling. So he figured he celebrated the night before. He sat up in the bed with his hair in a mess. He stood up and scratched his right side. He looked around before looking at the clock, “Shit I am late!” The thing he was referring to was that he was supposed to meet Seika like thirty minutes ago for a mission that was taking place in the Orchidia Streets. Sho was assigned to Seika for the time being considering Seika just got promoted. So Sho was more than happy to go on higher-ranked missions and see how a Captain works. Sho would try to help out as much as he could on the mission. Hopefully, he would get to show off what he could do and how he could be an asset to the Rune Knights. Sho hurriedly got ready and put on some clothes and headed out to the meeting spot. He ran all the way to the meeting spot from the inn

It wasn’t long before he arrived on the scene, seeing Captain Seika standing there waiting on someone. Thankfully the client had not arrived yet and maybe the captain wouldn’t notice how late Sho was to the mission. Sho took a moment to catch his breath and he stood up to his full height, “Good Morning boss I am ready to work.” Sho wasn’t too sure what job they were doing outside of meeting a client who happened to be a detective so it was most likely working on a case.



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Time seemed to roll on by for Seika as he stood about waiting on Sho to show up to their agreed meeting location. He didn't carry any sort of time piece on his persons, being a fire mage and all, keeping his ensemble extremely practical for dealing with the explosive nature of his art and craft took precedence over stylishness or impracticality of his outfit. That and he just didn't want to have to buy something as indulgent as a watch every time it potentially was destroyed in combat against a dark mage. His hands were always considered crucial targets by enemies as his spell casting tended to be rather... destructive.

This was all to say that when Sho showed up more than thirty minutes late to their intended meeting time, Seika actually hadn't known he was late. Sol was graciously still up above at about the right location in the sky for their meeting time and thus Seika hadn't figured that that much time had passed, he simply turned to the younger knight with a raised eyebrow, "Where's the fire recruit? Take a breather, our task today is pretty simple. No need to kill yourself before we even get started." He chuckled at the young man's enthusiasm as he turned and began to walk away, the unspoken command to follow him was issued as he lead the younger knight towards their destination.



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Thankfully Seika didn’t really notice that Sho was late to the party. He smiled but internally he was letting out a deep sigh of relief. It would have looked bad on Sho to be late on his first day of real work. Seika asked where the fire was and said to take a breather. Which Sho did he make sure to catch his breath before continuing on. “No fire, just excited to get started on my first job with ya.” Sho was trying to play off that he was late even though Seika didn’t notice he was late. Sho felt a little bit guilty about it but he was not going to bring up the fact he was late. He was not so stupid as to dig his own grave like that on his first day. He just made sure to not be late next time. Because this was the first job of many to work with Seika on. Seika walked off towards their destination, no doubt to meet the detective that they were supposed to be working with for the day.

Sho followed Seika closely as they walked towards their destination. Sho wasn’t too sure about what to expect from the detective they were supposed to be working with. The two made it to their destination but the detective was nowhere to be found for the moment. So he was late for his own job which seemed a bit unprofessional. However, Sho could not speak on the subject considering he was late on his first day. It would have been a bit hypocritical to say anything pertaining to the detective being late. Sho looked around for the man, “So how long do you think we will have to wait for this guy?”



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The duo walked alongside each other in relative silence, the bustling sound of the metropolis around them was honestly enough background noise for Seika alone as he hummed a soft tune that had wormed its way into his soul recently. He couldn't tell if the thought of the job or the song was warming his soul, but he could feel the radiance of Sol up above and thus he knew that today was going to be a good day, even if he had to deal with that oaf Dex for most of it. They would arrive at the location that Dex had specified, specifically it was an old warehouse on the west side of the city in the industrial sector. While the location was definitely sketch, it was par the course for dealing with Dex so Seika let it slide. Sho would bring up the fact that Dex was indeed missing, something that Seika wasn't too happy about, but again let slide due to the fact that Dex was at least a regular and thus was known to at least keep his side of the bargain. Opening his mouth to respond, he promptly shut it when the man himself stumbled into the meeting with a look of exhaustion and excitement on his face.

"I got it!" He would exclaim in his annoyingly shrill yet dull voice, "I've got the perfect idea to increase my reputation in this dump of a city. I will fake a crime and solve it!"

His exclamation left Seika a bit flabbergasted that he would admit to such a thing in front of two cops but that was besides the point. The fact of the matter was, they had a job to do and were getting paid to do it.

"Okay..." He responded slowly, "So how and why do you need us?"

The man giggled with glee as he began to pace, his arms and body moving in ways no respectable grown man should. He was definitely passionate about this latest scheme to increase his stock in life, but Seika could already tell he wanted no part of this mans shenanigans.



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Sho noticed the scene they were at shortly after arriving at their destination. At least Sho assumed they arrived at their destination because Seika stopped and said nothing. Only the hustle and bustle of the city filled the air as Sho examined his surroundings. It was an old warehouse on the west side of the city in the industrial area of the city. It looked deserted, like no one had been around in some time. It looked dusty and rundown, definitely an older part of town. The location did not sit well with Sho so he made sure to be on his guard. Not that he was afraid or anything but they were Rune Knights and this could very well be an ambush. Sho did not know of Dex or what kind of person he was so this was all new to him to say the least. Seika seemed confident that this guy was going to show up, so he had to have dealt with him at some point. Little did Sho know this would not be the last time he would meet Dex, except the beginning of a partnership that would be long lasting as long as Sho stayed in the city.

Then a voice came from the left as a man with a bushy afro came bursting on the scene. His voice rang through the air as he explained his idea to increase his reputation with the city. It was to solve a fake crime he created. Seika said nothing and Sho facepalmed loud enough to where everyone could hear it. The idea of faking a crime and solving it was sketchy already but to say this in front of two Rune Knights was even dumber. Regardless, a job was a job and they were going to get paid to go along with this birdbrained scheme. Seika spoke up first to Dex, Dex responded with glee and began to pace. His excitement was palpable. It caused him to move in such a way that made Sho chuckle a bit at him. He coughed to cover up the chuckle as he did not want to anger the client in any way. “Please don’t keep us in suspense sir, spit it out.” There was no telling what kind of scheme he was going to hatch at that moment. As long as it did not hurt anyone, break too many crimes, Seika was okay with it, Sho was game. He needed the jewel and this job was going to pay well.



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Seika would ignore his junior's antics for now but he could already tell he was likely going to have to reprimand the young man for his more outward reactions to their client. While it was fine to laugh at their stupidity, they weren't supposed to do it vocally or visibly, just wasn't good business. But that was besides the point, he'd have to agree with Sho on this as Dex would seemingly continue his rather ridiculous pre nut celebration of a plan that hadn't even been put forth into fruition yet. Clearing his throat loudly, he'd stare down at the now culled man who stared back at the giant of a man with a bit of apprehension. Clearing his own throat, Dex would get the memo as it would seem and would move over towards one of the rooms that were directly attached to the main bay of the warehouse they stood in. Inside the man had one of those waffle boards set up with several lines and categories going over what on the surface looked like too far of a convoluted plan to actually be viable to enact, but the more that he looked at all of it, not only was the plan horribly simple, it also required far too much investment on his and Sho's part than on Dex's.

Deadpan crossing his face as he looked over all of the details, he'd turn to the man once again and frown, "And this is your master plan?"

Dex to his credit actually had enough spine to look offended as he took on a more haughty nature in response to Seika's question, "Well it's flawless if you guys just follow the plan. Jeez you act like you aren't getting compensated for this one Mr. Seika. Just follow directions and it'll go off without a hitch, now off with you both!"


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Seika visibly looked a bit distressed at Sho’s antics; he made sure to keep his reactions to a bare minimum from here on out. It was just not professional and looked bad on them if he kept doing it. So he made sure to try and internalize a lot of it from here on out. Seika cleared his throat signaling for Dex to move on with the show. Dex led the two into another side room within the warehouse. Inside the room, there was a board set up with several lines and categories laid out for them to follow. It was a bit convoluted but Sho made sure to memorize what the plan was from top to bottom. Sho looked over at Seika who asked Dex if this was his master plan. Dex responded accordingly all they had to do was follow the plan. Sho rubbed his chin while looking at the board, they needed to retrieve several items so it would most likely be better if the two split up from here.

“I guess we can split up and gather the items from the desired locations, Captain.”

Looking back at the board Sho tapped the first item on the list which was a large bag of animal blood that would be found at a nearby butcher. “I will grab the blood. I guess you can go steal the weapons? The blacksmith should not mind if a few worn-down weapons go missing. Not to mention if you get caught stealing them you can say it's for official business considering you are higher ranked than me. This plan is foolproof,” Sho explained. That settled it, Sho was on board with the plan and hopefully, Seika was too. “Meet you in the desired location?” Sho said while setting off to the nearby butcher. It wouldn’t take long before he arrived at the butcher who was cutting meat in the back while the clerk rang people up for their meat. Sho let himself into the back where the butcher was cutting meat, he flashed his pendant before the butcher could say anything. “I need a large bag of animal blood, Rune Knight business.”

The butcher nodded and went into the freezer to grab a large bag of animal blood, “Will this suffice?” the butcher asked. Sho gagged a bit at the sight of the large bag of blood. “Yep, this will do.” Sho reached into his back pocket and pulled out some jewels. “This should cover your troubles.” Sho grabbed the blood bag and headed out to the meeting spot where Seika would hopefully be waiting.



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It seemed his Page was far more eager to go along with Dex's bullshit than he was today. Of course the young man seemed to just be naturally more attune with the goofiness than he was. Sighing at this, he'd agree with the young man's assessment of the situation. Short of a few small hiccups, this was a decent plan with a high chance of success simply because they were Rune Knights and were tasked with handling a good deal of situations. It wouldn't be too hard or too much a stretch to assume that they could commandeer the necessary materials without being questioned due to their status. And so he would nod to the young man and watched him leave before proceeding himself to the Smithy.

Arriving at the forge, the tall man would go ahead and request a good grip of weapons that were no longer used by either the shop or patrons that visited. Providing his Rune Knight pendant silenced any potential questions that could've arose from his request. And so he received the materials from the old Smithy quickly. Stashing the items on his back, he'd leave the shop before heading towards the designated meeting area. He was certain that Sho would be able to handle his part easily so he made haste towards the location so they could get this whole thing over with.



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Sho took the blood bag and made his way over to the desired meeting spot with much haste. The bag sloshed around as Sho made his way over. It was enough to make him want to vomit. He gagged a bit but held back the urge to lurch over and spill his guts out. The meeting spot was a back alleyway where it said to meet up at. It wasn’t long before Seika made his way onto the scene with the weapons in tow. “Good we got everything but..” before he could finish his sentence another Rune Knight in ironclad armor approached them in the alleyway. They did look shifty with a bunch of weapons and a large bag of blood. The knight wasn’t too sure of the blood as he eyeballed it and the weapons. With Seika’s back turned he wasn’t aware that they were knights as well. Especially not Sho because he was fresh out of boot camp with little to no notoriety to his name. So being an unknown holding a bag of blood in an alleyway looked suspect as all hell. “What are you two doing!?” The knight yelled while placing his hand on his weapon resting at his side.

“It’s not what it looks like, I swear. I promise you we have a perfectly good explanation for this. First off we are Rune Knights like you, isn’t that right Captain Seika.” Sho made sure to audibly say Seika’s name because he was more known in the knights for his ranks. “Cap-Captain Seika!?” The knight caught himself stuttering as he was a low-level knight in comparison to Seika. He was just on patrol and just so happened to stumble upon the two. Sho flashed his Rune Knight pendant with his free hand. It was a sort of badge for the Rune Knights. Every knight, even the newbies, had them to identify themselves with. “Sho Shimura, I am a page and you know who this is already we are on official business no need to concern yourself with this. Just be on your merry way and we can get back to what we were doing."

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He'd arrive at the alleyway shortly after Sho did and began to offload all of the used weaponry that he had been carrying. The frown on his face never left as they started putting all of the necessary materials together to set the scene up for Dex. It was during this set up process that they were happened upon by a low ranking Apprentice of the knights. It was funny how Sho took the lead in this as the younger man quickly reprimanded the clearly higher ranked Knight on his nosiness while using his name to pacify the Knight before he could ask any real questions. As such, Seika didn't even turn around and continued to set up the scene while Sho handled all of the talking. Finishing up as the Knight walked away, he'd dust his hands off before placing the weaponry in various positions that would maximize the effect before snapping his fingers. A medium sized red magic seal appeared in the air just above his hand before a smallish ball of roiling fire appeared in the spot just above said seal. Taking this as his queue, Seika would begin to walk away from the scene, hopefully prompting Sho to follow along. The less time he spent near this area the better. Once they were fifteen meters away the alleyway they were in was rocked with the shockwave of the small ball of fire exploding violently. Sensing the release of his magic, Seika would gesture for Sho to follow him down a few more alleyways before looping back around to see Dex already beginning his bullshit. Making sure to collect his and Sho's payment before Dex could jump into the fray, Seika would turn and hand the younger male his cut of the quest before giving him the remainder of the day off.


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The knight nodded as Sho explained the situation in detail to him. He removed his hand from his weapon and took off into the crowd of people, continuing his patrol. Sho let out a sigh of relief as Seika prepared the scene to look like a fight had taken place. Sho began to take the animal blood and spread it all over the place, it looked like an abstract painting after he was done with it. Seika snapped his fingers causing a medium-sized red magic seal to appear in the air just above his hand. This in return caused a red orb of fire to appear just above the seal. Seika began to walk away from the scene of the fake crime, Sho followed behind him. They reached fifteen meters away from the scene in the alleyway where there was an explosion that rocked the area. It caused the wind to shift drastically with a shockwave following the blast. Braced himself for the coming gusts of wind from the ball of fire exploding violently. Seika signaled for Sho to follow him which Sho did without question. They looped back around too only to find Dex at the scene of the crime beginning his investigation.

Thankfully Seika collected their payment before Dex got onto the case so they would not need to interact with him after that. Seika handed Sho’s cut to him, the jewels made a sweet sound as they landed in Sho’s hands. “Sweet.” Seika left the scene signaling the end of this mission. This meant Sho had the rest of the day off to do whatever he liked with his cut. He decided he would head to the market and do some window shopping.


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