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Orchidia - Bad Publicity [Q]

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Orchidia - Bad Publicity [Q] Empty Sat Aug 28, 2021 9:11 pm

Kannon was on a stroll through Orchadia city. He found himself falling in love with the city the more time he stayed there. Sure, it had its share of problems, but it held a charm he just couldn’t put his finger on. Ultimately his stroll would come to an end by a man he didn’t recognize. Calling himself Mitya he was a restaurant owner and in need of “special services.” Being somewhat connected to the underbelly of crime Mitya had heard the name of Kannon who was slowly growing in fame throughout the north. He needed someone to cripple his rival’s business and Kannon fit the bill. He didn’t require much from him either. He only needed the wizard to enter his rival’s bar and cause a ruckus. The daemon smiled when he was informed that he could pursue this however he wanted. He was further informed that the “operation” would begin tomorrow night. Kannon happily agreed and went to his hotel room. Once again Kannon had a job to take care of. It appeared the young savanan had made a positive impression throughout the land and his presence was wanted elsewhere. He couldn’t help but smile at his luck.


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Sunlight spilled across Kannon’s face rousing him from his sleep. He was excited by the prospect of this new job. Apparently, this new guy had spoken to Kannon’s former clients, and they were happy with his performance. The youth couldn’t help but feel a little satisfied with himself. He was a confident man, and that whatever job he took he’d succeed at it. A proud man he shared none of the nervousness that afflicted his contemporaries. He would just do as requested of him and be done with it. Whatever this task entailed he was more than ready to confront it head on and did so with gusto. As for Cain, part of him found a strange kinship in the man. Largely because they both possessed a gift for necromancy. Perhaps the old mage might one day impart some knowledge to him, he hoped anyway. But first Kannon opted to start the day with a balanced breakfast. For the time being he’d been staying at a local inn, which provided all the meals he needed. The food was rather basic, especially the breakfast, which consisted of eggs, toast, and bacon. It wasn’t a terrible meal, but it wasn’t great either. It was just enough to leave him full for the day. As part of his daily routine Kannon started a shower as soon as he finished eating.


Orchidia - Bad Publicity [Q] F4A22HY

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After breakfast Kannon wasted zero time in leaving for his mission. He was nothing if not punctual. Even as he crossed paved roads and darted through dark alleys the wizard walked with purpose. Certain this job would begin and end like all of them did with him getting a little bit richer. Even though he’d only been in the city for a few days he knew the way to his client well enough. Of course, it wasn’t hard navigating when you had a map and a good sense of direction. When he’d arrived, Mitya greeted him. After a brief exchange Kannon was off to perform his task. When he arrived at the restaurant, he was overwhelmed by just how busy it was. “Perfect.” He thought before springing into action. With his marching orders in mind Kannon started mingling with the crowd. He summoned some minor monstrosities to cause mischief. They threw plates and aggravated the other mages who were aware from whence they came. Eventually these troublemakers caused a fight scaring the general populace of the restaurant. Before Enil knew it the entire restaurant was in chaos with spells flying and people fighting. And it wasn’t until the last patron was scared away that he’d caught onto Kannon’s treachery. With rage in his heart the restaurant owner told Kannon to get out, which he happily did. Afterwards he went to a happy Mitya to collect his reward.


Orchidia - Bad Publicity [Q] F4A22HY

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