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To soar on my own wings. (travel)

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To soar on my own wings. (travel) Empty Fri Aug 27, 2021 7:08 am

Lily Locket
It seemed as if the young girl had made up her mind. She wanted to see the world and staying in Hargeon was not the best course of action to do that. she had pacted her things, despite there being very little for her to pack, and held them in a small bag, hanging from her left shoulder. The town had treated her very well. She had returned everything she owed and even paid the people who she had been given food from a bonus sum of gold for the two years of kindness. She was sad to have to say goodbye to the town, even if it might be for only a short while, but she had to carve her path. She had decided it best to leave as to not give the guild any members that weren't up to their standards.

"Goodbye, Hargeon.. Goodbye, Blue Pegasus. You have treated me well.. These past two years have soared on by... and i have you to thank for my growth... but I must push forward and explore this land, learn more about this amazing place and find myself. You needn't worry about me. So long as I never forget my time here, I will always hold you close. May this town forever know peace..."

Her voice was filled with both pride and sadness, as if she felt like this might be her last time staying in Hargeon for a while. But she couldn't afford to let herself tarnish the town or the reputation by being here. So she decided it best to head for Astera, that largest town she knew of besides here, marching on her own two feet and carving her own path. The trip was going to be long and brutal but, to her, this was just another task for her to grow stronger. This was her first steps on becoming a true adventurer and her first steps on her journey.

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