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Questionable Recruitment Practices [Solo] [D-Rank]

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#1Jin Takayama † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices [Solo] [D-Rank]  Empty Tue Aug 24, 2021 1:37 pm

Jin Takayama †
I got another job for us.” Izumi says as she exits a building with a flyer in hand. The two of them walk in silence as they moved along the streets of Baska. Things, for the most part, had become quiet since the results of the tournament the day prior. Word had gotten out that Jin had, rather brutally, killed the previous champion. Just as the initial quest giver predicted, a bounty was placed on Jin for his brutality. Eyes darted towards them as they walked. For some, the thought of attempting to cash in on the bounty ran through their minds. This was quickly quelled when, those who were there, remembered just how violent Jin could be and, for those who weren’t, thought of the rumors that spread about it. So, for now, he’d just have to deal with shifty eyes. “So where are we going?” Jin asks in an effort to break off the silence. “The Farmlands. Some adventurers are organizing a raiding party for a newly discovered tomb. I heard they’ll be meeting up near the windmill by the square then heading over to the tomb. The quest giver is asking that we ‘convince’ them otherwise. We were given the ‘By any means necessary’ tag.” Jin cracks his neck as he quickens his pace, relishing the fact that he can cut loose some.

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#2Jin Takayama † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices [Solo] [D-Rank]  Empty Tue Aug 24, 2021 1:42 pm

Jin Takayama †
After a short journey of relative silence, the two of them reach the square. Merchants filled the area selling the goods they acquired earlier in the day. The pair looked at each other and nodded, Jin going one way and Izumi the other. Using the attached ladder on the back, Jin quickly made his way up the windmill. With his size and the fair bit of infamy he caused the day prior, he would stick out like a sore thumb. He scanned the area below, quickly spotting Izumi blending in. She moved quickly and quietly, frequently shooting a glance towards Jin’s direction. It wasn’t long before she spotted their targets. Five men, all wearing light armor, talking to a few men. Under the guise of shopping for milk, Izumi moved closer to eavesdrop. “There will be loads of treasure at this site. It hasn’t been touched by anyone. We need a few more people so it’d be wise to get in now.” “I don’t know. This seems fishy.” “Relax. It’ll be fine, it’s all contracted. There is a small farmhouse about a mile east from the windmill. The owner there is letting us use the barn outside it for a small cut of the profit. If any of you want to make some serious money, meet us there in an hour.

Izumi discreetly points towards the group, as the quintet depart towards the farmhouse. Jin nods as he leaps down from the windmill to meet Izumi at the bottom. “There they are. Five of them out the gate but there may be more at the farmhouse they are meeting up at. From what I heard; we won’t be convincing them to stop so it looks like I won’t be needed.” As she says this, she places the backpack she wore on the ground and pulls out a small mask and two gauntlets before handing them to Jin. The mask was one that he frequently wore during his more…violent missions or during a particularly good fight. It served no purpose other than to give his opponent a scary last visage before death or the source of future nightmares should they live. The gauntlets were something she brought shortly before they arrived in Baska. He takes the items and quickly places them on, a soft clicking sound is heard with each piece. “As I’m sure you could tell, a few of them look like they’ve seen some combat before. Could be some trouble for you if you aren’t careful. Meet me back at the square you when are done.” “I’ll be fine. Get some food for Toronbo while you’re here.” Izumi nods and heads back towards the merchants while Jin turns to face the direction the group moved towards. He cracks his knuckles as he begins to walk forward, a devilish smile across his face hidden by the mask.

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#3Jin Takayama † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices [Solo] [D-Rank]  Empty Tue Aug 24, 2021 1:57 pm

Jin Takayama †
The five men, joined by two others, sat inside the barn discussing their plans. Food and drink were spread among them. Their confidence of their assumed success had resulted in a pre-celebratory party. Jin could hear their loud conversations well before he approached the barn. The barn doors were slightly cracked open, just enough for Jin to peek inside. As he glanced inside, he quickly surveyed the occupants.  Seven men, six of them were currently armed. The men were so enthralled in their plots and future plans with the items that they did not notice Jin’s approach. The behemoth figured he’d make himself known. With great force, Jin punches one of the doors, completely removing it from its hinges. The men jump up, startled by both the display and the massive figure in front of them.

Who the hell are you?” one of the men shouts. The three who were armed place a hand on their weapon. Jin wordlessly enters the barn, never taking his eyes off of the occupants. “Oh shit. I know you.” The lone unarmed man exclaims. “You’re that Takayama guy from yesterday that everyone was talking about. The one who manhandled the champ. You’re here to join the raid, right? I heard rumors you were doing quests for money.” Jin stops as the man moves closer, placing a hand on the arm of the towering being in front of him. “Guys, this is perfect. I’ve seen what this guy can do. With him joining us, things will…” Before the man can finish his sentence, Jin effortlessly picks him up by the throat and applies just enough force to crush his neck, killing him instantly. The others look on in horror as Jin drops the now lifeless body on the ground. “My employer requests that this raid you’re planning doesn’t happen. I’m here to make sure of that.” “Damn, he’s with that bone mage. Screw this, I don’t care who he is. He can’t handle all of us at once. Whoever gets him down can take that guy’s share.

The men quickly draw their weapons, each of them ready to pounce. However strong he may be, six armed individuals would be a problem for him. “Guess I’ll have to use it…” he mumbles to himself. Jin staggers his feet, shifting his weight equally between them. He brings his arms to a slight angle and clenches his fist. Slowly, he begins focusing his energy as the ground and the barn that surrounds them shake violently. His eyes become brilliant green in color as his hair and eyebrows rapidly flashes back and forth between their usual jet-black color to golden blonde. His body become more defined as a golden aura surrounds him. “What the hell is going on?!” One of the men says. A deep guttural yell escapes from Jin’s mouth as a shockwave of power radiates from him, knocking everyone off their feet. The men quickly get up and are astounded to see the golden haired behemoth in front of them, his transformation complete.

Jin’s eyes dart to the furthest individual as he quickly moves in front of him, surprising all with his impressive speed. Before the man has time to react, Jin quickly and brutally ends his life with a sickening punch. Blood splatters against his gloves as he turns around assaults another. He methodically targeted them one by one, ending each of them with a single blow. It was over in a matter of seconds; Jin standing among the bloodied and lifeless bodies. His body trembled with excitement, his face struck with glee. For the moment, he was satiated. He takes a slow, deep breath as his eyes, eyebrows, and hair all revert back to their normal coloring. He takes a step forward and nearly stumbles, forcing himself to use one of the barn’s pillars for support. “Damn, the drain is still rough on my body. I need to obtain better control of it.” He takes a deep sigh and lets go of the pillar, beginning his slow trek back to the square.

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#4Jin Takayama † 

Questionable Recruitment Practices [Solo] [D-Rank]  Empty Tue Aug 24, 2021 2:02 pm

Jin Takayama †
As dusk approaches, Izumi sees the behemoth make his slow trot towards their assigned meeting place. As soon as she noticed his pace, she knew what had happened. “You went super didn’t you?” she knowingly asks as he draws within earshot. “Had to. Would have caused some issues otherwise.” The woman nods as she gives him some food she purchased from the market. “Eat on the way. Our client has come to personally meet us.” Jin, too tired to inquire, did as instructed; woofing down the food as if he hadn’t eaten in months.

As he finishes the last of his food, he sees a towering figure approach them. The being, whose size dwarfed even that of Jin himself, stopped just shy of the two with a hood over his head which completely shrouded his face. “So you are the one who killed those adventurers. When I heard of your power, I just had to see it for myself.” “How did you know that I killed them?” Jin asked as he instantly placed his guard up. Something was wrong about this man. Every instinct he had screamed it. “The owner of the barn you nearly destroyed is in my employ. He relayed the information to me once you left. I must say, you do exquisite work.” He hands Izumi their payment, taking a moment to stare at Jin as red beady eyes peer out from within the hood. “I may require your services once again. Please do keep in touch.

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