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Distraction [Keita]

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Distraction [Keita] Empty Mon Aug 23, 2021 11:36 pm

Shichiro got another request today involving him and his cousin, Keita. They were supposed to be meeting a personal guard captain of some noble family he's never heard of before to deal with some sort of issue at the castle gates of Orchida. Shichiro wasn't aware there was a castle here so he was surprised to say the least. It wasn't anything serious but it was inconvenient enough for them to be called in. Shichiro wasn't doing anything in the area so he figured he'd see what this was all about before dismissing it prematurely. Accompanied by his companion, Panther Lily and his cousin, they made it to the exact location they were required to be in, noticing a heavily armed, tall man interacting with an elderly man. The elderly man would run off while the heavily armed man shook his fist at him, yelling something unintelligible. Walking up to the man, Shichiro figured that was his client. As he approached him, Shichiro had asked, "What seems to be the problem around these parts," Shichiro had asked the heavily armored man. When the man saw Shichiro he'd perked up at his arrival and responded, "Forgive me for my shouting, my name is Jelies Sov and I am the one that has called you about the request. I need you guys to do a simple task for me. The old man you saw me talking to is known as the village fool. Today, the family I work for are hosting a very elaborate and important dinner party and they want nothing to interfere with it. Sometimes that old man will come uninvited and cause a commotion. I want the two of you to keep him busy tonight and take him wherever he wants to go. I can't really deal with him right now at such an important time like I normally would," said Jelies.


Distraction [Keita] Empty Tue Aug 24, 2021 2:50 pm

Keita was out and about at the moment, and soon there was some sort of commotion in front of one of the manors belonging to one of the powerful families of the area. The two of them walked over so that they could see what was going on at the moment, and they came upon a situation where there was an armed guard for the royal family arguing with some sort of drunk old man. After the two of them walked over to see what was going on, the man from the royal guard started addressing them, saying his name and that the royal family inside was hosting an event, and the old man was used to harassing them, but it could not be tonight that they could get harassed. They could not just kick the old man out of the grounds for some reason, so he asked for the two of them to distract him for a bit, show him around, that sort of thing. Keita was fine with this as long as he got paid, and so he would ask that from the royal guard. “Excuse me sir, if we show help you out with your problem, we will get some compensation, correct?” Keita would ask the man, politely but in a very direct way, which had the man taken aback, but then realized that they were Rune Knights. Rune Knights rarely worked for free, and especially not on private matters, so the person would have to pay up if he wanted them to help out the old man. Keita did not mind using some of the payment to pay for some entertainment for the old man either.


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Nodding to the guard's odd request, Shichiro figured he wasn't doing anything of late that was important, other than exterminating rats that is, and a nice change of pace would help them cope with doing nothing but pest control, in more ways than one. Suddenly, Keita had chimed in, asking if they would be compensated for doing this task to which Jelies had confirmed that they would. After all, nothing gets done without sufficient payment and nobody knows that better than this old soldier. With that, he instructed the two of them to wait right here pretending to be guards for the night while he goes in to oversee the security of the dinner party tonight. With that, the waiting game began. After a few moments, it didn't take long for the elderly man to come back to try and play another joke on the noble's guard only to find Shichiro and Keita instead. The old man had inquired about Jelies to which Shichiro had said they were filling in for him tonight and that they were the ones that would be entertaining him for the night. The old man grinned, introducing himself as Leis. 

He had looked the both of them up and down before he started speaking nonsense of a devil called 'Satan'. he'd then beckon the two of them to follow and if he didn't he'd go to the fancy dinner party in order to ruin it for the two of them. Shichiro as it seems like he knew about the dinner party. With that, the pair were forced to follow the man around town, being told what was devil worship and what wasn't. At some point he began to wind down and talk about his deceased wife instead and how much he misses her. At that point, Shichiro did his best to keep the man talking until he had had enough and went back home. After all was said and done, he returned back to the guard to where he awaited both Shichiro and Keita in order to hand them their payment for a job well done.



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The spider quickly explained that there would be compensation, as that was simply a given, he knew more than most that payment would be needed to grease the wheels of society, and this particular incident was no different. Keita nodded, and said he would be happy to help, and his cousin also said as much as well, although he was unsure if Shichiro was happy to help or if he was just helping because it seemed like easy money to distract an old man for a couple of hours. This could be a good opportunity, as Keita liked listening to stories that older people had about their lives, especially from people here in this country, which was constantly under some sort of strife with different magical beasts, and constantly attacked by giant monstrous rats, so there was always some sort of fun story the older people had in regards to their time here. Keita also respected old people a lot, as he was always taught to respect his seniors until they did something that would cause them to lose the respect, and he took this to heart, which was why he respected his cousin so much even though he was younger. That, and he was family. The old man came back after a while and had a confused look on his face, as the soldier that was here was gone, replaced by the duo, and so he walked over intending to mess with him. Shichiro then took the three of them on a journey explaining something along the lines of devil worshipping and other occult natured things, and this was all it took for the seemingly drunk old fellow to follow them around, and Keita had to admit that his cousin was a good storyteller when it came to things of a magical nature. They would then walk back over to the manor later, where the soldier paid them and they could get out of there for the rest of the night.

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