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Baska City - Tournament Arc[Q]

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Today was the start of another job for Kannon. The anxieties shared by his contemporaries found no home here. Unlike them, he would just do as requested of him and be done with it. Most novice adventurers were far too nervous and it often showed. Whatever the task entailed he was more than ready to confront it head-on and did so with gusto. But first, he opted to start the day with a balanced breakfast. For the time being, he’d been staying at a local inn, which provided all the meals he needed. The food was rather basic, especially the breakfast, which consisted of eggs, toast, and bacon. It was a filling meal and just what he needed to start the day. The simplicity of the meal always reminded him of home, and how he didn’t miss it. After breakfast he headed for the shower. The last thing any client wanted was the unwanted smell of man stink so off he went. He enjoyed showers because they gave him a moment to think things through. In fact, he planned his whole day beneath the hot liquid. He already had today’s activities memorized in his head. The only thing he needed to do was get dressed and get to the meeting spot.  


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After breakfast and a nice shower Kannon wasted zero time in leaving for work. He was nothing if not punctual. Even as he crossed paved roads and darted through dark alleys the wizard walked with confidence. Certain this job would begin and end like all of them did with him getting a little bit richer. Even though he’d only been in the city for a few days he knew the way to his client well enough. Of course, it wasn’t hard navigating when you had a map and a good sense of direction. A shift looking guy met Kannon with a nervous smile. He wanted to meet with the wizard after hearing about his escapades with Cain. It was lucky for him that word got out fast around Baska because it meant more work for him. The guy didn’t bother with formalities and skipped straight to business. He was the underling of a local crime boss that was betting against the regional champion. The guy it seemed was quite the menace and no one could take him down. So, it fell upon Kannon to be the one to do it. Such a task was right up his alley. The obscura within him burned bright at the idea of spilling blood, and he happily agreed. There was nothing to be gained by sparing anyone there, so he was happy to let his bloodthirst run free.


Baska City - Tournament Arc[Q] F4A22HY

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The tournament was expected to start in an hour, so he had to be quick if he wanted to join up. Kannon predicted the crowd to be a mix of powerful thugs and bottom-feeders. It was going to be a smorgasbord of enemies for his pets to devour. When h reached the tournament grounds Kannon hurriedly signed up. He didn’t want to be late for the brutality. After a few minutes of standing around the bell rung and the fighters were told to enter the battleground. What he saw when he arrived was a bunch of low-level warriors and a few mages. After the bell rung for a second time they all began to rumble. Without hesitation Kannon summoned a fleshy mass flanked by tendrils and dozens of hungry mouths. Their first victim was an unaware fire mage that found himself ensnared by its meaty tendrils. His screams of agony only stopping when viscera exploded from his mouth. The other competitors were locked in combat, to busy to notice. When someone was sufficiently weakened the beast devoured them whole, leaving only a bloody soup behind. Eventually, it was just the champion and Kannon as the last men standing. He was a frost mage and tried to freeze Kannon, but the wizard conjured a shield just in time. The summon rushed him while he was distracted. Its tentacles wrapped around the man leaving him vulnerable from an assault by another one of Kannon’s pets. After the champion was killed Kannon returned to the client and received his reward.


Baska City - Tournament Arc[Q] F4A22HY

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