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Questionable Recruitment Practices[ D-Rank Quest]

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Kannon awoke with the sun, today was the start of another job. A proud man he shared none of the nervousness that afflicted his contemporaries. He would just do as requested of him and be done with it. Whatever this task entailed he was more than ready to confront it head on and did so with gusto. But first he opted to start the day with a balanced breakfast. For the time being he’d been staying at a local inn, which provided all the meals he needed. The food was rather basic, especially the breakfast, which consisted of eggs, toast, and bacon. This left Kannon wanting more since all he’d ever eaten were quaint dishes. Most of what he’d been exposed to had been foods of the simpler kinds such as stews, meats, and pies. Rarely had Kannon ever had anything too exquisite, but he savored those times when he did. Nevertheless, the summoner endeavored for the day when such times would no longer be rare.  A gluttonous fellow, he craved more from life than simplicity or a stable life. Kannon desired power, wealth, and influence all the things in life that made the world go round. These desires were a far cry from how he grew up as a simple farm boy who wanted for nothing. The thought of it all made him chuckle at how much he’d changed.



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After eating breakfast Kannon wasted zero time in leaving for work. He was nothing if not punctual. Even as he crossed paved roads and darted through dark alleys the wizard walked with confidence. Certain this job would begin and end like all of them did with him getting a little bit richer. Even though he’d only been in the city for a few days he knew the way to his client well enough. Of course, it wasn’t hard navigating when you had a map and a good sense of direction. Cain welcomed his arrival with a toothy grin. The old necromancer was unusual looking to the young savanan, but he’d seen stranger. The demihumans in savannah were of an infinitely stranger breed than any he’d seen in Fiore. Pleasantries exchanged Cain wanted to get down to business. It appeared his associate had an issue he wanted taken care of. When he was a boy such requests were beyond him, but there was zero hesitation in the man he was now. Kannon simply listened to all he needed to do before assuring Cain that it would be taken care of. The horned man seemed grateful to the youth, and they parted ways.


Questionable Recruitment Practices[ D-Rank Quest] F4A22HY

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It appeared that Kannon needed to prevent several aspiring adventures from forming a raiding party. He was told to use whatever means at his disposal to do so as well. He laughed at the last part because it meant he’d get to have some fun. After departing from Cain the hunt for the others members began. With such limited information to work on it took him time to hunt down his prey. The first novice was a wizard like him, but he’d ambushed him and fed him to one of his pets. The second novice was an adventurer of strong body, but weak mind. He was easily ambushed but put up a great deal of resistance. The man was a hulk and swung his sword with ruthless efficiency. If not for a well-placed shield Kannon might have died. Not wanting be undone it was then that he summoned a monstrous creature to do battle with the brute. A well placed buff of inspiration invigorated the creature allowing it to resist the hero’s attack. The many-faced beast then grabbed the hero by his leg before devouring him whole. The next recruiter was the easiest of them to remove. He was, or rather she was a spellsword and though quite skilled was eventually overpowered by the combined efforts of Kannon and his pet. After finally stopping the last novice Kannon returned to Cain for his reward.

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Questionable Recruitment Practices[ D-Rank Quest] F4A22HY

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