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Baska Tournament Arc [Solo] [D-Rank]

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#1Jin Takayama † 

Baska Tournament Arc [Solo] [D-Rank] Empty Mon Aug 23, 2021 12:01 am

Jin Takayama †
Jin blankly stares at the request board, meticulously eying each of the requests. All of them were just so boring and uninspired. They did not offer the thrill of a challenge he sought. Normally, he would have just walked away but money was beginning to become an issue. Taking care of himself, Izumi, and the Leviat that accompanied them would require more than what they were making. That plus being in a tavern in such close proximity with so many aggravated him greatly. As he stood there, silently muttering to himself, a booming voice echoed.

Hey buddy, hurry up. I don’t have all day. I need to get a job set up before my match tonight.” Though his hands trembled, Jin largely ignored this. He had neither the time nor the patience to deal with them. They would wait until he finished and not a second sooner. It wasn’t until the man who spoke before made a rather unsightly error. He placed his hand on Jin’s shoulder, attempting to “gently” nudge him out of the way. Big mistake. With fury in his eyes, Jin whips around and lifts the man by the throat with the greatest of ease. His legs freely dangle as he furiously claws at Jin’s massive arm in a feeble attempt to escape his grasp. “Touch me again and I will rip your head from that twig you call a body and shove it so far up your…

Whoa big guy. Hold on” A gentle voice rings out as a hand is placed on his bicep. Jin’s eyes dart to his right as he sees that the hand, as well as the voice, belongs to Izumi. She smiles warmly at Jin with a small tint of worry in her eyes. Not so much for the still flailing man in his grasp but rather the attention the spectacle caused. All eyes in the room was focused solely on them. “You can let him go Jin, it’s not worth the effort. Besides, I found us a job you’ll enjoy.” Slowly Jin focuses his attention back on the man in his grasp who has begun to sweat profusely. With a snarl, he casually drops the man on the ground and begins walking towards the exit. The crowd splits as Jin lumbers outside, his large footsteps booming. Izumi kneels besides the now petrified man who scoots against the nearest wall. “Sorry about that. If it makes you feel any better, he was really trying to not kill you.” She flashes a quick smile before quickly jogging off to catch up with the awaiting Jin outside.

Where is Toronbo?” he announces as she exits the tavern. She extends her finger upward as Jin sees a faint shadow pass behind a cloud. “Despite how things are these days, it will still cause an unnecessary headache if people see a dragon following us.” “And what of this job? I refuse to pick apples again for some lazy farmer.” “Nothing like that, I promise you!” she smiles as she flashes a flyer towards his face. Jin quickly scans over the flyer as a grin slowly emerges across his face. Combat. Actual combat. He was practically giddy with anticipation. “I figured you’d be excited for it. I accepted the quest a little before I came to get you and already listed you as a participant. The tournament starts in an hour over at Great Baska Rock. It’s that place we saw yesterday. We should head over there now so we can make it in time.” Jin begins to move towards the tournament’s location but suddenly stops. He turns towards Izumi and shoots her a rather inquisitive look. “Is killing involved?” Izumi sighs as she rolls up the flyer and places it in the bag. “Yes you can. It’s not really advised however. I’d strongly suggest against it but I know you stopped listening to me after I said yes.” Her assumption was correct, Jin had completely tuned her out after hearing the confirmation. A smile spread across his face once more. Perhaps today would be the day that he’d be able to cut loose.

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#2Jin Takayama † 

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Jin Takayama †
The rules for the tournament were pretty much standard. It was a sixteen man single-elimination tournament. Whatever weapons you had, whatever armor you wore, and whatever magic you could use was allowed. Jin would bring no weapons and use no magic. He wouldn’t need it. After scanning the room of competitors, he was sure of it. This would be child’s play. “At least try not to kill any of them.” Izumi mentioned as she walked towards the spectator seating. Because she mentioned it, she knew he’d at least try to restrain himself. She was confident, however, that he’d still kill someone.

Jin, to his delight, was in the first match of the tournament. When the tournament’s announcer called his name, he moved towards the ring with a grin. Murmurs spread throughout the crowd regarding Jin’s immense size or the brown tail that dangled behind him. After he reached the center of the ring, he towered over his opponent who took a big gulp. The man, who was probably no more than twenty years old, had no weapons and no armor. A fresh faced smile that quickly dissipated when he saw the behemoth before him. He took a few steps back in fright, instantly regretting his decision. A smile once again formed across Jin’s face as he awaited the signal to begin. His hands trembled in anticipation, his heart pounded. The crowd yelled and chanted, their ravenous appetite for violence only being rivaled by Jin’s own. “Begin” the announcer yelled as Jin sprinted towards his opponent with deceptive speed. He stopped just shy of the man with his fist reared back. A sickening thud was all that was heard as the once ravenous crowd fell silent, minus Izumi’s cheers. Jin’s fist connected with the man’s jaw, sending his body spinning to the ground by the sheer force behind it. The announcer quickly rushed over towards the man’s now limp body, placing two fingers at the base of his neck. “Somehow he is still alive. Knockout! Winner – Jin Takayama!

A low growl escaped from Jin as he turned around and made his way back to the competitor’s tent. When he entered, everyone moved away from him, still in awe of his display of power. He sat down on a bench in a corner away from the other competitors with his head down. That wasn’t enough. He needed to feel that rush again. As he closed his eyes, he could feel the others staring. His irritation boiling, he snapped. “What are you looking at?!” he yelled as he slams his fist on the bench, easily snapping it in half. Most of competitors jumped at the unexpectedness of it. Jin sneered in disgust and decided to go outside. He’d still be in earshot to hear his name called and would be away from the others. A small victory if nothing else. A few minutes passed and he heard his name being called. It wasn’t from the announcer however but from Izumi who quickly approached him. “Well big guy, looks like you scared them.” Jin raised an eyebrow inquisitively which prompted Izumi to continue. “Your first match and whatever you did in the back caused everyone to drop out. It’s just you and the champion now. Your match is next.” “Pathetic...” Jin mumbles as he makes his way back towards the arena, just in time to hear his name called. As he heads to the ring, a smile forms when he sees just who the champion is.

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#3Jin Takayama † 

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Jin Takayama †
The man, who Jin met earlier that day, stood before him with twin daggers in hand. His eyes narrow when he sees the approaching Jin. “Of course it’d be you. When they said it was some large angry fucker, I was curious. When they mentioned a tail, I knew it had to be you. You won’t get the jump on me like earlier so shit won’t go down the same. You are in my world now Monkey boy. I’m going to make you my bitch and then I’ll have some fun with that friend of yours.” The mere mention of harm to Izumi made Jin incensed. Jokes at his expense in regards to his demi-human status were common and regularly ignored. (For their sake, not his own) Threats never phased him as he found that those who spoke them usually did not have the power to back them up. But mentioning causing any sort of harm to her was the one thing he would not tolerate. He was so lost in his anger that he did not even hear the announcer start the match. All he saw was the soon to be dead man charging towards him. The man gave a defiant yell as he attempted to plunge his daggers into Jin’s abdomen. Using his deceptive speed once more, Jin dodged the initial strike and countered with one of his own. A powerful haymaker which such force even the announcer cringed. The man crumpled to the ground with Jin in hot pursuit. He continued to rain down blows, his hands becoming stained with blood. Each punch had a bit more force on it than the previous. It wasn’t until he felt Izumi’s hands tug on his arm that he stopped. He glanced down at the man, seeing some of the splattered remains of the man’s face on his fists. “Victory by way of death! Winner – Jin Takayama!” Jin didn’t even hear the announcement. He still consumed by rage. Izumi took the trophy that was awarded to him and quickly ushered Jin out the area in case he decided to snap.

One hour later, Jin stood outside of a small house while Izumi collected their payment. He had calmed down, for the most part, but it was still a good idea to have her be the liaison. Izumi emerged a few moments later with her pouch filled with their reward and a smile on her face. “The old man was so excited that you killed that guy, he gave us a bonus. A cool forty thousand. He did warn me that you’ll probably have a bit of a bounty because of it. Told him that you wouldn’t mind it.” “You’re not wrong. Come on, let’s find another job to do. The sooner we get enough money, the sooner we can get out of this town.

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