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Embracing our nature (Antoinette/Solo)

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Embracing our nature (Antoinette/Solo) Empty Sun Aug 22, 2021 3:36 pm

With the arrival of her family, Antoinette could no longer walk down the path that she had chosen. She thought this would be the way to go but she was mistaken. She could not allow them to see her associate with a group like fairy tale, being bound to the laws of this land by a guild who would as quickly try to destroy her if she showed her true nature. Her idea was one of fanciful delusions. Even if she got strong enough the world would be watching her like a hawk because she was a vampire, there was no way she would be able to feed freely in any capacity. At least cutting ties with the guild meant that she was fully aware of her deeds and although she would be punished for them it wouldn't be swift. A vampire could play nice all they wanted, but in the end, their true nature would come out to play. For now, she would be free of any binds and walk her own path in the dark, still gaining power as she went along. Her family was something she would have to keep an eye on as well If she wanted to keep their respect for her intact.

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Embracing our nature (Antoinette/Solo) YGxHhyR

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