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Hearing the Howl [Travel South to West]

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#1Raymus Kouris 

Hearing the Howl [Travel South to West] Empty Sun Aug 22, 2021 11:44 am

Raymus Kouris
Ah Hargeon. The place Raymus had spent most of his time in Fiore lazing about in. It was kind of embarrassing how long he ended up staying in the one spot. The only time he actually ventured out of the port was when he went to go clean up that whole Royal mess in Bosco and even then practically the whole guild was there too so it didn't feel much different. Other than that, the werewolf had no real reason to actually venture out of his comfy little home.

Today however there was another reason. One which Raymus felt he couldn't ignore. The day prior, he had gotten a letter from Lee, a friend from the Guild. It was an interesting read and to put it bluntly she wanted him to meet with her in Astera. The reasons can wait till later.

Spending the day packing, Raymus finally finished and left as the dawn broke. As it did, the young man let his upper half transform into his more natural werewolf form and let out a long, low howl. Not two minutes later with a gale of wind at his back, a large wolf with a single horn came to his feet. "Alright, let's get going." He said to one of his wolf friend as he placed his things on it's back before jumping up himself. The wolf took off as swiftly as he entered, leaving a trail of smoke outside the guild hall. The wind rushed through Raymus' hair, and it admittedly took him a moment to get used to the speed. This wolf in particular was one he had met in Bosco and had rescued and now rode as a means of transport.

wc 289/280

tempest wolf, 30% travel reduction

Hearing the Howl [Travel South to West] VKsDy2Z

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