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Surgery [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Surgery [Quest: Lee] Empty Sat Aug 21, 2021 4:30 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn had just walked about of the hospital after doing a mission. She was ready to go back to the hotel and rest. Though there was a loud commotion that caused her to jump a little. Her heart beat rose up a few beats per minute. She turned around with Lector and ran to go back to source of the sound. LeeAnn saw a frantic doctor running trying to tend to the paitence. WIthout saying a word, she managed to get his attention. The stressful look into his eyes begged her to help. "Lee, please I need your help again. Too many paitence and only one doctor. Please, I need you and Lector's help again" he begged. He was almost on his kneeds while doing so.

Lee calmed him down. "Of course, of course. I will. What do I need to do?" She asked while looking around. He began to explain they will be doing a heart transplant on a paitent and he needed help. She agreed and was provided the correct garments. Once she put them on, they were put into a large room called the operation theatre. They rolled the paitent in. Gerald asked her to get the tool. "Scapll" he would say. "Wipe" he would say. Lector stayed outside since he was a little queasy around surgeries. She knew that from the last time they were here. Instantly, she respected that. Ragtime remained quiet due to the nature of the situation. Lee was a huge help with handing him supplies and everything. She wondered who exactly was this person and their story. Since talking Lucretia, she became a happy and wanting to know other's stories. There was something about that woman that reminded her a little of Judina of how she listened.

"Lee, I am going to need you to take that scapel away from my hands please he asked. She snapped out of her daydream and took away the scapel. She really hoped her founders of her guild would be here soon. The more she waited the more she itched. She was not a woman to sit down and stay still. There was not running from that. Like everybody had said. Everybody who knew her father said she was most definately her father's daughter. They acted alike, they looked alike, and they thought alike. She only began to miss her father even more. "LeeAnn" asked Gerald. She stared at the doctor who was confused.

"Pay attention."

"Sorry. What do you need me to do?"

"Take this heart and we are going to replace it." He spoke. LeeAnn carefully took her gloved hands and slowly removed the heart with the doctor's help. She placed it on a tray as instructed. The doctor went to a cooler and took out a new, better and healthier heart. He stitched it in and sewn the paitence chest together. He gave a sigh of relief. He paid Lee and thank her for her help then sent her on her way.



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