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Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Fantastic Fabrics [Quest: Lee] Empty Thu Aug 19, 2021 11:35 am

Lee Nakamura
She scanned the local request board, deciding what to choose for her next job. The money was not enough for the fixes that needed to be done for the new guildhall. She had to make some extra cash the old fashion, by not asking her parents. They were too busy healing from that fight. It would take them a lot longer than the average person due to their age and how severe their wounds were. Lector flew up and picked a random flyer. "Just take this one. You have the hardest time choosing" he complained. Without a word, she looked at the bright pink flyer. She read it was it was signed in clear lettering of the client. A sigh came out of her mouth before she dragged one with Lector. The little exceed praised and praise how strong she must get in order to lead the guild. The other founding members were probably already stronger than her already. Kon was a for sure, Atani probably, Raymus...she rather not think about it.

They went to the location where the botique was standing. LeeAnn remembered coming across something like this years ago. She pushed open the door. Fernado turned his head and welcomed LeeAnn to his humble abode. He explained what fabrics he needed. He showed the two of them what he was looking for so she had an idea. Without a word, they were on their one at the market. Lee looked around for the fabrics. "Yo, Lee. I think I found some" he smiled. The frabrics were everything she needed. Luckily, the client had given them enough for everything since a lot were rare fabrics. LeeAnn began haggle the merchant to go down a few hundred jewel with her angry routine. She as starting to get good at socializing now. "I loved the part where you played the victim, Lee. I have taught you well, kid" laughed Ragtime. She founded another merchant that had the other types of fabrics they needed. IT was golds, spandexes with flecks of silver. There was too many to really count how many fabrics this one man had. Lee gave a sweet smile and asked how much the certain fabrics were. The merchant told her the price as she coughed up the money for those said fabrics. Lector was a little shocked at how much money it costs just to by fabric. Though, he really could not wrap his head around it if it meant his life. The fabrics that were in the wagon she took from Fernando to carry the fabrics in. Double and even tripple checking everything. Lee nodded and went to go return the fabrics to get her reward. On the way there, Lector flew about to make sure the products or ingredients were not harmed in any way. When they arrived, Fernando took what money was left over and the products. He was so happy to finally get them and gave them their reward. Lee was just happy it was a quick and easy job to collect a few jewel.



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