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Silk and Threads [Quest: Lee]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
A few jobs were a great idea to take things off her mind. Life was really getting to her mental health, diminishing her status of confidence to none. Hikari was at the guild they were staying at for shelter. She really had to thank Karisa for helping her out when she really needed it. The job she was force to take by Ragtime. It was better than being swallowed by her own emotions and guilt behind what had happened. She was give a stack of papers with directions for each client. She read each of them and shrugged. It was simple enough.

The picking up of the material was quick enough. Though, there were shopkeeprs trying to scam her. Even without a dragon slayer nose, she could sniff out a bad deal from a mile away. If there was anything her father taught her, it was how to read people. She took it a step further to know how to tell a life by searching for the truth in one’s face. It helped her know how to trust people or not. A few shopkeepers didn’t even try to hide how counterfeit the products. Lee left a few black eyes and threats with her fire slayer magic. There was nothing more than she hated was haters. Though one pushed her father enough.

She slammed her fist on the counter. Her eyes flared with anger. Without a word, she grabbed his shirt collar and pulled him to her eye level. “Listen ya swadwaffle, I am not playing around. Unless, you want to mess with me and my bad mood then you’re going to give me the real product,” she warned. Of course, the idiot thought he could take this a step further and pull out a knife from his pocket. Quickly, she threw him against the wall and pressed on his trachea. “Will you listen to me now?”

“Yes.” He chocked.

She let him go and glared down at him, silently demanding him to grab the products. Scrambling he went to go grab the actual products. When he came back, she hissed then swiping it from his hands. “You better not piss me off next time.”

When she went back outside to go back to the client, Ragtime whistled. “Damn. You really are pissed today. Any reason?” He knew why, but wanted to push the envelope further like the little shit he was. She remained silent. Returning to the client, Lee calmly handed her the fabrics. She inspected each one of them to make sure they were real. Lee ensured her that there were no false products. “Thank you so much, I am finally able to get back to production. Here is your reward” she smiled. Without a word, she took the money and put the pouch in her pocket. While walking out, Ragtime forced Lee to stop.

“Seriously, kid. You okay? You seem...more irritable today.”

Ragtime knew something was going on, but Lee couldn’t think of an answer. “I don’t know. Guess its just grief and frustration” she spoke. As she tried to take another step, Ragtime stopped her again. “Kid...is it about Hikari?”



“Who are you referring to?”

“Ya know, that one dude? Ya got amnesia or something?”

“Oh, him? No. My mind is on Solomon and my anger towards him.”

“I see. We’ll get that jerk, for now. Get me some ice cream, woman.”



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