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Fantastic Fabrics [Q]

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#1Khalfani † 

Fantastic Fabrics [Q] Empty Thu Aug 12, 2021 12:34 pm

Khalfani †
There wasn't much to do today for the little Desiertan considering he was fairly new to this city. Only having been here a few days, he created a plan so that he wouldn't have to hide in the shadows for the crimes he committed in Stella. Perhaps the Fiorian king did give Stellan bounty bunters permission to transverse the land in search of him. If he joined the Rune Knights he would be protected by the government itself, and then an attack on him would be an attack on Fiore...right? Bryson watched the world around him as he traveled to the quest board. He was satisfied with his little plan. After all, he probably wouldn't be staying for that long anyway. There was comfort in being with the Wizard Lord known as Odin. Odin was the first person he had met.

Yet Odin did not owe him anything. So in light of understanding that the only way to survive was to depend on himself, Lil B was taking his first quest. Someone had to have needed some help and the little human needed some money. Without Jewels he'd probably starve tonight. Soon enough Bryson approached the local quest board and scanned over every option. There was a few about protecting shops from thieves and other about eradicating pests, but there was only one that stuck out and seemed simple enough. The flier was pink and bright like bubblegum. The person was askng for someone to acquire a rare type of fabric. Lil B shrugged and snatched the flyer off of the board.


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Khalfani †
Bryson folded the piece of paper and made his way to the person who requested help, his name was Fernando. Ironically enough this name was similar to the names he had heard back in Stella. The name alone wasn't enough to raise any real concern. Lil B wore a cloak over his his body, the hood covering his head from the beaming glares of the sun god Ra. Day time was dangerous for a fugitive, alas the world seemed to not really care about who he was at the moment. He found some sense of relief in that. The city was bustling with activity today. Other kids ran around all over the place and the restaurants he passed were full of people. This is what a little bit of freedom felt like. When Bryson finally reached the boutique, he quickly entered. Fernando immediately knew what Bryson was here for when he showed the pink slip, but he seemed surprise that it was a child who answered his call.

Despite that, he began to explain the details of the quest. He walked the desiertan around the shop showing him fabrics and telling him what to look for before Lil B departed. With a lump sum of money Bryson spent the rest of the day searching for the fabrics. It took quite a while to say the least, but in the end he found a bunch of fabrics that Fernando would undoubtedly want. When he returned he handed the fabric off and was given jewels. Just like that he was a little bit wealthier.


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