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East - West (Flight)

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#1Azure Fenic 

East - West (Flight) Empty Tue Aug 10, 2021 6:42 pm

Azure Fenic

Azure called down his Griffen from what was now its nest, given he doesn't like to have her within town limits. Even though he hadn't checked up on her for some time she tackled him to the ground in joy "Yes it's good to see you old girl...I missed you so much." he pats her head and stands up taking the reins. With their plans now set into motion, all that was left for them to do is ensure the players are able to keep up. Being in the air once again felt more than nice for him but also being on the move again was also nice it felt like he was getting back to his normal lifestyle. Leaving Hosenka behind him he set his eyes on Astera given that was the last location Odin was spotted. Extortion seemed to be rather energized as she moved side to side as if she was dancing. Riding the Extortion was rather uncomfortable for the first few hours of flying.

Dalhila is the place where most informants go to recharge themselves but also a rather cruel place to live when you're just starting out. Every single part of it has its own special charm, for a place with a rather strong connection to the underworld. It was actually a place that he wanted to burn down if given the chance but that could also come much later when he has checked off other things on his ever-expanding list of tasks. The fog that runs through the entire city was thicker than normal but it could have always be due to never actually staying there for more than three seconds or less.

Something that he never really understood is just why magnolia hasn't seen any tragedy for a good while but that could be easily fixed later on. Not wanting to push his mount after such a long time they take a much needed rest in the home of the faries. Even though he couldn't really stand the place he did have to give them credit for their bathhouses as they do feel rather rejuvenating every now and then. Just around three hours had passed and it is now noon and it's time to finish this relocation of sorts. Naturally, every time that he has to even pass the secondary home of the overpaid Rune Knights the urge to break into their record room and do some research on some of the key players and their past actions but at the same time just sell it to the highest bidder. It was a good thing that he didn't take a pit stop there given his bounty and all.

Crocus wasn't even worth looking at at this point now that he had bigger plans in the works for the time being. The scholar did think about his place in Odin's little club and how it could benefit him in any way possible. This would be one of the toughest games that he has created so far but also the most exciting just based on the amount of work and counter planning that has to be done. While he was in thought Azure has made his way into Astera in the middle of the night. Finally, he had arrived in Astera, and now all he must do is track down the man with who he created a contracted months ago. Azure flipped his hair out of his eyes so now the game can start anew. After landing he sends off the Griffen to find a place to rest until she is needed again or if he needs a quick escape from something/someone.

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