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Baska Tournament Arc [A Rank]

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Zexion had awoken from his slumber and was hit in the face with a bright light coming from his curtains. He groaned and quickly sat up in the middle of his bed and yawned. He could not believe that today was the day there was another tournament being held. He always loved going to these tournaments for the fun of it. He got to test his skills against the best of the best that the world had to offer to him. Zexion was happy that he at least had a chance to fight again today. He had been going to the last few tournaments with Obasi but decided to do this one on his own.

Zexion quickly began to scamble for his breakfast, Today had toast and eggs and bacon on the menu. He was pleased that today was going to be one of those delightful days. Zexion then began to clean up the very inside of his apartment and did a quick stretch and got changed. He put on his signature black robe and off he went into the busy streets of Baska. He walked around and noticed quite a lot of people were on the walk around today.

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Zexion went and stopped by at a random candy shop,. He looked at all the different kind of selections , but ultimately he was fixed on his favorite Salt Water Toffee. He unwrapped the toffee and took a bite with a giant smile on his face. He was again on his way towards the tournament grounds. He had reached the very area and looked around at the different arrays of individuals who would participate. He saw a few individuals that caught his eye for a split moment. They were the Twin Brothers cladded in iron suits. Zexion was puzzled at what they were wearing but chose to ignore it instead.

Zexion laughed and began to eat his salt water toffee some more, He was ready to begin the next portion of the toffee he had waiting. The Announcer slowly and surely called for the fighters to enter the ring. Zexion began to stretch his muscles out and bellowed greatly, he was always prepared for the worst in every battle he was in. Zexion looked once again at the strong wizards that were now in the area of the Arena. He prepared for battle, as the bell rang. Zexion sprung headfirst into battle.



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As the bell rang, Zexion sprung into action and attacked the two nearest wizards that were within his sight. "Water Dragons! SPEAR", Zexion shouted as a magic circle was created around the palm of his hand and began creating a spear of water. The two wizards drew their weapons and enchanted them with various elements. The Weapons clashed creating a slight shockwave that pushed Zexion back. Zexion was then blindsided by a random warrior, He backhanded Zexion that made him flip upon impact, Zexion then launched a kick in the air that hit the man squarely in the temple. It knocked the man off his feet and he fell back. Zexion took the spear and aimed it directly at the man's face. The Two Swordsmen with the elemental weaponry magic, Deflected and saved the man's life. The second swordsmen then swung his sword, in which Zexion dodged it and flipped back ten metres away. Zexion scoffed and yelled, "Y'all Are AND WILL PAY", He then began to tilt his head back with his eyes wide open in anger.

"WATER DRAGONS ROOOOOOOOAR", He bellowed as he unleashed a giant roar of torrented water that was headed towards the three wizards.



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The Three wizards stood their ground as the torrent of fierce water rushed towards them. They all quickly dodged the attack as the water hit the center of the ring. A Huge explosion occurred in which the smaller fry Wizards were knocked slightly back. Zexion scoffed as he saw many wizards get knocked out from the blast. The smoke began to clear and he could clearly see that the wizards he wanted to hit the attack with all dodged. Zexion bit his lip and then took a deep breath and began to calm himself. Zexion smiled and looked at the various warriors in the entire tournament. There was a hooded man but he was not attacking anyone, He was just dodging, But Zexion chose to ignore him.

The Four Warriors came together and the biggest one of them moved forward. He pulled his hood down and laughed, "Haha We're The Dark Rebellion Guild, You will become a sacrifice Young one", The demented man began laughing. The other three jumped into action and began slaughtering most of the combatants in the tournament. Zexion could not believe what he was watching. he watched as men were being killed one by one.



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Zexion had snapped and quickly rushed towards one of the warriors. The Warrior with the enchanted sword rushed towards Zexion as well. Zexion began to form Two swords out of water and tossed the one from his left hand into the air. Zexion then clashed with the wizards sword and deflected a sleuth of strikes coming from the Swordsman. Zexion dodged a downward slash and caught the wizard with a clean hit with the flat end of sword and slashed the leg. Instantaneously, the sword that was thrown above came down and hit the swordsman in the face, killing him.

The other swordsman had a tear run down his eye and he ran towards Zexion. Zexion back stepped and clapped his hands and a Magic circle formed under the warrior. "WATER DRAGONS REVERSE WATERFALL", a gushing of high density water came out and shot upwards into the man, damaging him. Zexion then created a javelin of condensed water and threw it with all his might at the man. He man could not react and was struck right in the heart. He fell back slowly and Zexion landed on the ground and looked at the last three fights from the guild.



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Zexion was appalled that these men were from an evil guild, He spat to his right towards the ground and wiped his face with his left arm. "You guys are making me feel hype!", Zexion bellowed as slapped his hands together, Instantaneously a magic circle appeared right above his right and left arm, Water began to torrent around his arms to create a torrential blade of condensed water. Zexion rushed towards the first man,  Who pulled out a giant scythe and swung directly towards Zexions head. With Zexions complete focus he quickly ducked then swayed to the right and unleashed the first torrent. The torrent slammed into the man, launching him into the air. Zexion then tilted his head and a Magic circle appeared right in front of his face, Then with a sudden scream, "WATER DRAGONS ROAR", A giant torrent of water went towards the man who was launched into the air. Upon colliding with the man, a giant explosion had occurred. Smoke was heavily taking the top of the sky, then suddenly the man came flying down and crashed into the ground.


Zexion then stared at the remaining fighters who were remained in the ring, The crowd stayed silent. Zexion was almost through with it all, He quickly grabbed a weapon, a sword, off the ground and rushed at one of the wizards. Swinging wildly, Zexion clashed his blade against the steel of the wizard that was right in front of him. The wizard pushed Zexion back and bellowed a quick laugh. "Ho ho ho, You think you have what it takes boy?", The Warrior said as they clashed again with the steel fo Zexions blade. Quickly and swiftly, He ducked and a magic circle began to develop on the freehand of Zexion, Instantaneously a claw of water formed around the very hand of Zexion. "Water Dragons Claw", Zexion said as he swung the claw at the head of the man. The man laughed and quickly dodged the strike, He then looked at Zexion with such intent and swung at him. Zexion barely had time to dodge the strike and was cut around his cheek. Upon getting his footing back he quickly looked at the Warrior. Without a second to lose, the warrior rushed at Zexion and with a quick surprised look, the man struck at Zexion.


Both the claw and the sword had made an impact one one another. Zexion pushed the steel back and propelled the man back onto his feet once more. He laughed again and again and looked back at his teammates with a giant grin on his face. "looks like we got a live one aye?", He said as he licked the blood clean off the edge of the blade. Zexion had enough and then dropped the sword. Out of the context and palm of his hand a sword made of water began to form once again. Zexion rushed once again at the man with full speed. Zexion waited for the right time and once he saw it he quickly thrusted his sword directly into the heart of the warrior. Zexion stared with a cold look as the life left the body of the man. The mans body slumped to the ground and Zexion emerged victorious. It seemed that Zexion had quite a ways to go before he could claim to be the strongest wizard around. He then stared back at the rest of the dark guild and smiled.

1676/2000 WC

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Zexion stared off at the two men who remained, the first man smirked at Zexion and ran towards him. Upon clashing with Zexion, Fist on elbow, a giant shockwave occurred as it pushed Zexion back two meters. He was at Awe at the giant mans strength, but within a second of that thought the man threw a head kick. Zexion blocked the kick and was sent flying back towards the out side of the ring. He crashed and burned into the ground multiple times before being put through a farm. Zexion was gasping for air, without a second to even catch a breathe the man jumped through the roof and slammed his feet into Zexion stomach. Zexion let out a giant spit and held his stomach in. "You bastard...", Zexion said in pain as he was lifted by one hand by his head.

"Foolish boy, You can never defe-", Before the man could speak, Zexion shot a bullet of water into the mans eye causing him to be blinded. The man yelled out in tremendous pain as he held his face together. Zexion got up and inhaled all the water that was in the farm. Zexion had regained enough strength and then tilted his head back once more. "WATER DRAGONS ROAR", Zexion screamed as a torrent of water slammed into the man and sent him flying. The man had finally came crashing into the center of the ring where the last and final opponent was standing. Zexion made his way back to the ring, with many bruises and scratches, he was prepared for the final opponent.

1677/2000 WC


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The last man was quite prepared for this showdown. He removed his hood and revealed a goat mask underneath. He then slammed his staff into the ground, causing the whole area to quake. Zexion could not believe his eyes. This man had quite a powerful aura to his energy, Zexion jumped into the air but was propelled back into the ground. Zexion crashed hard into the ground and then was pulled towards the mage. The mage laughed like a mad man until he let Zexion back to where he was before. "You see, You can't defeat me fool", Said the Wizard as he slammed Zexion back and forth into the ground, The crowd watched in horror as this occurred. Zexion was then thrown into the lake.

This was it, Zexion began to inhale the power of the lake. The lake slowly disappeared into Zexions stomach until it was gone. Zexion slowly walked towards the mage, magic energy was pouring immensely through out his body. This was going to be it. The mage quickly tried to use his magic but it was not working. Zexion was at full power, not in his weakened state he was just before. Zexion quickly appeared in front of the man. And a huge amount of energy formed into his palm. Zexion then unleashed all his magic into the one point causing the man to explode with the energy, The fight was over.

Zexion raised his hand in victory, he was now the new champion.


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