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Ex's Closet [Quest]

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Ex's Closet [Quest] Empty Sun Aug 08, 2021 1:24 pm

It was a simple summer day in Hargeon, not unlike the day before or the day after.

"211, 212..." Zane whispered under his breath, counting the numbers on the front of the apartments. Beelzebub had warned him multiple times now not to whisper while trying to sneak around but had given up by this point. Zane seemed to be very intent on doing this and Beelzebub's host was about as stubborn as they come... unless a woman was in the picture that is. The two were here at this small little apartment complex at the behest of a man who wished to retrieve a little something from his ex's apartment. If Zane was able to a certain box back to his employer by the end of the day he'd be paid a decent sum considering the type of work he'd be doing. While Zane and Beelzebub usually liked jobs that weren't so small time it was nice to kick back and do some easy things for a while. It reminded Zane in particular of the days when he first started out as a mage, doing things as simple as flipping burgers in Crocus for a little while. Now that was fun...

Finally finding the right room, Zane picked the lock and slowly opened the door, keeping his eye out for the vicious dog that his client mentioned. Little did Zane know that this beast was anything but vicious, instead being treated to the sight of one of the cutest canines he had ever had the pleasure of seeing. The little dog growled at him, but Zane knew how to handle that. He grew up on a farm so handling animals, especially dogs, was a skill he had mastered ages ago. "Hey there buddy..." Zane would say, closing the door behind him. After a good while of petting the dog it finally seemed to fully warm up to Zane. While he certainly liked the idea of playing with the cute little thing a bit more, he had a job to do first and foremost. Zane rummaged through the woman's apartment as he attempted to find the box his client was looking for.

Beelzebub constantly nagged at Zane to go faster, perhaps because he was worried that the woman who owned the place would suddenly show up out of nowhere. Zane seemed to find the box eventually though, having to seriously go digging through this lady's closet in the process. After doing a half-assed job of cleaning up the place, Zane pet the dog goodbye and made his way out of the apartment. Well, that was certainly one of the easiest jobs he had ever done. He was glad he took it: in the end he got free money and the chance to spend a little bit of time with that woman's adorable pet. Discreetly exiting the building, Zane would carry the box with him to meet up with the client, where he'd be paid a decent sum for his work. That really was quite worth his time.


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