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From Worth Woodsea to Oak City [Travel]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma † 

From Worth Woodsea to Oak City [Travel] Empty Fri Jul 30, 2021 8:03 pm

Miyamoto Akuma †
Akuma was just finished with his quest in the forest of Worth Woodsea, where he have to act and pretend to be a bandit and attack a new settlement in order to make a guy name Zinmur look like a hero and to keep his position as the “leader” of that settlement which also because Akuma helped him to kill a wolf pack and bring the alpha wolf’s head to him. But that was worth it, since the reward he got is quite a lot for that kind of job. But now Akuma is on his way to oak city for the first time, he heard some news about evil spirits roaming unde the church of that city and people are looking for someone who can kick them out or banish them or whatever, as long as those spirit can be remove Akuma will get the rewards that he’s aiming for. It seems like an easy job for Akuma so he started his trip to Oak as soon as he got the info. As always, Akuma gets into the train earlier to keep the room for himself and as he arrives in Oak city, he sees around the city to be familiar with the city.


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