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Bandit Act - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma † 

Bandit Act - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Fri Jul 30, 2021 7:53 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
Akuma is back at Worth Woodsea for the second time now, just like before, Akuma is here with a reason. Akuma is here for money for sure, he is hired by Zimnur, the one that hired him to kill the wolf in the cave. But this time, Akuma was hired to play the part of being a bandit. That’s all he knows for now, so he’s about to meet Zimnur to get more details about the job. Akuma is on his way to the forest area hidden deep in Worth Woodsea. Akuma needs to meet Zimnur in secret to avoid other people and to keep this plan secret from anyone except Akuma and Zimnur. On his way there, Akuma is observing the area around there. The trees, the woods, the vibes in that forest, looks amazing with the sunlight that goes through the tiny space between the leaves of trees. That view is so amazing that Akuma decided to take a break and take his time there enjoying the view, since he had plenty of time before the meeting with Zinmur. They scheduled their meeting in the middle of the deep forest, this is also another way for them to avoid being seen by others.


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#2Miyamoto Akuma † 

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Miyamoto Akuma †
This condition and this vibes in the forest is pretty calming and soothing, this doesn’t happen often in the forest of Worth Woodsea because of the magical beast that usually strolling around everywhere and sometimes dangerously approaches or attacks anyone in the forest but Akuma is now enjoying this rare moment. As Akuma enjoys the view, he also trains his breathing technique while he’s sitting down on top of a boulder. As he trains his breathing technique, the time goes by and the sun is set meaning it will soon be the time for Akuma to meet Zinmur. Akuma stops his breathing technique slowly, slowing down his breathing until it finally stops and he starts breathing normally. He starts to walk deeper to the forest, to the meeting point with Zinmur. As Akuma walks there, the night sky is getting darker and the forest is getting silent, but Akuma keeps just walking to the meeting point with no hesitation or fear. He can hear the sound of the forest, some magical animal walking in the darkness, the sound of an owl observing the area looking for its prey for the night. Akuma can also hear the sound of some sticks being stepped on by some animal in the forest.


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#3Miyamoto Akuma † 

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Miyamoto Akuma †
Akuma finally arrives at the meeting point, but he can’t see anyone there. It seems like Zinmur hasn't arrived there yet. That means Akuma has to wait there alone until Zinmur arrives. But being alone in this forest at night is not calm and easy, the danger from the magical animal in this forest might come anytime. As he waits for Zinmur to arrives, Akuma notice that some magical beasts are around him looking at him, seems like they are a pack of beasts and about to launch their attack at Akuma, well this is the real situation of the forest at night, the danger might come at you anytime. Akuma being prepared, he holds his sword in case the animal attacks Akuma. When Akuma puts up his focus on his surroundings, Zinmur comes out from those trees followed by some magical beasts. Akuma quickly runs towards Zinmur to kill those beasts behind him to save Zinmur from them. After killing those beasts, Zinmur thanked him for saving his life. Akuma and Zinmur start talking about the details of the job, and the details of the plan. This request from Zinmur was supposed to help him keep his position as the leader.


#4Miyamoto Akuma † 

Bandit Act - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Fri Jul 30, 2021 7:55 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
“Killing the wolves made some heads turn, but I would like to cement my position further. I believe protecting the new and vulnerable settlement from a bandit attack would do just that. However, I can’t possibly lure actual bandits and hope to win a fight. I would much rather set it all up to make me look like a hero. I need you to attack the settlement disguised as bandits. Defeat enough of the neko lookouts to attract attention but you need to let one of them run away to ask for help from me, and you need to deliberately lose to me in front of the entire settlement to make me look like a hero in front of everyone. Run from the prison and don’t worry about your reward, I will give the rewards you deserve later at the middle of the night here where we make this deal. What do you say?” Ask Zinmur to Akuma. “I’ll do as you please, I’ll come tomorrow night and do as the plan. I’ll find out the way to get away from the prison, that will be easy. Just make sure to pay me enough and on time or I might open up your lies.” Says Akuma.


#5Miyamoto Akuma † 

Bandit Act - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Fri Jul 30, 2021 7:56 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
As the plan, Akuma comes back to the settlement and scouts the area to set up his plan and pick the perfect area to attack. Akuma chooses the area with the less neko lookouts so he doesn't have to fight and harm more people to execute his and Zinmur’s plans. Akuma then quickly launched his attack towards those neko lookouts in that area, knocking down 3 neko lookouts, he let one of the neko lookouts to run, summoning Zunmir as the plan. When Zunmir arrives there, Akuma and Zunmir start to fight each other. Akuma slows his move and takes the attacks from Zunmir one by one, causing him to slowly be beaten up and lose to Zunmir. Akuma is then taken to the prison and becomes the prisoners of that settlement, but as Akuma said earlier, it’s not that hard for Akuma. He can easily break through that prison, and Akuma runs from that settlement as Zinmur’s plan. When the night comes, Akuma gets back to the meeting point to claim his rewards and this time, Zinmur is already there waiting for him. After he gets the rewards, he leaves that place gone in the dark. “I might need your help next time, get ready Akuma.” Says Zinmur to Akuma as he leaves the opposite way.


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