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Tournament Arc [A Rank W/Obasi]

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Tournament Arc [A Rank W/Obasi] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 8:31 pm

It was the stroke of dawn, light havened around the room of Zexion. a small crack of light burst through his busted drapes and hit him directly in the eye. "Groan", Zexion began to groan as he woke up at the same time as always. Today was supposed to be a great day. It was a day that Obasi and Zexion were once again going to compete in the Tournament of Baska. Zexion was quite pleased with how the last one ended, But this time Zexion was determined to pull out a win from his bag of tricks. Zexion arose from his bed and began to do his daily regimine as always.

"What should I make for me and Obasi today?", Zexion wondered as he turned on the stove. Quickly Zexion decided to make some waffles from scratch. He then packed a bunch of the beautifully made waffles with butter and syrup into a tiny container so both friends could enjoy a meal together as they waited for sign ups. Zexion then decided to clean and he was finally off. He exited his place and looked through the streets of Baska. He began to walk in the direction of where the tournaments are always held in hopes of signing up.

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Tournament Arc [A Rank W/Obasi] Empty Fri Jul 30, 2021 4:58 pm

Morning rays speared the window facing Obasi’s bed, waking him from his slumber. As usual he awoke with a curse at being blasted with a burst of sunlight. Once more Obasi was subjected to a beating from his hated enemy. Unwilling to fight with the sun any longer he got out of bed. He slapped his face after remembering what day it was. Zexion and he were supposed to attend the tournament today. Since the octopus wizard met Zex his life had become more interesting lately. Obasi had recently discovered his love of violence and combat. He’d already found battle fun, but recently it became something he needed more of. Whatever the case may have been Obasi would get his wish in the form of the tournament. But first he needed some breakfast and to change into some fresh clothes.

After getting dressed he prepared some pancakes and eggs, although the former was a little burnt. It was still pretty filling, and he’d even had some leftovers that he’d share with Zexion. It was the least he could for his first friend. For someone who lived most of his life in solitude it was strange having a genuine friend. After breakfast was finished Obasi hurried along so he wouldn’t be late. Through the streets of Baska he wondered over to the tournament grounds.


Tournament Arc [A Rank W/Obasi] Empty Fri Jul 30, 2021 7:18 pm

On the way to the tournament sign-up boards, Zexion spotted a familiar face. He walked past Godfrey who happened to be out on the town. He was never seen outside of his shop so Zexion had approached him. "Godfrey? I didn't notice you without your shop", Zexion joked as he stopped two meters in front of Godfrey. Godfrey had quite a look of dread come across his face. Godfrey opened his mouth but did not say anything. Zexion tilted his head in confusion, "Is everything okay?", Zexion asked as he walked up to the right side of the giant of a man. The man had a tear come out of his eye, "Oh Zexion... Someone came into my store and I turned my back and all my weapons were gone. All my swords, spears, shields...Like somebody just made them disappear."

Zexion had a look of shock but quickly snapped out of it upon seeing Obasi approach them. "HEY OBASI! Come here! Godfrey got robbed!", Zexion shouted as Godfrey had an even bigger look of dread and embarrassment across his face.

"Do you know who it was?", Zexion asked as he handed Obasi the breakfast he had made earlier. "Yes...I believe it was the new A Rank Champion of the tournament... He has a magic that's called Requip in which they can store items in the blink of an eye...I'll pay you double if you can kill him. He clearly ruined my stores reputation and I'm losing money over it."

Zexion laughed and then smiled...Instantly he had a serious look on his face

"Better start making their tombstone now.... Because they're as good as dead.",Zexion said with his eyes wide open. He began to walk to the tournament sign up and signed up both Obasi and himself for the advanced tournament. Upon inspecting his surroundings he noticed a man in armor that was found in Godfreys store. Godfrey was about to lose his mind, but chose to not say anything. He looked over at Obasi and Zexion and nodded. Zexion nodded back and awaited the start of the tournament.

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Obasi headed for the tournament grounds at a hurried pace. Sleepy yawns escaped him with every step he took. Despite how awake he appeared he still struggled to stay in the land of the living. Perhaps he shouldn’t stay up so late studying he thought. Whatever the case may have been he continued onward. Baska was a big city and he’d only been living there for a few days, but he was starting to recognize some of the sites. It was easier for him to get around than it had been previously. He was even starting to memorize the faces of some of the local shop keepers. He especially remembered Godfrey, and how couldn’t he? The man helped to line his pockets. Anyone who could pay him that well was a friend in his book. Speaking of the blacksmith, on Obasi’s way to the tournament he’d ran into Zexion and Godfrey. Well, Zexion spotted him and yelled for him to come over to them.

Apparently, Godfrey had been robbed, prompting Obasi to respond with a quiet “What?” After hearing the terrible news Obasi raced over to see what happened. Godfrey seemed like a man broken. His entire livelihood had been stolen from him, and he was destroyed. Zexion was angry, and rightfully so. They had both formed a bond with the big guy. The last thing either of them wanted to see was their friend in ruin.

Zexion handed Obasi something to eat. Even though he’d already had some breakfast he was grateful. After all, he ‘d burned the pancakes he made, and the eggs just weren’t filling enough. He listened closely to Zexion’s conversation with Godfrey while he ate. A Requip mage had stolen his wares leaving Godfrey destitute and forced to ask for help. He promised them both double the reward, which brought a smirk to his lips. It was unfortunate what happened to their buddy, but they’d make the thief pay. It appeared the guy was also entering the tournament, which made their job that much easier. All they had to do was wait for the tournament to begin.


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"LADDDIIIEESSS AND GENTLEMENNNN, THE TOURNAMENT OF STRENGTH WILL BEGIN!", Yelled the announcer as Zexion had his eyes locked onto the armored wizard. Zexion was prepared for this to be the battle of that he was going to win. Zexion looked at Obasi and nodded once more, "We don't have to kill anyone except for that guy.", Zexion stated as he finished stretching. The Bell was ringing for the warriors to enter the tournament grounds. The Tournament stage was ten Kilometers in Diameter. As the warriors entered Zexion noticed quite a lot of stronger wizards in the battle were partaking.

Zexion began to walk towards the stage and took his first step. Zexion looked at the crowd as Godfrey was watching with his eyes locked onto the stage, fists clenched as well as his teeth. "GO~!", Yelled the announcer as the bell rang a final time. There were fifteen warriors in the battle this time including Obasi and Zexion. Zexion did not wait for anything and ignored the other warriors. He began to tilt his head back as a Blue Magic circle appeared in front of his face, With a sudden scream he yelled, "WATER DRAGONS ROAR", Instantaneouly, A giant stream of condensed beam of water skipped from one end to the other aimed towards the armored wizard. It flew past every other combatant as they watched the beam head at light speed towards the wizard. The other wizard began to glow light around his whole body until a giant shield appeared before him. The Beam clashed with the Sheild as it laid a giant crack upon Impact launching the Requip user back. With a sudden backflip, the Requip mage landed on his feet and began to glow once again. The light shattered and he had a bow and arrow. He began shooting his arrows, twenty of them to be exact that were aimed at various warriors. Ten of the warriors dodged the arrows but the others were hit. Zexion grabbed the arrow and shattered it with his clenched fist. He stared at the man, as he stared back at Zexion. He let out a smile as he began to glow once again. Now he had a spear in hand, He jumped in front of two wizards who were hit by the arrow and slashed them at a speed they couldn't react too. They both went down.

Zexion was attacked from behind by yet another combatant and Zexion had finally lost his temper. He dodged the sword swing and grabbed the combatant by his face and lifted him up. The man began begging for his life, Zexion was not listening, He quickly slammed the man into the ground and soccer kicked him out of the arena. Zexion turned to two other warriors andclasped his hands together. Suddenly two magic circles appeared under them and shot a beam of water up knocking them out as well.

The Requip user had switched weapons once again and was on the assault with a suit of armor and a lance. He quickly took out two of the other combatants. There were a total of Seven fighters left in the entire tournament as they all stood tall.

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Tournament Arc [A Rank W/Obasi] Empty Sun Aug 01, 2021 6:19 pm

“Here we go again” Obasi uttered in a whisper. The tournament bell rung signaling the close beginning of the tournament. Obasi knew today would be a tough one. The tournament would no doubt attract powerful foes that would test Obasi’s limits. A magic circle blossomed in the center of his palm, tiny and flickering, Obasi pondered the nature of things.  He wasn’t sure how he’d fair in the tournament, but he didn’t despair. Whatever happened he’d give it his all, or he’d die trying his best. He laughed internally at such heroic thoughts. It wasn’t like him to be so determined but the idea of battle always invigorated him. Zexion was also a source of inspiration for this fiery new attitude. The kid had limitless energy and always seemed to charge headfirst into a situation, regardless of the consequences. The octopus wizard couldn’t help but envy the guy, and his drive to acquire whatever he wanted. He was easily one of the stronger guild guys, and could easily go further if he wanted.  Obasi on the other hand, not so much, he was unfocused and unsure of even his own desires. At first, he’d planned it all out in his head perfectly, but things had changed. Once again, he found himself unaware of what route he’d take in life.  

Another ring of the bell freed Obasi from his thoughts. The tournament was already beginning and Zex and Godfrey were already on their way into the coliseum. He cursed under his breath before scurrying forward. He was one of the contestants and it would reflect poorly on the midget if he were late. Obasi rushed towards the arena, taking in all the sights and sounds around him. Most of the people were humans with some demi human’s mixed in. What struck him the most were the other competitors heading into the ring. They were all nasty looking wizards, but neither of them was enough to make Obasi sweat. He secretly wondered if this would be another case of a tough opponent surrounded by guppies. Even if that were the case, he’d still give it his all. Besides, he loved getting his hands dirty. He had been thinking up all sorts of interesting spells that he wanted to try out.

Obasi’s eyes stung with the reintroduction of sunlight. They’d finally reached the arena and his waiting was going to at last come to an end. Feet spaced apart Obasi stood by Zexion. He looked upon the other wizards, and again, found nothing fearsome about them. Looks aren’t always what they appeared to be though; he could personally attest to that. The battlers took their place, sweat hanging from every brow. The moment was so tense you could cut it with a knife. After a few seconds longer the brutality commenced with by the urging of the announcer.

“That tentacle! You are that vile little boy from before!” Cried a hooded man, his fists alit with flames. “Oh, that’s not good.” Whispered Obasi at the familiar fire wizard’s words. As much as Obasi hated being mistaken for a little boy, he played on people’s ignorance of his identity. People wouldn’t expect much from a kid, which gave him the edge in a fight. No one would be prepared for his what he, or his spells could do, but it seemed that he’d lost that advantage. And almost as soon as the wizard revealed their relationship, he was ready to do battle. Magical circles appeared before the wizards’ hands before a fireball rocketed towards Obasi. The octo-lad responded with an aegis of darkness that hungrily devoured the flames before dying away. Not wanting to risk a magical duel that he could lose, he quickly thought of another approach. Evading another fireball with a dodge to the left, Obasi let loose a “DRAGON’S GRASP.” A draconic hand appeared over Obasi’s with tentacles equipped with gnashing teeth poking from each finger. Hastily the tendrils bit into the mage’s shoulders before throwing him into another contestant. The sheer force was so strong it knocked them both out of the arena.

By this point the requip wizard was shelling the rest of the combatants. A quick leap out of the way allowed him to narrowly evade an arrow that went into another enemy. Two wizards occupied with each other were Obasi’s next victim.  A magical circle appeared before Obasi’s hand before a deluge inky black sludge crashed into the two wizards sending them out of the arena. “Looks like a two on one this time.” Obasi said with a smirk.



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All the other combatants were completely out of the tournament, it was just Obasi, Zexion and The Wizard. "Hoooooo I guess I'll have to take this a little bit more serious, The name is Crimson.", Said the man as he began glowing once again. This time He took on the armor and weapon of a Knight with a sword. Zexion then began to conjure water in shape of a sword. Zexion lunged at the man at full speed as did the man. Their swords clashed, The man had the upper hand though as he parried and swiftly kicked Zexion a few feet back. Zexion rolled and dragged himself on all fours and then stood up and closed his eyes. "The names Zexion, WATER DRAGONS STREAM", He yelled as a stream of condensed sharp water shot aimed at the man. Crimson quickly dodged and began changing weapons into a boa staff. He jabbed two times at Zexion, then thrusted towards his feet. Zexion jumped back and was surprised when he was hit across the face with the staff. The man had more speed than he did, But it was okay. Zexion slapped himself in the face and then a Blue magic circle had started to appear in front of his hand. "Water Dragons CLAW", Zexion said as his feet burst and propelled him towards Crimson. Crimson had thrusted towards Zexion, But Zexions clawe broke the staff. In the crowd, Godfrey was about to faint. All his weapons were being destroyed right before his eyes. Upon destroying the staff, Zexion swiped at the man but he back stepped the attack and smiled.

"You won't hit me like that", He joked as his broken staff disappeared and out came a gauntlet. Zexion Swung a strike with his claw once again but his claw was shattered upon hitting the gauntlet. Zexion was then hit in the face and the stomach and finally round housed away from the Man.

"Yo Obasi, This guy is no joke.", Zexion said as he caught his balance. Zexion then tilted his head once again and quickly yelled out, "Roar Of the Water Dragon". This time the Man had no shield he could bring out to take the hit so he ran straight into the beam of water. A loud explosion occurred and the man stood there with many scratches and marks all over his armor. He smiled as his body began to glow, He had changed armor once again. This time He brought out a samurai sword and he looked at Obasi and Quickly dashed at him full speed.

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The blows exchanged between Zexion and the Requip mage ignited the crowd, sending them into a frenzy of roars and cheers. They were awestruck by the show and so was he. He had to admit it was somewhat inspiring to see Zexion’s perform such powerful feats. Is this the strength of an a-class wizard he pondered. They clashed with such ferocity Obasi thought the arena would explode; well, the crowd did at least. They were filled with such vigor and life that he’d thought they might rush the arena. It was at that moment he finally realized what he wanted to do. Clarity may have come to him, but so did Zexion who landed at his side. It seemed the blue haired wizard was having a much harder time than they both expected. It was funny, Obasi could tell they were evenly matched, but Crimson held an edge. Perhaps it was due to both their relative newness to such power? Maybe, Crimson was just that powerful? Or perhaps Godfrey was just that good at making weapons. Whatever the case may have been. Things were looking bad.

Events took a worse turn when Crimson persevered through the brunt of Zexion’s attack. He was of course damaged, but not heavily so. In fact, he seemed to regain a second wind when he swapped armors in the blink of an eye.

Attired in samurai garb with a pointed blade to match; Crimson turned his sights on Obasi. “That’s not good.” Obasi said in a whisper. Sword leveled at the young wizard he charged forth. His speed like lightning, he ran towards Obasi, his sword raised, as he prepared to make a leftward slash.  The Octopus wizard made a risky maneuver. He waited for Crimson to get into range before he projected a magic circle at the ground in front of him. The manifestation of circle heralded the eruption of gooey black tendrils, thick and tall they emerged from the floor, grappling Crimson. Obasi used the samurai wizard’s momentum against him, by waiting until he’d already committed to the charge making it harder for him to dodge.  Without letting him recover Obasi yelled “Venom of the Black Dragon,” a giant magic circle appearing before him, releasing a blast of acidic black liquid at the ensnared mage. The acidic goo left parts of his armor eaten through and his skin was blistered, but Crimson still grinned. After Obasi’s attack proved futile Crimson broke free of the tendrils and kicked the midget mage, sending him flying several feet away. The force of the impact left Obasi’s little body wrecked, but he could still stand and fight.

Sensing his own inevitable defeat, Obasi buffed Zex’s with a str and endurance spell. “Do you have any more tricks, little boy?” Inquired the cocky Crimson, assured that his opponent had no more fight in him. “Dragon’s Bite” The tentacle claws appeared from before and Obasi lashed out at Crimson. What the samurai thought would be a forward slashed turned into another grapple. The tentacles wrapped around his wrist, their teeth sinking into the exposed flesh. They were successful in getting him to drop his weapon, but Crimson took out a dagger with his free hand and slashed the tentacles. He then hurled the dagger at Obasi who narrowly evaded only because of the tentacles’ disruption. The tendril that was his thumb grabbed the sword tossing it out of the arena while the others fought with Crimson. Being a requip mage it wasn’t so easy and he materialized another dagger to cut off the annoying limbs that gripped him. He was successful in destroying the tentacles, but Obasi took advantage of the brief distraction. Obasi created another magic circle, unleashing a throng of his fluttering insects(Click me).  They swarmed the wizard, creating yet another challenge for the man. With this brief opportunity, he told Zex to act. “Hey, Zex you want to try what we did last time?” Hinting at the desperate battle between them and the minor bandit lord.



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Zexion jumped over towards Obasi and got right next to him, Instantly he began to charge up magic energy within himself. "Hold your hand back!", Zexion said to Obasi as he took the arm and held it back. Magic Energy poured out of himself, all of a sudden a Blue ball of Magical energy started radiating within his palm. He wanted Obasi to do the same as he was. Obasi complied and did the exact same thing as Zexion. He also held his opposite hand back and began to charge a orb of powerful energy next to Zexions. Zexion and Obasi's Orbs began to combine together to create a dark and blue swirling orb of energy. The orbs began to become more and more powerful as the time passed, Zexion knew that this was it. He looked over back at Crimson, Who was still being swarmed, and not knowing what they were both doing at this point. Zexion knew this was the time.

"OCEANIC DARKNESS DRAGONS FLASH FANG", Zexion said together with Obasi as they pushed the combined orbs which created a giant stream of Magical energy. The blast had contained both water and darkness water energies as it headed towards the Requip user. The blast was so powerful it began to cause earthquakes in the area. The Crowd was silent as they watched the beam head towards the makeshift weapons master.

BOOOM, A giant explosion was created on impact. A giant blast had occurred as the wizard was hit. Zexion and Obasi both waited for the smoke to settle to see the Requip user still standing. He was barely able to block most of the damage, as he quickly equipped a shield that shattered on impact and damaged him severely. The Requip wizard was upset, But how could he fight the two dragons without any more energy. He began to glow once again this time he pulled out a Bomb. The man quickly strapped it to himself and began running at both the Young Dragonic warriors. Zexion was not worried, He could see the bomb was ticking and he knew he was planning on taking both of them out with him.

"Obasi, RUN!", Zexion said as he clasped his hands together. Instantly the man was caught, Water began to form a dome around him making him unable to move within the confines of the dome. The man was slowly drowning in the orb and he was unable to move within it as well. He reached out at Zexion and Obasi almost in a plea for his life, But why would they help him. He clearly wanted them both dead as well. The bomb slowly kept ticking, Slowly the seconds passed as the bomb began to chime in. He had no more energy to take the bomb off him, and he was stuck. Finally, the bomb exploded. The explosion was glorious, The man had finally died to his own technique. Zexion and Obasi were quite a ways away from him at this point as they saw the man blow himself up. The dust had cleared and there was nothing left, Just a crater left. Zexion looked around and the crowd erupted once again, they were cheering that they had seen the death of the Wizard. Zexion then quickly conceded and let Obasi become the champion once again.

"AND THE WINNER, OBASI!", Said the announcer once again as Zexion left the arena. Godfrey was awaiting both of them at the front of the tournament exit. He was crying, but he quickly thanked them. He was glad he had made good company with the two young wizards tas they had done so much for him already. Zexion was off, He waved at both Obasi and Godfrey and took his reward and went home.



*Wizard Killed himself, So 60% Jewel Bonus is given*


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Darkness enveloped water becoming some unstoppable hybrid of the two, and with Zexion’s oceanic power behind it, became something fearsome. For a brief moment in time Obasi felt almighty, he’d never channeled such energy before. Was it really this empowering to be Zexion? he wondered. Was it any surprise that he was able to compete head on with the Requip wizard whereas Obasi needed trickery. If it always felt this great to be in control of such energy maybe he did need to work hard. He could get behind that idea. In fact, he vowed to become so strong that others would have no choice, but to notice him.  Everyone would have to say “There goes Obasi. One of the strongest wizards I know,” Yeah, he liked that thought a lot. When they’d both let loose the monster forming from their fingertips it collided with the Requip Wizard. He made one least attempt to kill them with a bomb only himself die in an unspectacular fashion.  It was a pathetic death befitting a braggart and a thief. After they’d won Zexion allowed Obasi to have the glory.  Of course.,. like last time the little wizard only wanted to be paid and got into an argument about how he didn’t care about the tournament. Upset the announcer returned his words until eventually they got into a miniature screaming match.

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