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The Cat Cried Wolf - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma † 

The Cat Cried Wolf - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 6:31 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
Baska is a town that has its own perks for Akuma, since the first day he got here, he was amazed by the people of this city. The culture, the food, the merchants, the blacksmith and their works, the people of this town, and even the town itself amaze Akuma. The atmosphere of this town is pretty chill and calm, despite the people of this town who are cheering while a lot of contestants are in the ring fighting each other, trying to keep their life while trying to kill each other. Well besides that, this town is cool so far for Akuma. Today is another new day for Akuma, as he wakes up from his slumber, as always Akuma opens his window and looks outside his room, looking at the street where the people are walking around going to work or maybe somewhere else, as Baska is a lively town. It’s been three days since that tournament where Akuma won by default. Well it was a great and a new experience for Akuma, plus point is he got a new friend, a water dragon slayer friend. As Akuma looks back in, he decides to take his time doing his morning routine.


#2Miyamoto Akuma † 

The Cat Cried Wolf - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 6:32 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
Akuma alway takes his time in the morning, before he does anything else to train his breath technique and also his meditation. He sits down on his meditation mat and he starts slowing his breath and focusing his senses on his own body. Slowly feeling the air coming in and out from his body, feels micro movement of his muscle, feels his own heartbeat and his bloodstream. But his meditation is interrupted when a ball of paper hits his head, causing him to lose his focus. Akuma decided to open his eyes and give it a check, he unfold that ball of paper and inside it he can see a hand writing. “I’m Mattoro, I need your help and I know you’re willing to break some rules to do something that needs to be done. I will be waiting for you in an abandoned shack about a mile from the mineshaft, meet me there and I’ll tell you the details about this.” After reading that text in the paper, Akuma stands up from mat and takes his sword with him, he then walks to the place where he has to meet that guy Mattoro for the details of his request.


#3Miyamoto Akuma † 

The Cat Cried Wolf - Miyamoto Akuma [Quest] Empty Thu Jul 29, 2021 6:33 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
When he gets close to the mineshaft, he looks around looking for a shack that Mattoro mentioned in the letter. He has to observe the area for some time until he finally finds that shack he is looking for. He walks there and when he gets to that shack, he sees a big guy with a big scar on his face looking back at him. That’s Mattoro, he then explains his request and the story behind that to Akuma. He also gives Akuma a shack filled with four explosives plus the details about where to place them. Understanding about what he has to do, Akuma walks to the mineshaft impersonating the miner of that mineshaft Akuma walks right in without problems, guess the security of this place is on a zero level. Akuma doesn’t want to waste his time with this request so he just quickly gets to the position and places those explosives in the sack. He then walks to the entrance of that mineshaft and when he’s close to the entrance, he presses the button that explodes all the explosives he placed and everyone starts running. Using that momentum, Akuma also runs and uses that chaos to get away from that mineshaft area, going back to the abandoned shack to meet Mattoro and take the reward. He then went back to his place and decided to take another chill day.



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