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Ore Smuggling - C Rank W/Obasi

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Ore Smuggling - C Rank W/Obasi   Empty Wed Jul 28, 2021 1:26 pm

Zexion awoke early that morning, Birds chirping in the background. He arose from his confines and walked over to the nearby window and stared at the City awakening from its slumber. He had quite a few things on his mind, One of which was meeting his new friend Obasi to meet with our other friend Mr.Godfrey Might. Godfrey was an interesting man, but Zexion accepted his quirks and shortcomings along with Obasi's. He knew they were men with hearts of gold.

Zexion began to quickly make some breakfast and decided on making some Egg Benedicts with some milk and toast on the side. Zexion again decided to make some for Obasi as he probably would make it right on time without eating beforehand as last time. He quickly made the dish and set it inside of a disposable box he bought from the near by store. Zexion then decided to get dressed and off he was. He began his journey by walking through the city, he had seen the same signs of peace as always. People were much happier now that the Heirs battle had ended and people could actually live positive lives. He smiled to himself and decided to keep walking forward. He saw the meet up spot and decided to check his mailbox. He quickly took out his key and removed his mail. "Oh!", Zexion said as he opened a letter from Godfrey. He quickly read what the message detailed and decided to sit down and await the arrival of Obasi.


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Obasi awoke with a yawn. Tired eyes straining to stay awake in defiance of sleep’s mandate to do otherwise. Nevertheless, wakefulness won out and Obasi dragged himself out of bed. It was far too early for him to be up, but he didn’t want to be late this time. Usually, it was the sun’s job to jab him awake, but he’d opted to do so himself this time.  Besides, he hated waking up to blinding sunlight every morning. Obasi decided If he was going to wake up in the morning it was going to be on his terms. Still struggling against sleep, he shuffled from his bed to his closet to change. It felt like a challenge just to keep from toppling over, but he accomplished the task of getting dressed. He’d wondered if Zexion faced these kinds of problems, or if he was just a naturally energetic guy. Whatever the case may have been Obasi went to prepare breakfast.

Part of the reason for him waking so early was excitement. He was thrilled at the power he’d gain from the dragon’s lacrima. He wanted to tell Zexion more about it but wasn’t sure how he’d bring it up. Clearly, Zexion knew more about using a slayer’s powers than he did. “Maybe I should ask him for pointers?” He thought aloud. Regardless he went back to preparing his breakfast. After a little hard work, he had a plate of eggs and some bacon before him. He would have made pancakes, but he’d always burnt them.  The meal was yummy nevertheless, and he’d finished them giant bites and gulps. Full and happy Obasi left to meet up with his friend Zexion. As usual, he was waiting to see what exciting escapades they’d be going on today.



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Zexion saw Obasi walking towards his general direction. "Hey!", Zexion waved as he held the letter from Godfrey. "Apparently Godfrey wants us too see him for a job. I do not mind though. Anyways let us head out". Zexion and Obasi made their way over to the back side of the Smithy. Zexion looked around and then knocked on the door of the make shift smithy. The door swung open and Godfrey walked out, He had a rather shameful look on his face. Zexion was puzzled and asked Godfrey, "Hey everything good?" Godfrey stared at Zexion and began to explain to him the confines of the vague letter he had left Zexion.

"Well you see....Theres this powerful Ore I want to get into my shop. But ye see, It is sort of illegal to have. Would you boys be able to smuggle it in for me? I'll pay both of you quite handsomely.", Godfrey explained with even more regret on his face. Zexion took a step back and looked at Obasi and then back at Godfrey. "Hmmm.... I'm actually interested, But why is this Ore Illegal? What's so special about it?", Zexion asked as he stared at the ground deep in thought. "You don't know? This is a Ore that I can use to create a powerful weapon that no one could ever have, But it is quite toxic that's why you should be careful holding and handling it, YET If I create this I will never have money issues again", Bellowed the Great Big Godfrey as he huffed and puffed his chest out. "I'd go and do it myself but I still have a shop to run 24/7", Godfrey said as he looked around at both boys.

"Allllllriiiighhtttt, I guess I'll do it. How about you Obasi? You down to help me smuggle this shit in?", Zexion said as he took the Map from Godfrey and began to make his way towards the location of where the Ore was.

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When he finally reached Zexion, they exchanged the usual pleasantries. They were both happy to see one another as usual. What made this day different was a letter that he held firmly in hand. Obasi wondered what exactly that letter was about. The last time Zex had a letter it led them on a crazy adventure to fight some bandits, so who knew what this one had in store for them. Before he could mull over the contents of what it might contain the water wizard told him. Apparently, it was from their old friend Godfrey. Admittedly, Obasi had some reservations about Godfrey. The guy seemed a bit shady to the octopus wizard, but he never cheated them. Obasi couldn’t really complain about the pay either, it was always quite handsome and the jobs always fun. Today had been no different as it seemed Godfrey wanted to see them about another.

Instead of meeting him inside like usual, Godfrey saw them behind his shop. The entire situation seemed odd, and his suspicions grew even more when Godfrey greeted them outside. Zexion returned his greetings with one of his own. After a quick look around Godfrey began to explain the letter to them. He apparently longed for a powerful ore that would greatly enhance the potency of his wares. He even ststaed that such an ore would make him a wealthy man. Hearing of this ore even made Obasi a bit jealous. If this ore was that powerful he and Zex could sell it for themselves. Godfrey was a friend though, and when Zexion asked if he were interested Obasi agreed. He didn’t care about the legalities surrounding the ore, only of the reward such a find would yield them. So when Zex asked if he’’d be up to it the little wizard couldn’t help, but agree. The only thing they had to do was go to some place and grab this ore.


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Zexion and Obasi were on their way to the outskirts of the town of Baska. Within a quick few moments, a man whispered to the young men. Zexion walked up to the Two smugglers and had a brief conversation. Zexion knew that these were the guys who had the Ore. "As long as I don't have to touch the Ore, we can get it done", Zexion said as he looked at the wagon that had the item in question. Of course the item was hidden inside a bunch of food, It looked like your everyday food wagon. Zexion then signaled Obasi to come over to him, "Here, Put this on and sit on the front of the carriage with the two men. You're just a orphan that we found and are paying to guard the food from bandits."

As time passed, the two wizards and the two smugglers were off. They approached the gate of the so called City of Dreams. Zexion then noticed at the gate were a bunch of Rune Knights.

"Of course", Zexion said as he hit his forehead. The group slowly approached the gate and without any hesitation the Rune knight came up and inspected the food. "Good day!", Said the Rune Knight as he scanned Zexion from top to bottom. "How are you? Where are you guys headed with the large abundance of food?" , He asked as he had his eyes locked onto Zexion.

"We're just working for the town square. We have a food delivery for a big feast at the Boar House Pub." , Zexion responded as he kept the guards busy with conversation. The Knight looked at both the party of men and sighed. "Of course! Does'nt seem like anything out of the ordinary in my books. I hope y'all have a pleasant day!", The guard said as he patted Zexion on the head. Zexion responded with a smile and thanked the Rune Knight for his hard work and his service to the Fiorian people. The Rune knight was happy that he had received such kind words and gladly let the wagon through.

Eventually they had entered the city and headed straight towards Godfreys Smithy. Upon reaching the smithy, Godfrey was there to great the young men for their job well done.

"THANK YOU!" , Cried Godfrey as he went and gave both Obasi and Zexion a big hug. Zexion responded with a gasp for air and Godfrey quickly stopped and let both of the men down. "Haha sorry It's a force of habit! Anyways here is your pay"

Zexion and Obasi were handed the rewards. Zexion had quickly turned to Obasi and smiled, "Another day and another dollar aye champ?", Zexion joked as he stretched his arms high. "Well I'll see you next time! get home safe!~"

Zexion was off as he left the site and walked back to his house.

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The journey to the outskirts was long, but uneventful. Despite how often Obasi traveled with Zexion he still couldn’t get used to all of the running around. In spite of how much he’d personally changed, Obasi still wasn’t in the best shape. Maybe it was all the sweets he devoured, or perhaps it was his own laziness. Regardless the trek to the outskirts was tiresome to say the least. Even the tentacles upon his brow writhed pathetically, deprived of energy. He wondered how long it would even take them to arrive at this rate. Thankfully, for him his question was answered when they’d been approached by one of the smugglers. Suspicious looking men appeared before them, prompting Zexion to walk over and speak with the gentlemen. While Obasi didn’t follow, he heard some of the details. He just didn’t want to insert himself in the dealings. The octopus wizard wasn’t opposed to illegality, but he knew nothing about the situation. In his mind, it was better to just go with the flow.  He was just here to help and reap the rewards. As far the Octopus Magician was concerned this was Zex’s plan.  When he signaled for Obasi events took a turn for the strange.

Zexion held out some outfit made for a kid and told him to put it on. “You know I am older than you, right?” He jokingly remarked before putting on the outfit. They were using a food wagon as a disguise to transport the illegal ore. Zex was going to pretend to be someone they’d hired, and Obasi was to play the part of an orphan they’d found. Begrudgingly, he had to admit it was a good idea even if he hated it. After putting on the disguise they’d went over the plan once more before they were off.

After for what felt like a few hours they’d finally reached the town gate. The gate was intimidating, but even more worrying were the rune knights watching over it. Obasi was worried, but he knew Zexion was a persuasive guy.  If not him than one of the smugglers could talk their way out of this predicament. When the Rune Knight approached the Water Wizard turned on his charm. He expertly, convinced the guards of their lie. In fact, they were so impressed one even gave him a pat on the head.  Afterwards they returned to a grateful Godfrey and went on to split the rewards.  After that they bid each other farewell and went their separate ways.

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