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From Baska to Orchidia [Travel]

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#1Miyamoto Akuma † 

From Baska to Orchidia [Travel] Empty Wed Jul 28, 2021 2:24 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
Today is a new day for Akuma, a new day to do a new trip. This time he will travel from Baska back to Orchidia. After completing the request from Mattoro to spy on three contractors and get details about all of them, Akuma decided to take a rest for the rest of that day and will take a trip back to orchidia. It's been a while since Akuma arrived in Baska, he has been taking quests and also he did experience the vibe and the culture of this town. Akuma also got a chance to meet new people, another dragon slayer who fought side by side with him, against another crazy dragon slayer that has been killed now. A crazy experience he got here and now he is ready to go back to Orchidia. As he walks to the station and buys a train ticket, he thinks of when he will get back here again to experience another adventure and another culture festival here in Baska. Like always, Akuma alway gets into the train earlier to get a room for himself, and as he gets into the room in the train, he looks outside the window, “I’ll see you soon Baska '' and the train starts moving to Orchidia.


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