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NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:11 am

Zexion had awoken that morning, birds chirping in the outskirts of town. Zexion got up and looked around his room, he noticed that it was the perfect time to get up and start his day. Quickly and surely as he has always done, he began to make his breakfast of toast, eggs, and bacon and began to eat it slowly. He was definitely not in a rush today as there was a tournament being held real soon. He checked the time and noticed that he had a ton of time to get ready. As soon as Zexion had gotten ready he quickly made his way to the outside of his house and began to walk the cheery streets of Baska. Everybody seemed to be living more carefree these days as the elderly smiled at Zexion , and some kids were even playing amongst themselves in the middle of the street. He had finally arrived at the sign up of the tournament. He quickly read the rules and joined the "Free for All" , Tournament where everybody would fight at once. Eventually, He was approached by a elderly man.

"Hey sunny boy, I see you're entering that tournament? Want to make a few extra bucks to kill the champion for me?"

The man asked as Zexion began to ponder as to why.

220/2000 WC

#2Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:38 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
It's a new day here in Baska, Akuma woke up to the sunlight going through the window and hit Akuma on his face. It’s still a little earlier than his usual time to wake up but today he decided to wake up instead of going back to sleep. Akuma decided to get up from his bed and open the window in that room. Akuma can feel the breeze wind from the outside and the warmth from the sunlight hitting him. When he looks out the window, he can see that the sky is bright blue covered with some clouds moving pretty fast. The people around there also are walking in the morning, maybe they were just starting their day but they look happy with that. Akuma then gets his head back in and starts doing his morning training routine, meditation and breathing technique. After that he sharpened his sword as he did every morning. Then he gets ready to go to the tournament, shower, check himself in the mirror and after he picks up his sword, he starts walking to the tournament area. As he arrived there, he started looking for the registration area to join in that tournament, but right before he registered himself, he overheard someone talking behind him.

"Hey sunny boy, I see you're entering that tournament? Want to make a few extra bucks to kill the champion for me?"

He turns around and finds out that the old man is talking to someone else.



NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 1:43 am

Zexion turned to Miyamoto that looked in their general direction as well as the old man himself. The old man and Zexion both looked over at Miyamoto and scanned him from up to down. Zexion had been in quite a few battles and he knew this man was strong. The old man began speaking to Miyamoto, "Hey boy do you want in on this battle? I'll pay you boys handsomely for the head of that fool. You see that Lightning Dragon Slayer whose the current champion had killed my son in the last tournament and I just have not been able to sleep a wink since I saw that. I would do anything to see that man die."

Zexion looked back at the Old man and he felt the grief and sadness in his voice. "Well a jobs a job!" , Zexion smiled as he looked at Miyamoto, "You want in on this? I think I'll need the help of someone as strong as you to defeat this guy. I am a water dragon slayer myself but lightning really is not a good match for me. Maybe with your help we can take down this lightning monster."

Zexion smiled and waited for a response from Miyamoto.

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#4Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 6:09 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
As Zexion invited him to join in and after hearing the sad story of how that old man can sleep since the last tournament where his son is killed by the current champion, he agree to join his force with Zexion. But Akuma agree with one condition, Akuma want more money if he really need to kill the current champion, and that old man agree with that.

“Well, money is money. As long as I get my payment I don’t see why not. Plus killing some jerk is always fun. Just make sure to give me my money when I’m done with the job including the bonus that you agreed.”

As Akuma agrees to team up with Zexion to take the job, and since he is already in front of the registration table, he then registers for both him and Zexion. So he walked even closer to the registration table, looking for the one person that in charge of the registration process.

“Hi I want to register for the tournament plese”

“And your name is?”


“And your friend right there?”

When Akuma turns his head around, he can see Zexion standing behind him.

“Yea right, what is your name?



NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:40 am

"I'm Zexion", He replied to the man with White hair as light as the sun. Zexion began stretching and wondered which one of the combatants was the warrior of thunder. He scanned around the area, but everybody seemed like they could have been the warrior. Zexion then began to glow a blue aura and pushed out large amounts of magic energy. Many of the combatants looked towards Zexion and Miyamoto with sweat going down their foreheads, But Zexion noticed a Man in a long fur coat and yellow hair, The man also had a scar on his chest as he had headphones on.

The man looked up with yet another scar across his face and smiled menacingly towards him and Miyamoto. "That's the guy", Zexion said as he nodded in the direction of the tall yet strong man.

The man they were going to battle seemed like he had been through quite a new near death experiences, But that did not bother Zexion in the least as Zexion also had been in his fair share of close calls.

"Everybody Ready Up!", Yelled a man in a checked shirt as he then asked, "All Combatants too the ring at once!"

Zexion smirked and patted Miyamoto on his shoulder. "Like I said, Lightning is not a good match for me, But I Know we can easily take this fool out", He said as he began walking towards the ring

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#6Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 6:14 pm

Miyamoto Akuma †
"This should not be a problem for us, let's see how he fights first before we really make a move towards him" Says Akuma to Zexion as they walk into the ring with all other contestants.

When they all arrive in that tournament ring, Akuma looks around looking at all of his potential enemies cause he might need to defeat all of them before defeating that tall and strong looking guy who is the current champion of this tournament. He can see a lot of different types of fighters and mages, they have a different outfit, a lot of different weapons, armor, and magic. This means that a lot of people from outside of Baska are here to join the tournament, and that makes Akuma more excited to be able to see different styles of fighting in one ring.

“THIS IS THE GREAT TOURNAMENT ARC IN BASKA, I’m here going to explain the rules of this tournament. Get ready… THERE’S NO RULE. You can do whatever you want, nothing is stopping you from using lethal attacks except yourself. So be ready and don’t die.”

As the Tournament event has started and the rules have been announced, every contestant in the ring seems to be preparing themselves because this fight can start anytime soon.



NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 6:37 pm

Instantly, The man who wore the coat dispersed into lightning and slammed thunder into the center of the ring. As the dust settled the man stood tall in the middle of the ring and stared at both Zexion and Miyamoto with killing intent. "Why don't we disperse of all the small fries before the real battle aye?" , Said the man as he turned into a lightning bolt and shot around the ring with speed as fast as lightning itself. The other combatants began to question where the man had gone, before lightning zapped at each one of the fighters that were in the ring aside from Zexion and Miyamoto. Crushing blows could be heard as each of the combatants fell on their knees, not knowing as to what had happened. One by one the bolt of lightning went around and took out each of the combatants. finally, all of the other combatants were on the ground motionless and dead from the onslaught. Instantly, the same lightning bolt came at Zexion, in more than a mere second Zexion reacted and created a bubble around his foot that propelled him to the right, in that mere second he saw the man gazing at him through the lightning.

The lightning shot up,then the bolt of thunder hit the center of the arena, almost crashing down creating a crater. The man stood tall with lightning radiating around his body. "Seems that this is going to be a battle between two baby dragons and the king of the dragons", scoffed the man as he readied himself for battle.

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#8Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 7:17 pm

Miyamoto Akuma †
As that man standing there provoking Zex and Akuma after killing all the other combatants, Akuma starts to do his breathing technique while taking out his sword from the covers. As that shows the intention to fight that guy, he starts rushing towards Akuma in his lightning shape while shouting “Let’s take you down first white hair!”

But Akuma is ready with his breathing technique as well, so Akuma starts to rush toward him at the speed of light, and they start fighting, sword clash against fist, blurred line can be seen moving around on the ground and even in the sky chased by the lighting form of that guy.

“You’re not that fast.'' In his calm state Akuma says it during the flash fight purposely to provoke that lightning dragon, and it works. That lightning guy is getting mad and starts to move faster in order to catch up with Akuma, but still that lightning form of him can’t move as fast as the speed of light.

“Is that all you got? I don’t know how someone as slow and as weak as you can be the champion of this tournament. I’ll be disappointed with your skill if this is the best you can do with that magic you have.”



NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 7:26 pm

Zexion watched the battle from the sidelines and clapped his hands together, Instantly a magic circle appeared in front of his face. With a loud yell, "Water Dragons STREAM", he shot out a stream of compressed water that his the man in the back, the man turned around and gave a menacing smile at Zexion. "Water aye?", Scoffed the lightning user as he changed course and aimed directly for Zexion. Zexion then clapped his hands and began to form a blue magic circle around his right hand, "Water Dragons Claw", he says as water begins to form a claw-like the shape of a dragon. Zexion then stomped his foot on the ground, It propelled him forward towards the lightning dragon slayer. Finally, they clashed in between the middle of the ring. Zexion had hit the man, but it did minimal damage. The man grabbed Zexion by the wrists and threw him into the air, he then dispersed into lightning and appeared above him.

Quickly the man-made a sledge hammer of lightning and smashed it at Zexion who had blocked the brunt of the damage by crossing his arms together. Zexion was propelled back into the center of the ring which creates a crater from the impact. Instantly, the lightning user drops down his feet directly at Zexion at lightning speed causing Zexion to spit out some saliva from the attack. The man stood tall on top of Zexion.

Suddenly A magic circle appeared infront of his face, "Water Dragons ROAR", he bellowed as he hits the lightning user in the center of the chest with compressed beam of water. The man is thrown a few Kilometers away, but quickly travels back with his lightning movements and looks over at Miyamoto.

"Thunder Dragons: SPEAR", the man yelled as he clapped his hands together and pulled em apart to create a spear of thunder. Suddenly he throws it at Miyamoto.

1240/2000 WC

#10Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:03 pm

Miyamoto Akuma †
But that Lightning Spear means nothing to Akuma in this distance and that spear speed, Akuma snaps his finger and causes a magic seal to appear beneath his feet causing Glowing light of Helios dragon to be seen around his feet. He then dash to the side for 5 meters away from his original location in just a third of a second, he dash in a light blink make it seems like he is teleporting.

“That means nothing to me.” As Akuma says that, he snaps his finger again and summons 2 meters magic seals on top of his head facing forward, and from that seal Akuma creates multiple shards of light, in the shape of a sword, and throws those sword shaped light shards toward that mad lightning dragon slayer.

And right after casting that spell Akuma moves forward right behind that spell of his with the same speed reaching that guy in no time, and surprises him with a slash from Akuma’s sword. And Akuma lunge back for and then take a deep breath from his mouth and summons a magic seal in front of his mouth releasing a tornado of light from his mouth towards that lightning dragon slayer

Wc: 1090/2000


NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:27 pm

The Warrior sees the attack and quickly assimilates himself into lightning and disperses. He then appears below in the center of the ring. Zexion had finally gotten up from the first assault and looked both Miyamoto and The Lightning Dragon. Anger welled within Zexion as he never had such a challenge to overcome. If not for Miyamoto this fight would have been way to one sided. Zexion had enough and clasped his hands into a ball and stomped the ground. A Blue magic circle appeared under the lightning user, "Water Dragons Reverse Waterfall", Zexion whispered as a reverse waterfall shot upwards. gashing the man with many pieces of the hardened water. The man quickly jumped up, Zexion took this time and clapped his hands once again. This time Zexion had nothing but anger and bad intentions on his mind. A magic circle appeared under Zexions feet, a bubble began to form, it popped and shot out a jet of compressed water that shot him upwards and over the man in no time. Zexion then took a page from the lightning dragon user and began to form a giant mallet of water. Instantaneously he yelled, "PAYBACKS A BITCH", And slammed the lightning user from above sending him flying into the center of the arena. BOOM, BOOM, CRASH

The audience had fallen silent as they watched the man crash into the ground three times from the pressure of the hit creating three craters. All of a sudden the crowd roared in excitement. Cheers and yells were shrieking throughout the arena, yet the battle was not over.

1506/2000 wc

#12Miyamoto Akuma † 

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Miyamoto Akuma †
Akuma was pretty surprised on how Zexion moved for the last few seconds, the move, the spell, the skill, he was amazed by this water dragon slayer that he met coincidentally. At that moment where everyone is cheering out of excitement, Akuma walks toward Zexion.

“We might be a great team if we team up in the future, or maybe simply team up for a job like now” says Akuma with a little laugh at the end.

But that cheering moment doesn’t stay forever, while the crowd are cheering for Akuma and Zexion, right in the middle of that ring arena that lightning dragon slayer starts to get back up, slowly and look painful, with his hands and finally he is on his feet standing. The cheering situation that was loud screamed out from the crowd around this area, now turned back into the silence. “I won’t let any of you win this tournament and take this champion title from me, I’ll never let you have it” says that lightning dragon slayer to Akuma and Zexion.

Seeing what happened in front of him, Akuma quickly gets back to the steady and ready to fight position preparing to fight that guy one more time.

“I am out of Idea on how to defeat this guy, you got any idea?”



NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 9:14 pm

The Man has had enough, Anger seethed inside of the very confines of his soul.The crowds going wild
people are screaming this motivates the lightning user. He jumps and lands 5 meters infront of Zexion and cracks a demonic laugh

"Dragon Force"

Lightning torrents through his whole being and lightning from all corners surround him creating a orb as he begins to float into the sky...THUNDER CRASHES DOWN. He begins to physically change as scales begin to form on his arms, ripping his jacket to sunders and His teeth begin to grow. he lefts out a loud roar that echos through the town the sound of a true dragon being awoken. Zexion shivered as he watched the man slowly change and power up. Zexion could feel that this was going to be quite a fight. incidentally, Zexion pushed Miyamoto away as the man turned into lightning and struck Zexion square in the chest with a fist filled with lightning. Zexion let out a gasp for hair as the man sent Zexion flying over to a nearby lake. Zexion hit the ground and was dragged across the ground. The man with his eyes and body filled with rage and lightning begins to look at Miyamoto and charges at him with his lightning form.

1700/2000 WC

#14Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 9:47 pm

Miyamoto Akuma †
This dragon force from that lightning dragon slayer let that guy move faster getting closer to Akuma’s speed, but still wasn’t enough. Akuma rushed toward the lightning while in a spiral move while slashing his sword, clashing with that lightning and pushing them both back. But those two dragon slayers quickly move again and like before, a lightning bolt form and a blurred line of light can be seen moving everywhere and clashing with each other. While running around Akuma snaps his finger and summons a two meters magic seal in front of him, and then he fires multiple rays of Light towards that raging lightning dragon slayer that is chasing him. He not the only one who lunch attacks, that lightning dragon slayer also launch some magic at Akuma, lightning bolt is avoided by Akuma, at this rate those two dragon slayers are moving faster than the normal spell speed, but Akuma’s spell speed is double the normal spell speed and that is the advantage for him since the lightning dragon slayer can’t avoid his attacks.

The lightning dragon slayer creates a claw out of thunder on both of his hands and uses that to launch a close range attack to Akuma, but his sword technique allows him to block those close range attacks. Akuma snaps his finger to summon two magic seals beneath his feet. Glowing light of Helios dragon can be seens shrouding his feet, allowing him to walk on walls and the surface of water as if on flat land, and with this he can move more freely make this chasing between those two become more variable.



NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 10:46 pm

Meanwhile at the shoreline of the nearby lake.

Thunderous sounds of combat and lightning can be heard in the distance. Zexion lay there on the sand of the shore unable to move. "Damn IT", Zexion said as he slammed his fist into the ground. Zexion tried to rise up from his laid-out position and sat up. He looked around and noticed a huge body of water right in front of him. This was possibly the best-case scenario for Zexion, Instantly he began to take a deep breath with his dragonic vocal cords and began sucking the lake's water, bit by bit. Eventually he had finally drank all the water in the lake and burped out some mist. Zexion was overflowing with magical energy. He was back at full power as he kipped himself up and stared off at the nearby battle. Zexion began running as fast as he could. Zexion noticed both man and Miyamoto battling it out. Almost like a chase of beams and lightning flickering from one end to the other. Zexion took this time to prepare for his assault. He jumped up with all his might, launching himself above, even higher and dropped himself down.

BOOM, Zexion came crashing down with the weight of gravity and his own weight and caught the lightning dragon slayer from behind while he was moving to stop him in his tracks. Zexion roared and jumped continuously on the back of the slayer and burst a bubble beneath his to get in front of the man. He kicked the man in the face as hard as he could and sent him flying. Zexion looked over at Miyamoto, and back at the man.

The man got up and began to inhale a huge amount of electrical energy, a yellow magic circle had appeared. "FUUUULLL POWEERRRRR ROOOOAR OF THE THUNDER DRAGON" ,He screamed as he charged up.

"Quick, come and help me. Two dragon roars will always overpower one.", Zexion said as he tilted his head back and a magic circle appeared in front of his own face.


2059/2000 WC

#16Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 11:43 pm

Miyamoto Akuma †
“Helios Dragon’s Roar” Akuma screams out while he takes a really deep breath and summons a magic seal in front of his mouth. When he and Zex blows that roar at that lightning dragon slayer who is also casting his dragon roar spell. Akuma’s roar and Zexion's roar combine into one roar in the shape of a tornado from a combination of water and light element combining their magic power to attack that lightning dragon slayer. All of their roars are clashing in one point in the middle, meaning this will be the fights of whoever has more power, luckily that Zex just gets back after recharging his power with the water from the lake. All three dragon slayers that fight here throw all of their maximum power they possess, and with all the magic they have left in them.

That pushings between the roars happened a few times now, the leading side always tried to push more but kept getting pushed back by the other one. This really takes all the magic they can, so Akuma forces himself to push that lightning dragon slayer back with all he got. That last push from Akuma, finally push that lightning dragon slayer for real and knock him back.



NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Mon Jul 26, 2021 11:59 pm

Zexion seeing that the man was knocked back took this time to create a sword from water itself. Quickly but swiftly Zexion jumped on the man and stabbed him through the heart. The man howled in pain as he drops down and hits the ground. The man was bleeding out, blood was seeping from his would. Zexion also landed and got up and walked up to the man. With no remorse, Zexion looked into the crowd too see the old man who had asked us to do this crying with tears of happiness. Zexion nodded at the man and swung the sword, hitting the man clean in the neck and lopping his head off. Zexion collapsed to one knee as the sword disappated from his hand into mist.

The Man had just died, his body fell back and was lifeless. Zexion had also collapsed in front of the corpse just a meter away. Nothing could be heard, Silence throughout the destroyed arena. Suddenly the crowd ROARS too the winner still standing in the ring. "ANDDD THE WINNER! THE SURVIVOR IS MR MIYAMOTO" , The announcer screams as people cheer on. Zexion had finally gotten to his feet and he and Miyamoto were approached by the old man. He thanked both of us deeply and handed us payment for the job itself. Zexion stood up and turned to Miyamoto and put his hand on his shoulder. "Thanks for the help brother, I'm Zexion Daygo the Water Dragon Slayer. It was a pleasure fighting along side you. Call upon me for help if you ever need it." , Zexion smiled and began to leave the arena with his head held high.


2315/2000 WC

Mission completed and death to all fighters give us 60% extra jewels

#18Miyamoto Akuma † 

NQ - BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [A Rank W/Miyamoto] Empty Tue Jul 27, 2021 12:32 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
As the fight of this tournament is now finished, Akuma as the last man standing becomes the winner by default. He then takes the reward from that tournament as the winner of that tournament, while the people around that area start cheering and shouting his name as the winner. Remembering that guy from earlier, Zexion Daygo, another dragon slayer, a water dragon slayer to be precise, an interesting guy in general might be a little bit broken on the head, but that is the reason why they can fit so well. Well another new experience for Akuma for the first time fighting side by side with a dragon slayer, against another strong dragon slayer. Guess the world still has a lot more secrets to unfold in his life, what’s next? He started thinking to himself. “A new dragon slayer guy, fight in a team with me against another dragon slayer. What a weird day, what next? Meeting another dragon slayer? Learning magic? Or maybe a guild full of dragon slayers? I don’t know, life is weird anyway.” As Akuma thinks about that, he walks back to where he is staying in Baska. When he arrives, he finally notices how tired he is, so he cleans himself and decides to call it a day and take the rest he needs.



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