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Zexion had awoken once again in the great city of Baska, He checked and scanned around the room he was staying in. He was puzzled, today was a different kind of day. Zexion got up and decided to make some breakfast, Zexion fried up his pan and then decided to make some pancakes. He and Obasi were later on going to go back to the Blacksmith to go weapon shopping. Zexion had recently began to hang out with Obasi more and more as they kept taking quests together. Just the other day they both went to Oak City and decided to help the priest there with their Phantom and ghost problems. Zexion and Obasi had finished the quest with no problems at all. Zexion finished making some pancakes and decided to make some for his friend Obasi as well. "Ahhh Might as well", Zexion scoffed as he made the pancakes and perfectly and fluffy as possible.

Zexion quickly packed the pancakes and he was on his way out the door into the streets of Baska. Upon walking on the streets, Zexion continued to walk over to the original meeting spot they had always met at. Zexion got to the spot and began to relax a bit.

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Baska city once again greeted Obasi with stinging sunlight. “Crap.” He shouted, waking with frustration at the blinding beams before him. While he loved the view, he could do without being attacked by rogue sunrays every morning. He knew Zexion liked to wake up early, but he didn’t need anyone to wake him up. “Oh well, no use complaining about it.” Finished with being angry at the sky Obasi sat up and got out of bed. Not wanting to be late he prepared his morning ritual of taking a quick shower and then sitting down to breakfast. The water he dumped on himself was a little cold, but survivable. He just wanted to get the stink of old cellar and sweat off him before meeting up with his friend.

He stopped what he was doing at the idea that Zexion was his friend. For someone who had been alone most of their life the idea that he had a “friend” was an unusual feeling. Perhaps it was the cynic in him, but he didn’t know exactly how to feel about it.  Perhaps it was his strange upbring, but the idea of friendship seemed unfamiliar to him. Regardless, he decided to think about it later because he had to meet up with Zexion. “I didn’t eat breakfast, but it can.” He said before dashing off.



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Zexion was awaiting the arrival of his friend Obasi, He quickly scanned the area until he saw the young figure. He was definitely not hard to miss, "Yo, Here I got you something", Zexion said as he held out a bag. "I made some pancakes for myself so I made some for you too.Anyways once you are done eating we can head over to the Blacksmiths Shop and go weapon shopping." , Zexion said as he arose from his seat and did a quick stretch. They both began to walk towards the shop of Godfrey the Smithy. Of course they had built a good relationship with the man with the help they had given him in the past. "I actually really like Godfrey, He seems like a stand up guy", Zexion smiled as they reached the entrance of the Smithy. Zexion opened the door of the smiths workshop and walked right in. They were once again greeted with a familiar face, It was Godfrey working hard as always on another weapon he would eventually put on sale. He pounded away at the Ore, Making it into a shape of the sword. Sweat drenched down the behemoths forehead as he looked up with a quick grin. He definitely recognized both the young men and quickly put down both his hammer and the makeshift sword.

"HO HO HO, Now look who it is aye?", Godfrey Bellowed as he began to laugh, "My boys you are the two I wanted to see and what er the odds you both show up in my shop the very next day." He had bellowed saying that they should go check their mailbox. Zexion nodded at the man and walked back out of the shop and towards the mail lock boxes that were located near the center of the town. Zexion opened his mailbox and saw a letter in it. Zexion opened the letter and began reading it, The letter entailed a bunch of information. It seems a bunch of Bandits had stolen a scroll that possessed a way to forge a powerful sword, But the bandits were not your average bandits.

"Well it seems like we should head to this location" , Zexion said as he handed the letter to Obasi as well. They both seemed like they were ready for this kind of a mission. Of course the letter entailed that they would be paid and the pay seemed good for the work needed to be done.

Zexion and Obasi were on the way towards the location, as they walked through many caverns and walk ways they had finally reached the location of the site. The location they reached showed many tents in the area. "This is the place", Zexion told Obasi as he scanned the area. There were many bandits in the camp site, But Zexion could not see where the leader of the bunch was located.

"HEY!" , Yelled a shouting voice from behind. Zexion turned around to be met with ten bandits all holding axes and sword. "Kids ain't allowed here ya hear!", The bandit said in anger as they all took a stance for battle.

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On his way to meet Zexion Obasi contemplated many things. Mainly where his life was headed and how to improve it. He’d already increased his power. His magic has transcended and, with enough time could become something truly fearsome. Zexion would see this new aspect of himself soon enough, but that wasn’t the end. Obasi would have more. He already planned out how to further improve he just needed the funds for it. Hopefully, all of these jobs he was undertaking would pay off. The constant running back and forth was draining, but it served a purpose. It was all in service to becoming the terrifying and commanding presence he wanted to be. He was tired of being regarded as a child or someone to be ignored. Until then he’d settle for things as they were currently. One day people would see him as someone more, but that could wait for later. As he headed out to meet Zexion he got turned around a few times. He might have been changing as a person, but he still sucked at directions. He always kept ending up at his own apartment much to his annoyance. It wasn’t until he asked old woman for directions that he got to where he needed to go.

When Obasi finally succeeded in reaching their meeting spot, he was greeted by Zexion. Zex wasn’t a hard guy to spot what with the blue hair and black coat he always wore. It also helped that Obasi was greeted with a “Yo” from his blue-haired companion. “Yo, Zex” he said in return, stubby tentacles imitating a wave. It seems he arrived just in time as Zex hadn’t appeared to be waiting long so he hoped. Zex even had a surprise for him in the form of another lunch. He had neglected to eat breakfast himself, so he was famished. With great haste one of the tenacles stapled to his brow grabbed the bag before Obasi dug in. Pancakes were his favorite so he quite a happy little octopus man. After scarfing down the last bite of his meal Zexion informed him of what they’d be doing today. He was a wizard, so weapons held no appeal to him. If he couldn’t kill it with magic, he certainly wasn’t going to with metal. Muscular he was not. He was built for dodging and running not so much for slicing enemies in twain with large metal sticks. Oh well, the trip was more for Zex’s benefit than his anyway.

On their way to the smithy Zex remarked about how much liked Godfrey. Obasi couldn’t disagree. The guy was likeable if a bit sadistic when angered. Then again that guy did steal Godfrey’s wares so he could understand protecting one’s property. Enacting a little bit of street justice every now and again didn’t hurt anyone…much. Regardless, it was none of his concern how the big palooka wanted to run his shop. Obasi was surprised when they entered the shop. Godfrey was overjoyed to see them and had kept them in his thoughts. “And I thought I was the only one here who was into other men.” He jokingly muttered to himself. Apparently, he had something else for both of them in their mail lockers. As usual Obasi tagged along with Zexion who was already on it. That guy was so fast and full of energy. Where does he get it all? Obasi wondered to himself. As Zexion read the letter it became apparent that this was too valuable for them to ignore. For one thing, he got to experiment with his new magic on bandits. Not to mention, the money they’d make from this little endeavor. When Zexion stated they should head for the location on the map Obasi agreed.

Tents of all shapes and sizes greeted them when they arrived. Obasi never would have guessed they’d find a place such as this behind the cavers they traves through. Obasi had to admit he was taken back at how quickly they’d tracked down the bandit’s location. Obasi commented that it looked like a little bandit shanty town. What with all of the tents lined up and the bandits just lounging about. Among all of the ruffians the bandits leader seemed absent. Despite their combined might Obasi still wanted to concoct a plan of attack. Well, he would have if Zex hadn’t yelled, alerting the attention every bandit in the area. Almost immediately they were surrounded by ten thugs with swords. “This is gonna be fun, eh Zex?” He questioned, standing his ground before the battle ready bandits.



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Zexion readied himself, He quickly and swiftly bolted towards the men waving their spears and arrays of swords. Two of the men swung at Zexion, He grabbed both the blades and stopped them in their tracks. he smiled at both of the men, as sweat dripped down their foreheads. The other warriors could not believe what they were witnessing, they were obviously not used to fighting mages. Quickly and surely the air around Zexion quickly changed. A Blue aura began to surround him as he was gathering his energy and inhaled. "Water Dragon: Stream", Zexion whispered as he shot out a beam of Highly condensed water that slashed both the men in front of him. The men took a few steps back, "ho-ho-how...", They both said as they dropped to the floor. Zexion jumped up and slammed his foot down the back of their heads creating a crater. The other men quickly took a step back. "You think the people you killed had a choice to live? Death is like karma, It's a cycle that will keep coming back"

Quickly Zexions fight fist began to glow. A blue magic circle had appeared right in front of his hand. "Water Dragons: CLAW", He bellowed as a makeshift water dragons claw surrounded his fist. It was made of compressed water, He quickly stomped the ground and a magic circle had appeared under his feet. A bubble began forming under his foot as it burst, Propelling him forward. The Two Spear users were right in Zexions sight. He swung at the same time as both of the other men. A loud crack could be heard as he slammed the claw of water through both of the men's chests, instantly killing them. He cold-heartedly pulled out his fist from the gaping hole he just made through their chest. There were only six of the men left.

"Hey Obasi, I'll take out two more,0 You can have the other four", he said as he turned to the two men who dropped their swords and ran. Zexion began to lean his head back as a Magic circle had appeared in front of his face. "WATER DRAGONS ROOOOAR", He screamed as he roared in front of the magic circle. A Torrent of highly compressed water began chasing the two deserters, before he knew it all there could be heard was an explosion. The dust had begun to settle as Zexion saw the lifeless bodies of the two men who had just run for their lives.

"I'll meet you at the camp", He said with a glow in his eyes as he jumped down the cliff and landed in the middle of the camp.

"WHO'S THERE?!", Said a voice as a giant man with a beard came out. Zexions expression changed, He began to size up the man from up and down. Zexion knew that this fight would need the help of Obasi so he took a step back and waited for his friend's arrival. "We need the scroll", Said Zexion as he looked at the man. "NO! this scroll is dangerous, It must never be looked at! ITS AN EVIL MAGIC WEAPON!", The man Shrieked as he prepared for battle by pulling out a giant buster sword.

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Events unfurled just as Obasi assumed they would. The bandits Thinking themselves in a position of power the bandits threatened with spears and swords. There were ten thieves, leaving enough targets for them both. Obasi figured Zexion would charge in headfirst. He was a brash kid that often let his fists do the talking for him. They were both quite powerful, so the bandits hadn’t realized just how unfortunate their position was. The realities of the situation didn’t matter because they wouldn’t be alive long enough anyway. Obasi’s estimation of the shortness of their lives proved correct as Zexion leapt into action. Unrelenting in his fury, he battered the bandits with pressurized water. Magic circles appeared like harbingers of doom for the unprepared thugs as they were quickly cut down.  In his vigor Zexion delivered an ominous message of karma and how misdeeds such as murder always came back to you. He supposed it had some founding in reality as the bandits were mercilessly massacred by the water wizard. It happened all so quickly as well, with the enemy only able to flee. Even those who fled were quickly killed by a blast of compressed liquid that left their bodies as motionless husks.

After killing his share of the bandits, Zexion dashed off towards the camp. Obasi hoped he didn’t kill the boss because that’d be less fun for him. In the meantime, he’d settle for the four unaware stragglers confused as to what they should do. One of them threatened Obasi to tell Zexion to stop, but Obasi just shrugged. “You shouldn’t worry about that anyway.” Obasi said matter of fact. His words were not a threat nor where they delivered in some foreboding tone. It was just a simple word of advice.

One of the bandits foolishly threatened Obasi stating what are you going to do?  To, which the octopus wizard replied with a magic circle of his own. The circle materialized into reality in jerky movements, as if unaccustomed to its own existence. Two of the bandits in front of Obasi were startled, and began moving backwards slowly, weapons still trained on the octopus wizard. “Evil's Messengers,” He said before an inky blackness billowed out from the circle’s center. Incoherent chattering escaped the darkened mass before dozens of insectoid creatures fluttered outward. Twinkling dust fell from them as their wings carried them forth. Unsure how best to combat this new threat they stabbed at the horde, their spears passing harmlessly through. Before they could do much else to defend themselves or even run, the fluttering horrors converged on them. Upon contact with the men’s skin, they crawled into whatever open orifice they could find, exploding into an acidic darkness that ate the men from within. Pained shrieks escaped half torn throats as putrid liquid escaped their ravaged bodies.

Determined to live the other two bandits ran off from the encampment. Of course, like with Zexion Obasi wouldn’t allow them to escape. Normally, he wouldn’t have cared, but they’d made the mistake of threatening him. Another circle appeared from the ether, and with it came blackish goo that escaped in waves. Unable to outrun the fluid they were quickly consumed by it. Just as quickly as it had been invoked it returned nothingness leaving one of the men covered in similar insects as earlier. Subsequently, the man died in an equally gruesome fashion to his friends. “Dragon’s grasp” Obasi uttered with, but a whisper summoning a dragon hand, but with tentacles instead of claws around his palm. Each of the tendrils writhed before they all grew mouths and hungrily ate the man. After disposing of the final enemy Obasi joined his companion at the bottom of the cliff. “Whoa…he’s big” Obasi uttered his own dragon’s claw still visibly active.   “Is that the guy?” He asked Zexion before getting ready.


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"Yes thats the man", Zexion said as he got ready to battle the man. He quickly jumped up and Swing an Axe kick down towards the warrior. "Water Dragons Mermaids Heel" , Zexion spoke aloud as water formed a spike under his heel. He came crashing down on the man as he man pulled his buster sword up and blocked the kick. He then swung the sword in which Zexion had dodged just with a hair. He kicked off the sword and landed right back at the right side of Obasi. "Aye Obasi? Do you have any technique you can combine together with my roar?" , he asked as he stood with both legs pivoted.

"Use any technique you have and shoot it at the same time as me, A Unison raid can win this battle in no times."

Zexion stood on the right side of Obasi and looked at him with a wink, Meanwhile the warrior with the giant sword looked at both young men and charged at them with the Sword pointed towards Zexion.

Zexion then leaned his head back and began inhaling large amounts of air, suddenly a S rank styled Blue Magic circle appeared before his face.

"NOW", Zexion said , "WATER DRAGONS ROAR", He screamed as he launched an even bigger beam of compressed water towards the foe.

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When Obasi arrived, the big man had been swinging his sword around. He was ready to cut off the head of anyone who came near him. From what he could see was a pretty desperate battle between the two warriors. He wasn’t the strongest combatant, but he was able to contribute with magic. He knew that they’d both need some help. Things seemed dire, but he was optimistic. Eventually noticing his arrival Zexion rolled over to Obasi asking him for assistance. Even with Zex’s powers he had a hard time besting the bandit lord. With no further options, he must have thought combining their powers was the only viable option.

He explained how combination attacks would work. Obasi assured Zexion that he knew what to do. He told Zexion that he understood and didn't need things explained to him so often. He also returned Zexion’s wink with a nod. The elephantine warrior looked at them both with rage in his eyes. His stance that of someone ready to charge and he prepared to slaughter the wizards. Unfortunately for him they were more than prepared to end this fight. Obasi stepped forward, summoning a circle before him. “Dark dragon’s Roar!” shouted the octopus wizard as a mass of darkness flooded the area, joining with the gigantic beam of water. The sheer volume of magical energy was so intense it consumed the giant. All that was left of him was a half-destroyed corpse.



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"Damn was that Dragon Slaying magic???" , Zexion asked as the mans bottom half of his corpse fell on one knee and dropped to the floor. "Ehh Questions for later", He said as he rushed into the tent and grabbed the scroll from a chest. "Here it is", Zexion gleemed as he held the dark aura'd Scroll. Zexion then noticed a scroll, he began to read it intently. "It seems like the man we killed was a former Rune Knight who was holding this scroll here so no body would abuse its power... Welp time to head back!", He said as they continued to walk towards the smithy.

"So... were you always able to do that or?", Zexion questioned as they made their way into the city. Zexion and Obasi entered the make shift smithy. "Ho Ho Ho, Seems like ya lads were successful? How did you get it?", Godfrey questioned Zexion and Obasi as he stopped slamming his hammer in his next creation.

Zexion smiled at Godfrey and stated, "They probably won't be bothering anyone anymore." Zexion then winked at Godfrey and handed the giant of a man the scroll. Godfrey went and pulled out payment and handed it to each of the young men that were in the store.

"Hey Obasi, Take care and let us do another mission sometime!", He said as he decided to head back home.

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Obasi stared at the lifeless husks for only a minute before Zexion interrupted his thoughts. He asked if it was dragon slaying magic, which he responded with only a nod. He was tired and would answer Zexion’s question in full after he got some food and drink. Zexion then retrieved the scroll from the bandits’ camp. Apparently, he was a noble soul trying to protect the world. Oh well, too bad for him that they weren’t as concerned with protecting others as they were about getting paid. Before they left Obasi spared one last glance to the gory scene. The power of union raid was impressive, and he’d need to look more into it for the future. They’d even taken out a giant like the bandit lord. These were thoughts for another time, and he had a bounty to collect.

“I couldn’t always do it until recently, but you inspired me to want this power. So, thanks for that.” He said before getting ready to depart. It was another ending to a thrilling adventure with his friend Zexion. He hoped they could talk again, but until then he’d be pursuing his own agenda. He gave a polite wave to the blue haired wizard telling him he would have more surprises in store for him soon.


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