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Zexion had fully awoken from his slumber , he had fallen asleep earlier that day in hopes that he could get a mission during the evening. Zexion was always the type that would be up early to get work done. He left his house, with high hopes. He checked the job postings and found a Job that said "Heist" , Zexion accepted the mission and went looking for the client. He had made it to a random alleyway which was located near the edge of the town. Neal had appeared, the man was wearing a mask and stared Zexion down. He explained why he needed Zexions services. "Well you see, I actually need you to steal me some sort of disguise.", He began saying. "You are to then go into several of the local merchant stalls and steal some items for me to use as a disguise." Zexion was puzzled, he had never had a job like this before but he accepted non the less. He handed Zexion a piece of parchment and asked Zexion too bring these same items back for him.

Zexion was off on his search for some clothes. He searched several various kinds of clothing stores and he did find the items in all different stores. Zexion had walked back and forth from all the stalls and decided the best course of action was to steal from them in numerical order. Zexion went to the first stall and saw the two items. He quickly snatched the items - "a mask and a hat." and quickly made his way out of the store without any detection. Zexion was on his way to the second stall, He quickly scanned the area and snatched the cloak and a bag as well. Zexion walked out the stall and stuffed both stolen items in it.


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Zexion quickly went to the third stall and snatched the black track suit he had seen earlier. Quickly putting it in the bag of other stolen goods. Zexion then made his way into the crowd of people as he tried not to make any suspicion onto him. He saw the last item, Shoes, He then quickly ran in and grabbed the shoes and walked out. He stuffed those into the bag as well and he was on his way to meet up with Neal himself.Suddenly a Rune Knight approached Zexion, he quickly questioned him about a person similar in your description in the area stealing from the stalls. Zexion gave him a puzzled looked and denied it, Suddenly Zexion began running at top speed. The Rune Knight was right behind him, gunning at him at a slower pace. Zexion ran and ran through the Bazaar until he could no longer see the Rune knight anymore. Quickly he made his way to the meeting spot. Neal was waiting there, "Hoe Hoe Hoe, I saw the whole thing. Good job kid", Said Neal as he handed him the envelope full of the reward he owed. Zexion smiled and made his way back to the town.

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