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Zexion had awoken early that morning, he began to do his usual daily regimine. He began to make breakfast and decided cut his eating short by making some full on protein pancakes. Zexion had not eaten pancakes since the death of his family who were burnt to asunder in the confines of their beautiful home. Zexion stood up and decided to clean up, He was off on his next journey. Zexion was walking down the streets of the quite cloudy day today. He saw that many people were out going about their business as usual. Zexion smirked as he Saw Elderly people enjoying whatever of their life was left along with a ton of kids who were playfully walking through the streets checking out what was going on in the nearby shops. Zexion quickly noticed a familiar area, it was the Blacksmiths shop. Zexion and his friend Obasi had recently helped the man capture a thief earlier in the week. Zexion scoffed as he began to push the doors to enter Godfreys domain, his sanctuary.

"HEY", Said Godfrey as he quickly recognized Zexion. Zexion was not someone you would look at and not remember. He did have very different kind of physical features.


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Zexion responded to Godfrey with a simple smile and a typical response, "Heya Godfrey Sir", Said Zexion as he closed the door behind him. "Boy, I need your help once again.", Zexion was puzzled by what Godfrey meant , But decided to give him an ear. "Yeee See, Theres this magical gem I really wish to buy, But I do not trust the seller to give me a good deal ya hear?", Godfrey said as he pounded away at a sword with his hammer. "I'll pay ya , But I need you to be as intimidating as possible, Help me get the best deal I possibly can, Ya think you can help me out?". Zexion thought for a moment, It seemed like a easy job, But Zexion was not really the most intimidating man in the world. Of course Payment for his services was definitely enticing words that Zexion that definitely was a factor in his decision to help the make shift Blacksmith. "Of course I'll help ya sir.", Zexion said with a big smile and a sudden thumbs up. "The more money I make, the less problems."

"Ho Ho, That is what I like to hear my lad." , Godfrey laughed.

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"Well the man will be here later tonight, So come back with any preparations ya need. Is there anything I can do to help you with the intimidating factor of this job?", Godfrey asked as he finished the final hammer strikes into his newest creation. Zexion thought about it for a quick moment, "A Giant Sword would definitely help. I of course don't use swords, But it would definitely give me a meaner demeanor. A man my size with a sword that big would definitely scare the other man." , Zexion pondered as he waited for Godfreys answer. "Ho Ho? That is it boy? Of course I'll lend you one of my finest creations", He said as he pulled out a giant sword from the back area. "Will this do?", Asked the smiling Blacksmith. "Perfect, I'll equip it moments before the seller is here for the deal." Godfrey smiled and nodded as he began to work on his next sword. Godfrey, aside from his demeanor and mannerisms, Seemed like a honest and fair man. Of course payment was the main thing that helped Zexion take on this quest. Zexion went and sat on a near by bench around the area of the smithy.



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The sun had set, finally it was time for the deal to be made. Zexion entered the blacksmith and equipped his sword. The moment Zexion had put the sword on, A knock was heard. Instantly, A strong looking gentleman, had entered the confines of the Smithy. He was strong, But he did not seem to be stronger than the one and only Water Slayer of the land. Zexion stood behind the table, with his arms crossed. "Good day!, You have the gemstone right?", Said Godfrey as he sat down. The seller nodded his head and sat across from the Godfrey. The negotiations began, Godfrey had offered him a more than fair deal, But the man declined and doubled his offer. Zexion shook his head, An hour had passed but no deal had been made. Zexion tapped on Godfrey's shoulder, "This guy is swindling you hard", Zexion said as Godfrey nodded and looked back at the man. "DO you think this is a joke?", Godfrey said in anger, He knew the price of the stone, But was being bullshitted around by this man. "A Blacksmith of your caliber could never know the true price of a ston-", The man said in a cocky tone, but was interrupted as Godfrey swung at the man. The man had blocked the punch and pushed Godfrey back, into the arms of Zexion. This angered Zexion as he dropped his sword and got into his stance. "Looks like y'all are getting a bit cocky", The Seller Bellowed as he stood up.

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The fight began, This man was no mage. Zexion stood as he watched the man and Godfrey fight it out. Zexion had enough, He jumped in between both men, "Stop... Before I kill you both", Zexion said in an annoyed voice. Shivers went down Godfreys spine as he backed up, The other man however did not back down. Zexion had enough, "Water Dragons CLAW" , A Blue Magic circle had appeared in front of Zexions hand and encased his hand with Water the shape of a claw. Zexion swung and hit the man full force in the chest. The man was physically strong but he could not take a hit. The man got up in panic and began renegotiating, he was hurt, along with his pride as well. The man then knew his life was in jeopardy and began accepting the first deal that Godfrey had made, Godfrey declined the deal and lowered it by another half. The man was angered, but what could he do. He closed his eyes, sighed and the deal was done. The man took the money, and handed Godfrey the money.

Once the man left, Godfrey looked at Zexion with sweat on his forehead. "Thanks fer ya help mate, Here's the payment." Zexion smiled and gladly accepted it. Zexion had left the store, Mission was accomplished.

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