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NQ BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [B Rank W/ Obasi] Empty Mon Jul 19, 2021 9:15 pm

Zexion had awoken earlier that morning, Obasi and Zexion seemed to have been taking more and more quests together as the times passed. Zexion knew that a relationship with a member of his guild would set him up with success, He never truly had any real friends through his entire upbringing. Since his parents were burned to death before his eyes he was never the same. Zexion shook these thoughts off, and began to make some breakfast, "I wonder if I should make some food for Obasi?", Zexion thought as he was cooking. Zexion decided to make him a grilled ham sandwich with the slices cut off, filled with Veggies and a bottle of water. Every good morning should start with some food. Zexion, had his breakfast and then began to clean around the house. Since he was a kid he always liked to stay clean.

Upon finishing his daily regimine, Zexion went to get dressed and he made sure not to forget. Zexion decided to go out and meet Obasi near the same meeting spot as always. In the center of the town square, Cain had told him yesterday that a man was interested in hiring both Obasi and Me after his recommendation. Zexion shrugged it off and sat down in the same bench as yesterday. He looked around for the client and was met with a Younger looking man, The man did not have a shirt on or any pants. Zexion was puzzled as he looked at the strange young man. The man responded to Zexion with a quick question, "Are you the one that Cain recommended? I heard there were two of you? Anyways It doesn't matter I want you to defeat my brother. Riku is his name and he uses the Ice Make Magic just like me. Recently he's been changing because of the victories he's had through this tournament. PLEASE! DEFEAT HIM! I want my old brother back!" , The boy said as he bowed towards Zexion. Zexion was stunned with the sudden questions and not waiting for his response to his first question and laughed it off.

"Sure thing, I heard the rewards were extra juicy too, But I want to see the money first before we begin"


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NQ BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [B Rank W/ Obasi] Empty Tue Jul 20, 2021 3:33 pm

Reality bled into view for a newly woken Obasi. Eyes filled with sunlight, he yawned sleepily as he found himself awake again. The little apartment he’d been staying in was suitable for a guy like him. It was clean and comfortable, overlooking a cliff with a view of the horizon. All in all, it was an ideal location and cheap too. Originally, he had no plans to stay in baska city. He was just passing through and happened to run into another guild member. Zexion was a bit of a hotshot, but he worked hard enough to where he’d earned it. He was also a nice guy and quite stylish too. Lately he had been dragging the octo-kid around, which Obasi didn’t mind. The octo-lad got to make money and have some fun adventures. Their latest escapades with the necromancer’s zombies even aspired him to achieve more with his magic.  He’d always sett;ed for less, never wanting to make too much of a ruckus. It was comfortable being unnoticed, but he wasn’t happy with it. Before he’d only supported other people, but he’d never taken glory for himself. As Obasi cooked breakfast, he pondered over these thoughts and more.

After he finished preparing breakfast, Obasi settled down to eat. A plate of eggs, bacon, and toast lay before him. As he ate, the youth thought about Zexion’s offer for them to meet again. Initially, Obasi wasn’t sure if he could keep up with such an active schedule, but he agreed. The youth knew it would just take some getting used to. He was also a lazy guy, so putting forth a lot of effort wore him out.  He also wasn’t nearly as in shape as Zex either, so running so much often tired him out. Oh well, I guess I will just have to change some things. He thought, taking a final bite of his toast.

After a delicious breakfast, Obasi was out the door. He knew he didn’t have much time left so he hurriedly walked to his meeting with Zexion. Luckily, for Oba it wasn’t too far from where he lived. When he finally made it Zex was already talking to someone. A new job perhaps?  “Yo, Zex” Obasi called, as he was walking up to meet with Zexion and a potential client.



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The client was startled by the sudden response from an even younger looking man. Zexion smiled and waved at Obasi, "Hey Obasi! What's good?" , Zexion smirked as he turned back to the client. The client quickly looked through his pockets and showed two envelopes to both Obasi and Zexion. "This is the money I will hand to you if you can defeat my brother. Since he became champion the fames been going to his head.... He's even been killing his opponents now to... I don't know what came over him but you both seem strong, But I'll only give you the money if you actually defeat him. He is strong yenno!" , The young man said as he looked back and forth to Zexion and Obasi. Zexion laughed, as he quickly stood up. "If it's a battle your brother wants, then its a battle he'll get. Just remember, if he tries to kill us I will try to kill him back." , Zexion said, "So regardless of the outcome I will demand compensation for his defeat." The boy had a shiver down his spine as he nodded. Zexion turned to Obasi and filled him in with everything. "Ice Wizards aren't really my strong spots but I know it'll be fine. You'll compete too, apparently anyone including their grandmothers can enter." Zexion laughed as they made their way over towards the site where the tournament was held. Upon arriving , Zexion went to sign up for the "Intermediate Level Tournament." , "Hey you sign up too, If things don't go that well I'll jump in and save you and I hope its the same for me too." , Zexion grinned as he handed his application in.

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“Yo” Obasi said with a small wave, returning his guildmates greeting. When he’d arrived Zexion was talking to a shirtless kid. Was this someone there to give them a job? When the sprout’s attention was drawn to Obasi, he rummaged through his pockets before producing two envelopes. He was then told that they were to be paid. It seemed Zexion’s meeting with the kid was a boon to them after all. Desperate for his brother to find redemption, the boy asked Zexion and Obasi if they could defeat his brother. Initially, Obasi was suspicious if he even had the money. He was a kid after all, and few kids could even afford services likes theirs. Eventually he relented from his suspicions after mulling it over in his head for a few minutes. After all, they could make the brat work off his debt if he failed to pay them. Regardless he’d only just arrived so he let Zex do all of the talking. Obasi was content to just stand and wait by the sidelines. He was certain Zexion would give him more details shortly anyway.

Obasi chuckled along with Zexion when the idea of killing came up. Neither of them was opposed to murder, but Obasi felt pity for the brat. So, when the time came he’d ensure the brat’s brother lived. These thoughts were unusual for Obasi, but he rarely went against them. There was usually a good reason for them to appear, or perhaps he was superstitious. He didn’t know, but regardless he’d follow this merciful notion. After his exchange with the boy Zexion approached him. No doubt to fill him in on the details like he thought. Obasi smirked at the unusual nature of this job. He was told they were to enter a tournament to fight an ice wizard. He laughed at the idea of fighting an ice wizard when Zexion commanded water. It was far too ironic to not at least crack a smile. Jokes aside he took the idea of them fighting other wizards more seriously. These were all serious and dangerous competitors. They had to be careful around these guys or they’d regret it. Well, he would anyway.  After they reached the tournament grounds Zexion told him to sign up as well. “With pleasure,” Obasi said, he was built for support, but he loved beating someone to death..or senseless. “Trust me, if I am needed just let me know.” He had to admit he was anxious to see more of the power that Zexion had gained in his travels.



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Zexion turned towards Obasi and told him, "This is a true fight" be prepared for the worst, We can die at any time during a job." He then turned towards the arena. The bell keeper and the crowd of vicious bloodthirsty cheers were heard. These people were here to see someone get hurt, and Zexion knew that someone might die during this tournament. It was a free for all tournament but Zexion knew with Obasi's help they could pull through. He looked at all the participants, But one stood out to Zexion. A Young man about Twenty years of Age wearing all gold was standing in the center of the Ring. "That's the guy", Zexion said as he looked at the other combatants. The other combatants did not seem to pose much of a threat as he could see from first glance if they would be trouble. Zexion saw that there was a lake nearby, This put him at an advantage as he could revive his mana with the nearby water. The BELL RANG, Zexion bolted towards the first two combatants that were in front of him. "WATER DRAGONS CLAW", Zexion shouted as a water-shaped claw of condensed water formed around both his hands. With a Slash towards both of the combatants he instantly knocked them out. Zexion then tilted his head back and a magic circle appeared in front of his face. "ROAR OF THE WATER DRAGON", Zexion shouted as he shot a torrent of Compressed water towards two of the other warriors knocking them out cold. Zexion was feeling it. Instantly, he dodged because of his heightened senses. A man had come in with a swing of his sword and missed. Zexion then threw a head kick, which the man blocked and pushed back. Zexion was focused on not only this man, but he had lost track of the Ice-Make Wizard. Zexion turned to Obasi who seemed to have finished his work against the other men as well. It seemed that there were only four warriors left.

Without a word, the third man who just blocked Zexions kicked yelled "COME AN-", He was interrupted. Zexion was stunned. The man had a sword pierced through the back through his heart. The Ice make wizard had completely murdered this man. The CROWD shouted in glee, this is what the people had come to watch. Zexion watched as the Ice-Make wizard pulled the sword out and screamed in delight., "HUE HUE HUE, I'M UNBEATABLE, THE KING OF FROST"

The man-made a fist and slammed his palm, "ICE MAKE: BIRDS SANCTUARY", Instantly a group of powerful birds made their way towards Obasi and Zexion at high speeds. Zexion could not allow his only friend to be hurt from this job. He jumped in front of Obasi and clapped his hands "WATER DRAGONS WATER WING", A magic circle had appeared behind him, and it created a wing of water that ate the attack from the wizard. "I will NOT let you harm my one and only FRIEND", Zexion demanded as his Water wing shield dissipated in front of him. Zexion stood tall in front of Obasi. "We Can't afford to lose to this maniac.", He bellowed as he stood in a stance of battle.

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NQ BASKA CITY - TOURNAMENT ARC [B Rank W/ Obasi] Empty Wed Jul 21, 2021 9:10 am

On their way to the arena, Obasi received numerous stares. Most were in disbelief that someone so young would take part in a tournament where brutality reigned. No doubt they thought Zexion was the older of the two. Even though Obasi was an adult of twenty years, his height and youthful looks said otherwise. Despite his plight, he’d learned to deal with it. He still couldn’t help correcting people who misidentified his age, but otherwise, he’d gotten over it. The challenge ahead was more harrowing to him anyway. In his mind, he constructed foes of incredible might armed with magics he’d never heard of. Warriors of herculean might would undoubtedly have entered this tournament in search of glory.  But as he looked at the people also walking onto the grounds, they looked very disappointing indeed. They were warriors, sure, but weak ones that he could have knocked out himself. Were these really the competitors he was expected to fight? He asked himself. Zexion was his usually excitable self, but he was otherwise unphased. He just seemed happy to be there could crack some skulls. Not that Obasi blamed him. The lad might have been lazy, but Obasi loved combat.

When they entered the arena, his hunger for knowledge was satiated. Before them lay A concreate ring upon which the other participants stood. Six in all, they looked to be a mix of adventurer and mage. Two of them, a young man and woman, were dressed in drab finery. They both wore shabby old black mage robes with a dark gray cowl. Fiery illumination escaping the man’s fingers, told Obasi he was a fire mage.  While the sparks making a frequent exodus from his female counterpart’s palms spoke of her talents. The other three were an assortment of adventures, all dressed in worn but still formidable gear.  Undoubtedly, Zexion’s testicular fortitude would direct him to the final figure. A man about Obasi’s age, he was encased in gold and radiated confidence.  “That’s the guy,” Obasi said to no one in particular.  Zex must have felt the seriousness of the situation, because shortly after they arrived in the ring, he turned to the octo-lad.  He conveyed his concerns about their safety and how they might to die to Obasi. “Shouldn’t I be telling you this?’ Obasi quipped, but let it go knowing that Zex was trying to look out for him.

The ringing of the bell heralded the beginning of the match. With great haste, Zexion ran off, leaving Obasi to face his fellow spellcasters.  The fire mage did battle with one of the adventurers whilst he faced off against the thunder mage. “You are going to die, little boy.” Her voice was full of disdain at the idea of having to fight a child. “I am going to make you choke on those words, lady,” Obasi muttered to himself. Instantly he deployed a shield, a narrow wall of darkness that, while stationary, would defend him. And he was right as the ball of electricity that collided with it was destroyed along with the aegis itself. After narrowly defending against her attack, he thought fast. With her spell momentarily nulled, he readied an assault of his own. The familiar undulating tentacles flew at her mouth, silencing her before she could react. Not one, but three slime-slicked tendrils poured down her throat, choking her.

Looking over at the other mage, a thought blossomed in his brain as to how he’d win this. The spell that currently occupied her throat dissolved, allowing the woman to breathe. Stunned for a time, the mage could only clasp her chest as she attempted to recover. Thinking quickly, Obasi readied another spell before attempting a risky gambit, but first, he summoned his shadow tendrils in preparation. “Hey, asshole!” Obasi yelled at the fire mage who had just repelled the adventurer. “How dare you speak to me that way, you ill-mannered child!” When Obasi saw the beginning signs of a magic circle form before the wizard’s fingers, he grappled the woman with his shadow appendages before tossing her into the other mage. Both were subsequently rendered unconscious, but Obasi was narrowly hit by an attack if not for Zexion. “Thanks, Zex,” He said before imbuing him with a strength buff.  “Remember, don’t kill the brat.” He winked at Zexion.


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Zexion was shaking, he knew that this wizard was no joke. He might have been a bit stronger than Zexion himself. Zexion began to feel a surge of energy enter his body, This was no doubt Obasis Spell. Zexion felt power pouring out of his soul, He rushes at the Ice-Make Wizard with full force. "Water Dragons JET", Zexion yelled as a magic circle appeared under his feet, a bubble was created, and instantly it blew apart releasing a jet of water propelling him forward towards the wizard. The Ice Make Wizard was not afraid he ran at Zexion in full force. Creating a fist and patting it on top of his palm, "ICE MAKE GAUNTLET", The man yelled as Ice magic began to form an ice gauntlet around his fist. Zexion noticed that the man had made a gauntlet and he began to clap his hands together. "WATER DRAGONS CLAW", A Magic circle encased Zexions hand creating a torrent of compressed water that was in the shape of a dragon's claw. Both Warriors clashes, Fist to Claw, Pushing both Wizards back. The man slammed his fist on top of his palm once again. ICE MAKE: Lance!", The man began to launch a large halberd that was thrown at Zexion full force. Zexion was pushed back and dodging the lance may be a tricky endeavor. "JET", Zexion yelled as the water propelled him to the right, allowing him to dodge the spear. He came to a complete stop and both Wizards starred at each other.

The Ice Make wizard began slamming his fist on top of the palm of his hand, "ICE MAKE: FLOOR", Instantly the man slammed both his hands onto the ground causing the whole concrete floor to be encased in ice, Zexion jumped up to dodge the so-called attack. "Gotchu", Said the Wizard, He had jumped up and now had the higher ground. He then slammed his fist into his palm, "ICE MAKE HAMMER", Instantaneously he created a hammer that was triple the size of his body and slammed it down at Zexion. Zexion crossed his arms into an "X" shape and took the hit. His body slammed full force into the center of the ring, Breaking all the ice that had just been formed.

"HAHAHAHA, YOURE TOO WEAK TO DEFEAT ME WATER WIZARD", He stuck his tongue out as if he had won, he was still in mid air slowly coming down.

"WATER DRAGONS STREAM", Instantly a stream of highly compressed water came surging up ,  hitting the man and knocking him higher until he eventually came down and hit the ground. This angered the wizard as he got himself back to his feet. "I WON'T LOSE", The man said as he slammed his Fist into his palm once again. "ICE MAKE: KING OF THE JUNGLE", He screamed as a giant lion created from ice formed under him. The man stood ontop of the Lions head and before anything could be said the Lion had came up and slammed Zexion with a headbutt knocking him deep into the water.

The rules of the Tournament was that there were no ring outs, All you have to do is kill or knock your opponent out. The man stood there and looked at Obasi with blood in his eyes. "You're next shrimp", Said the Man as he was about to attack. A Moment had passed as Zexion stayed in the water, This was his domain. Zexion began to consume the water within the Lake. Zexion had powered himself back to full health and jumped to the center of the ring. "NO! NO! NO!", The man screamed endlessly, "JUST STAY DOWN", The man in a fit of rage forced his lion to run at full speed towards Zexion.

Zexion was feeling it, the end of the fight was near. He leaned his head back and began to inhale a large quantity of air. Eventually a giant magic circle began to appear in front of Zexions face. In a swift turn he opened his mouth and yelled out, "WATER DRAGONS SECRET ART: TORRENTED ROOOOOOOAR", He screamed as a giant wave of compressed water came out like a typhoon and hit both the man and the lion. The dust was clearing slowly. Zexion had used every bit of his power to take the man out. The dust completely cleared showing the man completely knocked out. Zexion put his hands up in victory before collapsing in  the center of the ring.

The crowd began to erupt as a winner was declared, "OBASI IS THE WINNER ,  THE LAST MAN STANDING". Zexion was out cold, but the boy who was the client ran up to his brother crying tears. His brother was still breathing but he was out cold. The Boy turned towards Obasi, since Zexion was out cold and gave him the two envelopes. The mission was a complete success. Of course a life was lost in this battle but nothing could be done about it.

Zexion awoke a few moments later, and walked up to Obasi. He patted him on the shoulder and stated. "Congrats Champ, Job well done." Zexion then turned around and began walking away. "Don't ever be afraid to come ask me for help. I'm headed home."


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The battle was titanic, and the crowd roared with excitement at the collision of magical forces. Zexion had at least met a match, but he didn’t despair instead he confronted them head on. Obasi had to admit even he was impressed at the display. Initially, the enemy held the upper hand over Zexion, or seemed too at least. Eventually the tide began to change with Zexion overcoming the “ice king” advantage with tenacity and courage. Excited by underdog’s resurgence the crowd stood up and cheered. Even Obasi had to take a seat to truly appreciate the display. Still unconscious from earlier, he used the bodies of the two mages as a recliner. He even still had half an apple was eating earlier stored away in his pocket. When Zexion was thrown into the late things began to really heat up. After it looked as if he might be defeated Zexion counterattacked with a fearsome spell. To his surprise, the fight ended with them both being knocked out. He was glad the brats brother was still alive. Maybe he’d grow from this and become a better person, but Obasi wasn’t sure. Obasi didn’t care when he was announced as the winner either. He just wanted to be paid anyway. So when the little brat handed him his cut, octo-lad greedily took it from him. After some time Zexion awoke, and again he was treated like a little kid by the kid. He’d have to have a growth spurt soon he thought, but until then he’d be doing something else.

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