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BASKA - FOR THE HORDE [C Rank With Obasi]

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Zexion had awoken that early morning, The sunshine, creeping across his face. Zexion had finally been up early, he had a bad habit of sleeping in whenever he had no work. Zexion let out a big sigh of relief, He knew that no matter what had happened yesterday did not matter. Too him all that mattered was what was happening today, Zexion arose out of his bed and quickly began to make some breakfast. He was planning on making some eggs, toast and a glass of milk. Upon finishing his daily regimine, He got up and began to clean. Zexion had asked his guildmate the other day to meet him in the town square. "Cain most likely had a job for us", Zexion mumbled as he quickly got dressed. Zexion was ready to go, He quickly locked his door and began to make his way down the everlasting streets of Baska. Today was quite a lively day to be alive, Zexion thought as he pondered what kind of quest he would be taking today. Zexion had reached the center square of the city, He sat down on a near by bench and began to wait for his guild mate to appear.

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Drenched in sunlight Obasi arose with a yawn. Today promised to be another eventful day, and he was looking forward to it.  Yesterday’s escapades brought with it a hefty sum of cash and an entertaining climax. So, who knew what would happen this time? They had to meet someone named Cain. Being relatively new to job’s he wasn’t as connected as Zexion. So, he decided just to let his blue-haired companion take the lead. After he’d fully gotten out of bed the midget started breakfast. Despite his appearance he enjoyed the same food as most humans save for eggs. He hated eggs. After a light meal, he took a morning walk around Baska. It really did remind him of his homeland. At least the people reminded him of home anyway. “Oh shit, I need to meet up with Zex.” He said in a somewhat alarmed voice. Zexion was waiting for him in the town square, and he couldn’t be late. So off he went his scrawny legs carrying him as quickly as they could.  He’d gotten lost a few times, and turned around, but eventually, he found his way to the town square. Obasi was always pretty bad at directions, and it showed. “Zex, sorry I am late.” He apologized to his blue-haired guildmate.



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Zexion was sitting on a bench in the center of the town square. Zexion was not hard to miss, he was a Steel blue-haired young man, With a tattoo of a skull on his chest. He always wore his signature black cloak. Zexion turned over to a familiar voice, It was Obasi. Of course, Zexion knew that everybody can get busy with life, So he responded with, "Hey Obasi, It is no problem at all. To be honest the job we have today is sort of a weird one. Anyways let's go meet up with Cain." Zexion had gotten up from the bench and did a quick stretch. They were on the way, They were going through alleyways upon alleyways. Cain was not exactly easy to find, Regardless Zexion knew that they were destined to run into him. Zexion turned a corner of an alleyway entrance and spotted a Skull masked Man. "There he is", Zexion pointed at the ominous figure. "Don't be afraid, though I doubt you would be afraid of much.", Zexion joked as they walked over the man. "Hey old man, You got a job for us today?", Zexion asked as the figure turned over to look at the two young men. Cain had responded, "Zombies"

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“Ok, great. Thanks.” Obasi said, more than a little relived that Zexion hadn’t waited too long. He was glad that the guy stuck out so much or else he would have never noticed him. Of course, the same could be said about Obasi. He was a five-foot nothing guy with a scrawny build. Instead of hair he had ivory tentacles, a sharp contrast to his cholate skin. So, you couldn’t really forget a sight like Obasi. Even if his personality didn’t make much of an impact the tendrils on his head certainly did. Either way he was terrible with directions, but he could at least remember faces. When Zexion told him, they were heading to meet a client, he didn’t hesitate to follow. The guy they were meeting was someone named Cain. He wasn’t aware of who the guy was, but Zexion seemed to know him. So once again, he let the blue wonder lead the way. Through cluttered and dirty alleyways until they reached a skull-headed figure. “This must be Cain.” Obasi said before pondering if he were a lich or not. His curiosity intensified even more when the man mentioned zombies. Were they going to kill zombies or help them? Either way he was ready.



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"Ho Ho Ho", Cain laughed as he looked at both young men with awe. He must have been astonished that two children were up to do such a daunting task. Zexion had the look of a man that had been through a lot, it was in Cain's mind that he quickly decided to show these boys a bit more respect. Aura was everything when it came to the dark side of the work. "Well you see, I had experimented and created a creature and it seems that the creature itself had gotten into a tussle with a bunch of zombies. NOW it seems that the zombies are no longer staying in their own area but wandering about. Can you boys do me a favor and fix the problem. Take any means necessary, But make sure that the council nor the Rune knights catch drift of this issue." Zexion was puzzled, would this job not be a job for those that were said. "Why not let them handle it?", Zexion questioned Cain. "Well you see, I do not want any of this drama to come back to me in any way. Do not worry young ones...I will pay you handsomely." It was hard to tell what Cain was thinking but Zexion did not care. "Work is work, Doncha think Obasi San?" , Zexion chuckled as he took the map and the job listing. The job was on, Now they had to travel over to the graveyard. They were on their way, Upon arriving Zexion had noticed a mass of maybe five, ten? No over twenty zombies moving about the plain land of the graveyard. Zexion scanned the area and noticed that the abomination was in sight, a giant pitch black creature with no facial features. Something out of nightmares. "You ready to get paid Obasi?", Zexion said as he walked onto the graveyards property.

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Wide-eyed, Obasi was entranced by Cain’s appearance. His village possessed little beyond humans and a scant number of demihumans. It wasn’t until he arrived in Fiore that the variety of life increased. Even still, Obasi was astounded by Cain. It wasn’t until the necromancer spoke that Obasi was broken from his “trance.” He seemed impressed by these boys’ willingness to undertake his request. Cain probably initially thought the mention of zombies would scare them away, but he’d clearly seen otherwise. They may have been young, but Cain realized both were more than capable of handling themselves. He then went on to explain how his experimentations had gone awry. It seems he’d created some freakish abomination that had gotten into a brawl with zombies. The resulting battle somehow led to the zombies leaving their graveyard.

Obviously wandering zombies could be dangerous to the local population. To be honest, he didn’t really care. The Rune Knights were designed for this type of thing, BUT since they were here on a job surely, they’d be rewarded. At least that’s what Obasi thought. And it would seem his assumptions were proven correct as Cain’s next words were promises of a prize. “Oh” Obasi’s ears perked up at the mention of a reward. After explaining to Zexion why the Rune Knights or the council couldn’t find out, they were then promised to be “handsomely” compensated. All they had to do was deal with some rogue corpses and an undead horror. It was an easy enough task as Zexion’s question and chuckle seem to imply.

“Oh yeah, definitely.” A chuckle of Obasi’s own joined his words. They were both ready to finally have some fun. With little else to do they bid Cain farewell and headed off on their great adventure. Reaching the graveyard didn’t take quite as long as either of them thought it would. Upon their arrival the first thing they noticed was a horde of walking horrors. Standing terrifying was the hulking abomination itself. From what Obasi could tell there were about twenty zombies in all. “Mhmm” Was Obasi sole response before he readied his magic. From the center of Obasi’s palm a magic circle could be seen glowing brightly, It’s presence the herald of three inky black tendrils. After twisting grotesquely in the air for a second, they slithered over to three of the nearest zombies. With serpentine grace they slithered up the forms of the rogue undead before stabbing into their stomachs. Stunned by the intruders the zombies could only jerk and writhe before exploding out of their faces. After the tendrils were done they exploded harmlessly into mist. Afterwards, he buffed Zexion with a str boost.


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Zexion was overflowing with energy, Once again he realized that the time before was all Obasi giving the strength he needed. Quickly Zexion bolted towards the abomination, He then clapped his hands and a Blue Magic seal appeared beneath his feet, "WATER DRAGON'S: JET", With an loud pop he thunderously ran at the Monster head on. Zexion then clapped his hands together again, "Water Dragons CLAW", Instantaneously another Blue Magic symbol had appeared around his right hand, This time in the shape of a Water Claw, Zexion jumped at the monster and collided with its face. Zexion had a good look at the monster, as the zombies around were aggravated, He knew he had to end this face. Zexion used his momentum and Used his "Jet" Technique to jump over the monster, Yet again he used his Jet technique to get in front of the fairly large monster and a bundle of Zombies. "This is it!" , Zexion bellowed as he closed his eyes.

Zexion began to lean his head back, all the while taking a deep breath. A large 2 meter in diameter blue magic circle appeared in front of the Zexions's face. You could tell that Zexion was serious now. Suddenly Zexion yelled out, "Water Dragoooonss..... ROOOOOOOOAAAAAAR"

Suddenly A large torrent of Extremely Condensed Pressurized water came crashing out, Taking out all the zombies in front of his sight, before finally reaching the beast and taking off the entire top half of its body. The Fight Was Over, Zexion and Obasi were victorious. He held his arm up and turned around to give Obasi a thumbs up. "Your magic really came in handy there!", Zexion said as he turned around and walked towards the exit of the graveyard. The battle was over, Now they were to tell Cain and receive their rewards.

Upon entering the town, Cain had emerged from the Shadows. "Seems that I was right to trust both of you youngins", Said Cain as he pulled out an envelope for both Zexion and Obasi. "Hey Obasi, Lets team up again soon. I hear there's going to be a tournament in Baska soon. We should totally enter it! I heard the Ice Make Wizard whose the champ is strong~!"

And like that Zexion had gone, it was time to eat dinner.


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Empowered and unleashed Zexion devastated the zombies in a flashy display of magic. Slow and uncoordinated, they had no time to react to him before being eviscerated by torrents of water. Even the dark behemoth fell with ease before Zexion’s aquatic claw. All that was left of their “battle” were rotted chunks of odorous meat. “Good job.” Obasi responded giving a thumbs up to his powerhouse of a teammate. Had this been the power he’d possessed all along Obasi pondered, and could he obtain such too? He thought of the possibilities. All his life he’d played a support. He’d never been the leading man. He always settled for just scrapping by because it was safe, but perhaps it was time that changed. After Zexion was finished, he smiled and informed Obasi about a tournament they could both attend. It was something about ice make magic and a challenger for them to face. “Of course, I accept.” He said before Zexion left the graveyard. Looking around, Obasi was inspired as to where his own craft could go. “I wonder if I could have done a better job than Cain?” He rubbed his jaw contemplatively before taking his leave. He would have to revisit these thoughts later because there was a tournament in his future.

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