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BASKA - A NEW MINE [D Rank] [Complete]

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BASKA - A NEW MINE [D Rank] [Complete] Empty Sun Jul 18, 2021 10:37 pm

Zexion was bored, he had heard of a quest that was needed to be done on the Down low. Zexion usually did not take these kind of low paying jobs , But he was definitely willing to help. Zexion received a note later that day to meet up a Mr. "Mattoro", Zexion read the note. he had to meet up with the man. The location was an abandoned shack miles away from here. Zexion was happy, as he began to walk towards the very area that he was told to go to. Zexion entered the shack, it was dark, cold and dirty. With a smile on his face he quickly reacted once Mr Mattoro had came out of the shadows. He pulled out four separate explosives. These explosives were definitely for something nefarious. "Hey kid, I need a favor. I need you to plant these inside a certain mine. There are specific areas I NEED you to plant. I have the payment right here", He said as he dangled an envelope in his right hand. "All i need for you to do is not kill anybody during these explosions. Promise me this.", Zexion was confused as to why, But money is money and job is a job. he laughed at the thought that a job this easy would net him such easy pay. Zexion took the explosives and quickly made his way over towards the general location of the mine's various entrances. He scoffed at the thought, that at this time that no worked would be in the mines. How could anybody get hurt if they were not near? It was a easy job. He began to enter through the entrance of the mine and scanned the area. There were a ton of workers around, But Zexion navigated through the mines with no detection. There were lights, Wagons and pickaxes in various areas of the mine, Maybe the workers in some areas went on break, But he was ready.

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Zexion shuffled around and quickly found the first area to plant the explosive. After removing the sticker he swiftly planted the bomb, The first bomb was ready to go. Zexion then made his way over to the second bomb site. He peeled the sticker off that one and strapped it into place. There was a lot of equipment that was shifted within the confines of the mine. Zexion took the third explosive and planted it firmly near the central area of the mine. Zexion knew this was the most important one. He quickly raised his arm and did a quick stretch. He was on his way towards the final bomb site. He went over and quickly but firmly planted his final bomb. "That was it", Zexion thought to himself as he stood up. Now he had to leave the area. Before Zexion left he began to scan the area. This late during the day there were still a ton of workers still in the mine, Zexion was sure that he would be able to get away with the explosion and not hurt a fly. Zexion was pleased as he continued walking the dimly lit corridor of the mines. Upon leaving the entrance, Zexion then pressed the button. A moment had passed before an explosion erupted. The mines had collapsed. Many men yelled and screamed that were in the mines, But it seems that no one was hurt. Zexion made his way towards the shack, in which Mattoro had greeted him with the envelope.


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