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Zexion had been continuously checking the board for any new kind of job posting. "There never seems to be any good postings when I check the legal Jobs..." , Zexion sighed, He was slightly getting tired of murdering people on the daily. Obviously Zexion was also a human, It never gets easier when you take a life. But it does put him to ease when he takes the life of a individual that always does it. Zexion decided to stop at home and eat some lunch. He began cooking some steak, before he remembered that Keito is always looking to give out jobs. Of course the darker side of quest taking was always busy. A lot of murders and scandals always go on behind closed doors. Zexion did not mind, He had decided to head over after he had finished making food and eating it. Today Zexion had a few eggs, ham and some bacon. Of course he should be watching his cholesterol, But he was just a sixteen year old kid with amazing feats of strength. Who was going to let Zexion know how to live his life. After eating Zexion quickly began to get his stuff together. "Blade, Check.... Snacks, Check..... Candy, Check..." , Zexion said as he got his tiny little hip bag ready. He then began to do the dishes , fix his bed and all the daily chores a responsible sixteen year old should be doing. Zexion was ready to go, He quickly walked out the house, locked the door and began casually walking over to the alleyway. Zexion was brand new to this side of Fiore.. He never came here before and was excited to see the new faces, But of course crime and work is always being asked for. He felt like today was another day to make a dollar or two.


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As Zexion walked over to a mysterious alleyway he was approached by a man wearing a skull mask with horn. Zexion was confused, and asked the man, "Are you the one I ask if I am in need of some work?" Zexion was puzzled as he was in a new area, Yet this man looked even shadier than the man In Era. The man looked at Zexion and smiled. "Hoho ho ho ..ho", He laughed as he went through his back pocket and revealed a couple of job postings. "You may choose one and only one at this time..", He spoke in his dark-toned voice. Zexion was not really the type to care about what job he had to take as long as he could find a means to make some money for himself. Zexion went through and looked ach job posting one by one, He looked at the ones that insisted that he murder individuals over money, Over grudges and all those of the like. There was one that stood out to Zexion though, It was called "Grabbing a corpse" , he picked up the listing and began reading it many times over. He was not surprised as to what was asked.



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Zexion read the post and wondered, "So this posting... I can kill anybody I want within Baska? And it is for an experiment?". "Ho Ho Ho, You catch on fast young one, Yes you can kill any soul in this god forsaken town, But you must kill them without damaging the body at all.", Cain said as he looked Zexion with a Gaze beneath the very confines of his mask. Zexion shivered and agreed to take this job. Zexion did not care, he knew that the pay was a lot more than what he was asked to do in his C Rank and D Rank ventures. "Alright, I will take this quest. It seems easy enough." , Zexion smiled as he handed the listing back to Cain. Cain took the paper and lit it on fire. "Now the quest can start, but it must be finished within the next two days. Take your time and choose your victim well ho ho ho" , Laughed the man hidden under the dauntless skull horned mask. Zexion smiled and began to make his way through the town itself. He had two days to get the deed done, He knew that carrying a corpse would be much better at night.

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Zexion began to walk amongst the streets of the city of Baska, He was aware that there was a lot of homeless individuals that were around the area. "The Untouchables", was a way Zexion looked and called them as nobody would ever have anything to do with such. Many of these men were addicts or hard on their luck through the current wars that are raging through the countries between all these different areas. Dragon attack, pillaging, famine... Much was happening amongst the areas of this and other lands and he knew that finding a victim was more or less a easy task. Zexion went about and scanned the restaurants. He however did have a sweet tooth and decided to go into a candy store. In the Candy store, Zexion saw that his favorite kind of sweet was on sale. He was a sucker for salt water toffee. Zexion went to reach for a box when out of no where a young lady around the same age as Zexion also began to reach for the same box. "Oh I'm sorry, Haha this is my favorite kind of sweet as well", Said the young lady with eyes as wide as the sky.



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"It was no problem at all", Zexion said to the young lady as he looked at her from head to toe. Was this the victim that he wanted to take to the man for his job? Zexion looked at the young lady and decided that the thought of taking a life of someone as vibrant as her was foolish. "Haha it is no problem, You can go ahead and take the last box.", Zexion smiled as he began to walk away from the conversation. Zexion had left the candy store and he had to rethink what he had to do. "I guess I will just wait until it is night out and see how many intoxicated individuals there are at night..." , Zexion said as he entered a store. Zexion had looked at the items in this convenient store and decided to buy some rat poison. Poison was obviously the best choice to get this job done as he knew that this would cause minimal damage to the body of the deceased. It was the perfect way to get to the end of the rainbow. He bought the pack of rat poison and then headed back towards his temporary home. Since he did not live in this city.



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Zexion was awaiting night, then once it had hit he decided to hit the streets. He went out and bought some food to keep himself occupied. A hamburger was the perfect choice of food to have while he looked for potential prey. Zexion saw that there were even more homeless individuals out. Many asking for money , others asking for food. "Food?" , Zexion wondered as he help his bag of hamburgers. This was the perfect way to get someone. Zexion went back and bought another burger, but he then went out and bought a garbage bag as well. "Perfect, I can hide the the body in here to avoid any suspicion.", It was the stroke of midnight and as Zexion was walking along the side of the road, watching many people enjoying their carefree lives, Zexion was at work. He looked over and saw a homeless man asking him for any money. "How about some food instead?", Zexion asked the pale man. The man was reluctant and then agreed to a meal. Zexion asked the man to wait right there as he went to the closest restaurant. He ordered a burger and then quickly went into the washroom. There is where Zexion filled the burger up with rat poison.



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Zexion came back to the man, with a burger in hand and handed it to the man. The man brimming with such delight and happiness did not even look or smell the burger. He ate it within the span of a few seconds. The man thanked Zexion as he laid down and began to wait. Zexion began to slowly walk away and asked the man to come with him. Zexion and the man walked over to the alleyway and Zexion began to rummage through his wallet and pull out ten thousand jewels and handed it to the man. At that moment the man began to foam from his mouth before he could grab the jewels, Zexion saw the life leave the man. Slowly but surely he was done. Mission was accomplished. Zexion began to pack the body in a couple of garbage bags and then he lugged it over his shoulder. Zexion began to make way towards the alleyway. He passed by many guards, many rune knights and not one of them asked the young man what he was carrying. Zexion was at the end of the day a child. Zexion came before Cain and dropped the bag to him. "I believe payment is in order?", Zexion smirked as he walked away going back to his suite.

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