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Central Fiore to West Fiore (Travel Post)

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Central Fiore to West Fiore (Travel Post) Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 7:48 pm

Zexion had awoken early that morning, wondering what today was going to bring him. He had exhausted all the B Rank missions he could find in Central Fiore and needed to make a change. Zexion packed his things and off he went, On this beautiful Summer day he was off to start a new adventure elsewhere. He had known about all the different kind of things going on in the world and he never really travelled to the West of Fiore. Word had it that his Guild Leader Ariael was supposed to in The North of Fiore somewhere.

Zexion had only received a verbal invitation to join the guild and that the founding would happen very soon. Of course Zexion did not want to miss the very finding of his own guild. The birds were chirping as it was become apparent that he was closing in on his destination. He began to ponder to himself, "I wonder how everyone else that joined the guild is like?", He was excited to meet some people that were as like minded as him. "Oops", Zexion said as he almost tripped over a rock. He looked onward toward the horizon. He was finally here.



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