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As We March Forward Too....(Death Topic.)

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#1Judina † 

As We March Forward Too....(Death Topic.) Empty Sat Jul 17, 2021 4:14 pm

Judina †
With in the streets of Hosenka always just how it all seemed, Judina had been walking between the Cabaret Cescent and the Crimson Quarter, being more possibly spot for some of the shadier parts of what existed in this part of nation, Judina often just seemed Judina ended up in some manner taking a walk around this area in some kind of look out, Even if in reality with what was set up here with her guild it was something that she had needed to rarely do.

In some manner she could not help herself in do these everyone once and a while. Because even if the area was slowly becoming in control from the problems it has, It does not mean it was entirely free of them yet.

In some manner it was kind of a pointless effort to dig into it as often as she has been, groups hide better pressure sometimes, In which lead Judina to always be looking towards the various areas they could be hiding.

When turning a corner with in one of the areas, Alistair and her casually strolling, it seemed Judina had gone into an ambush, Either this group was planning this, it was a chance event or entirely chance, Given what changes Judina had made it seemed to not help her here.

Alistair had taken out most of the even with Judina injured on the floor, Then Alistair seemed to have gotten knocked out himself, Only thing seemingly left of Judina small puddles of her blood, No body remained. It seemed entirely that Judina was dead and gone, Alistair was left searching for Judina body for hours after this, It seemed strange that it was missing and this ambush entirely in general, In the end it seemed his effort yield nothing.

(Death and Exit.)

As We March Forward Too....(Death Topic.) Alexss10

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