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Monster Hunter [Solo Quest]

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Monsters! Hunting! Those words were hooked in the mind of Zexion. He was passing by the streets of Crocus until he noticed a Job Board. He walked up to the board and pulled the Listing off the board. "Monster hunting? Experiments? Huh?!?!" Zexion was dumbfounded. Why would anyone want to experiment on these poor creatures and let them loose into the wild? This was something Zexion could not Fathom.

Zexion was definitely not here to find out the reasoning. A job is a job, Those are the words that Zexion always lived by. As long as the pay was good, What else could be better? Zexion began thinking about the amount of food those jewels from the Job were going to get him. Saliva dripped from his mouth, "I will definitely go buy a bunch of Salt Water toffee after this job is done."

Zexion read the job posting again. It was a mix of various animals? A poor attempt at making legendary beasts that are no longer here to bring them back to life. Zexion nodded his head. He was angered, No one should be experimented on. The poor soul, the creature that had no choice. Grinding his teeth, and squeezing his fist into a ball. Zexion made it clear that there will be no mercy to be taken today. The Monster will be slain, these so-called "scientists" that want to study this creature. They made him sick. Zexion took a few deep breaths and calmed himself down. "Sigh, Well it is about time I got going now isn't it!"

Zexion began to jog to the outer regions of Crocus. He had contacted the Employer and was given many possible locations to finding the beasts. "Heh, This ain't a problem for a Wizard of my Caliber!". The man who spoke with Zexion didn't say a word, "....". "Ehhhhh", Zexion said in a way to save face, "Don't you worry! I'll get this job done faster than I can eat that Salt Water Toffee!".


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Zexion quickly hung up and the search began. Zexion was in the fields of Crocus, He was searching high and low. This was supposedly the area where they had reporting seeing the Monster. Monster with the head and body of a Lion? The tail of a snake? and Wings like a bird? How could a creature like that be hard to miss?

Zexion eventually heard something, "HELPPPPPP!"
Zexion was startled and looked over to see Three villagers running towards him. "RUN!, ITS A MONSTER!" , "GAH WHAT ARE YA DOIN LAD? RUN WHY DONTCHA!".

Zexion quickly stood in front of all three, Zexion demanded they tell him what the commotion was about. One villager gasped for air, they had been running for quite some time now it seemed. Zexion sighed, He pointed his finger at the board listing. "Is this maybe what you saw?", He pointed at the hideous creature. "Experiments?" , The villager said cautiously. The villagers looked at each other than back towards Zexion.

"Be careful lad, that thing is faster and stronger and uglier than it looks." , The villager patted his hand on Zexions shoulder. Zexion was puzzled, thinking about what the villager had just said as they ran past him. "Cheers Kiddo! I'll be sure to have your funeral arranged"

Zexion was beyond furious, He had never felt so much disrespect in his entire life. He turned over to where the villagers could no longer be seen. The wind blew along his face, moving his beautiful Steel Blue hair over. And within a second, a flash, Zexion bolted towards the area the Men had told him the creature was.

Zexion ran and ran and ran, He whisped with the wind in his face. He heard it, The roar of a lion, A Creature of pure evil intent. He crossed its path, The Lion like creature jumped at him with incredible speed. Zexion turned towards the beast, Grabbing the land itself he threw tiny bullets of Earth towards the beast. This threw the beast off and blinded it enough for Zexion to jump away. Upon landing the beast turned around only to be caught by a heavy round house kick. The Beast ate the kick, turned its head and shook. Everything became silent....


THE BEAST WAS IN A FRENZY, Zexion quickly;y reacted but got headbutted. Zexion flew over too the closest trees. BANG! Zexion hit the tree back first, getting onto his knees he looked up and the beast was running right for him. Zexion rolled as the beast ran head first into the tree. Zexion skipped himself up and got into a stance.

"You're making my blood boil!" , Said Zexion with a sadistic smile running across his face. Zexion stomped his legs into the ground, and slammed both fists into the ground. Zexion had the ability to manipulate Earth. He treated boxing gloves and shin guards too protect his fist and legs. The Beast
was not backing off at all. Zexion and the beast ran at each other full speed. The Beast going in, lunging at Zexion. Zexion awaits the beast to get close.

"SMASHHHH", Thats all could be heard as Zexion Front kicked the beast in the jaw upwards. The Beast gets kicked with enough for to fly back, Hitting and breaking through the two trees that were behind it. "Heh, That isn't all that I can bring too the table monster!". Zexion quickly dashed over to the injured beast and began jumping around him.

Left, Right, Left, Hook, Right, Left....

Each punch, each hook, Each attack left a devastating blow. The beast Whimpering and taking the shots...Unable to do anything against Zexion when he's on a rampage, Finally Zexion missed a hook. The beast had fallen. "AHHHH! THAT'S RIGHT, Don't you ever forget the name Zexion."

Zexion celebrated but at the last second, the snake bodied tail quickly came at him, Zexion knew it was coming.

*CRAAAACK* , Zexion counter punched the snake head with enough force too rip it off, The battle was over. Zexion went to the beast and checked its pulse. The beast was dead. The Battle was over. Zexion went back and was rewarded for his efforts.
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