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Resting and Waiting til' Next Time [Story Quest/Judina]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Resting and Waiting til' Next Time [Story Quest/Judina] Empty Fri Jul 02, 2021 12:29 am

Lee Nakamura
Rain pours outside of the Hosenka hospital. Lector stared outside lost in his own thoughts. It had been several days since they first arrived from Worth Woodsea. The doctor's had spoken she was lucky to be alive in her condition. It was Ragtime's doing for sure. He knew the chaotic spirit wouldn't let her die that easily. Although, she was still very weak and fatigue. The demi-human hadn't woken up yet. In his paws was a fold note in an open-up envelope. The tope looked as a letter opener had ripped it from the top neatly. The letter was from Astrid. She had fully healed and woken up from her coma. The news was dire for their grandfather, Victor, Lee's parent's and Simon, Astrid's own father. Tadashi was in stable condition.

Lee stirred in her bed a little. Her head pounded, the lights from the laterns hurt her eyes. "Shit...I have a migraine. What's going on? Where...am I? Lector? Judina? What happened" she asked. Clearly, she was very groggy and not registering what had fully happened to the three of them. Lector stood up in his chair and stared at him. "Well? Lector spit it out. I ain't got all day" she snapped. Quickly, she caught on something was not right in the air. Her eyes drifted to Judina as Lector handed her the note. It had ordered LeeAnn to stay in Hosenka for a while.


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#2Judina † 

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Judina †
Was everything truly not alright? Lee Ann had been ordered to stay in this city, she was understand the watch partial watch of Judina, in reality it was just her letting her sleep and she did nothing but leave her there and check in on her, She was staying in some manner of easily what would be considered Judina's house, It was easily picked up by the various suits of armour from the various stages of life Judina had been through, from the finely taken care of dark blue robe with just metal boots and gloves from when she was in the rune knights to the current set of armour she was now.

Lee Ann had be left to rest in Judina's room, it seemed the knightly mage was no where in the room, only lingering signs of her being around was Alistair was sleeping outside of this room.

Alas Lee seemed to have a few things left by Judina while she was somewhere around, Judina had left Lee Ann clothing, Various supplies in case she had wanted to take a bath, Brush her teeth or hair. With the lingering smell of food in the air, Lee Ann was safe here, But it was all quiet here.

Guess it was left to wonder where Judina was after all there was seemingly no sound of her around but with Alistair being there it showed at least she was not too far away, Maybe Judina was preparing to getting food ready for Lee Ann.


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Resting and Waiting til' Next Time [Story Quest/Judina] Alexss10
#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lee was too much in a fog within her own mind to really understand where she was. All she could tell was they were both alone. Lector seemed to stammer a little. He knew all too well that out of everything, Lee hated being helpless. She was the kind of women to just at the chance to help her friends and family rather than herself. The small exceed finally spat out the answer Lee pushed him to say. "You're safe. You're just recovering from that battle. Doctors said your injuries should have killed you no doubt, but it's a miracle that you're alive" smiled Lector. He was dodging the amin question she was asking. Her eyes narrowed, this caused her head to hurt a lot more with the narrowing of her eyebrow.

"Lector...answer my question. What exactly happened? You are not telling me everything" she sniffed out. The demi-human could tell he was hiding something from her and he knew it too! The exceed finally caved in. "You're in Hosenka. Not Hargeon. You're family was rushed to the hospital to Hargeon. Astrid is okay and has fully healed which is good. She sent a letter explain she will be taking over the duties of the head of the family until you return. Her new orders are to remain here until futhernotice. With Simon running around and who knows what, she wants you to stay here and rest" he spoke. LeeAnn's blood boiled at the order and knew if she refused it Astrid would not hesitate to hold a fight. She was fun, but everyone knew she was protective over Lee with how she didn't take care of herself.

"Where's Judina? I want her to tell me this. Clearly, you must be lying or playing some sick joke" she hissed. She saw a clean set of clothes were laid out for her. It must of been Judina's doing. Her heart lightened up a little bit at the sight and started to change into it. This made her feel a little bit more fresh than she would have ever really imagined.


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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#4Judina † 

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Judina †
Would the eventual motion and sounds get Judina to turn well, kind of the sounds of Alistair moving around was something easy to pick up, And well the sound of a closing door, with steps leading up to the room were Lee was, It would actually be her, Just not she normally was seen in public since Lee was in the room with all of Judina's armour and well a few swords too.

Opening the door to walk in, Judina was just in dark blue pants and a dark blue sleeveless shirt. However she was walking into the room with some flowers. Just quietly mentioning to herself."My mother always comes to visit at interesting times."Was it an odd change to see Judina with out her armour that could be an internal thought, Anyway back to reality."Well, welcome to my home Lee, I don't normally get guest, So I set you and your varying friends into my bedroom so you could all be together."

At least Judina had set up everything nicely, Aside from the armour it was still a typical bedroom a single dresser, mirror and a small bedside table. So now she would well, Turn into Judith for a moment."How are you feeling Lee, Are your hands able to move? is anything feeling off?"She would trail on more if she were her mother, But that was just the general statements by Judina.

Gently putting the flowers next down to Lee as she would sit down, on a side away from the flower, Giving Lee a chance more to talk and let anything else out even if she had heard Lee starting to talk to Lector with her problems, Which she would address soon, most likely after Lee answered how she was feeling.


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Resting and Waiting til' Next Time [Story Quest/Judina] Alexss10
#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lee grabbed the bedsheets and bit them feeling rage of helplessness. Truely, she was horribly disfigured in a sense of being captured by life and tied down. Her one solid thing is life was now shaken at the very foundation. Lector felt tied down. He had to tell her the truth and she had to learn how to accept it. Ragtime remained silent, which was not like him. He did not like staying quiet even if there was a great reason. Judina came into the room mention her mother showing up at incovient time or something. On the other hand, Lee was still quietly raging at the fact she was forced to stay here under Astrid's order.

"Thank you for allowing us to stay at your home. I am sorry for intruding on you like this" she whispered. She truly felt sorry for putting her best friend in such a pickle. Putting her in the middle of family drama was not the ideal choice for her, but it was her only option if she didn't want a bloody family reunion. Idealy, she wanted everyone to remain out of this other than family. Even asking for Ryu's help was hard for her. Ragtime had to do the work on his end to make it happen. Judina asked how she was doing. Her eyes shifted downward, avoiding the question because it was too complex. The best word to describe how she felt was 'confused'

"I am confused...in pain...angry...and devastated. The only thing that was always constant in my life is now shaken. It's like a building's foundation being damaged causing the whole structure to fall. Physically, I can sit up and move my arms a bit without any pain. Anything past that is agony. Probably will be a while before I will be able to walk" she spoke. How she spoke versus how she sounded were night and day. Her voice turned croaky as if she had swolled a drink full of razor blades and broken shards of glass. There was many thing she did not want to talk aBout.

"Doctor said I should not been alive..." she whispered. Slowly, she laid in her bed and turned away from everyone. Several minutes traveled by as Ragtime showed himself to HER. Silently, he sat there staring at her as they both made eye contact. "Ya, did well kid. Ya did well. I know...you've been through a lot and I want to say...I'm proud of you so much. I will always be here kid" He smiled and placed his gryphon-like paw on his.



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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#6Judina † 

Resting and Waiting til' Next Time [Story Quest/Judina] Empty Thu Jul 15, 2021 12:46 pm

Judina †
I guess the rough part in this situation that always came to be was recovering, something no many have a full guide on, Judina however was just going to act as normal as she could. Lee was mad, in all account she would never be faulted for being as she was feeling, For now in some manner she would try not to annoy her too much, Which was pretty simple just keep thing settled and casual. Even if she had not given much and answer right away, A smile and the mere mention of."Do not consider it intruding, Living and pressing on is far more important then a house that rarely get used by it's owner."It was Judina still at least being honest about it, She did not mind, some one else just happen to be able to see a really empty house."I am just glad in return your are alive and breathing."

It would be the point she just left there in terms of checking up, But still listening would not be gone away. Judina did still care, Advising however she would be waiting until Lee had finished her entire explanation of her emotions which was good she was able too. Just so she was clear."No matter what things I keep myself busy with, You will have a place to stay here, For a such as I was raised that way."It made it sound like it was her duty to make sure people she knew were safe and a live. Which given how Judina was, was not completely out of line.

So over all, Even if Lee might not like it currently Judina would still mention."You can stay here as long as needed, I will make sure you have the things needing to recover."It would be nice for a small amount of time to have a home that was not empty when she arrived home. It was also important that Lee recovered too.

It was not like Lee was alone either, She had a few being around her and if anything Judina was not going to be busy as much as she was in the rune knights here. Lee should not be alive? at least now."One does not put out a fire, When fuel still exists with in it."Which was a good statement in Judina's view, it was suggesting Lee had plenty of life left in her.

For now with Lee turning away."Do rest up, build up the strength needed to move with out pain."But she would for now let her rest and just quietly relax somewhere else in this house and give Lee that needed time.



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Resting and Waiting til' Next Time [Story Quest/Judina] Alexss10

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