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To the East.(Foot Travel.)

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#1Judina † 

To the East.(Foot Travel.) Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 8:50 pm

Judina †
It would be an interesting travel back to home base for Judina, for it was just now the only thing left, The entire situation with Lee was something that sure takes out a lot of mental energy in other people just as much as Lee might have had happen, Then again the family matters was always different, After all her family was for the most part now always so quiet and peaceful, So content and happy with the lives they had now, It was something always to happily take note of, Lee seemed to not have a fortune, In some manner it is heartbreaking.

But with everything being over now, It was the travel back that even if quite, just slowly shown Judina's slowly eaten away view and lack of joy with the world around her. Always stuck with in that internal cycle of thoughts of what made her happy anymore, since she was always just serving others and protecting them, maybe they finally had just worn out the once valiant soul she is, For now no one really needed to know she was feeling this way, she would over come this eventually. Just return home with Lee and go on from there for the moment was the plan.

It was a normal quiet travel back to East Fiore, Judina and Alistair had not spoken much, But in some manner that was typical of her, They did have some conversation here and there, Nothing hugely of note, Mostly the path they would go and how long they would travel.

To ensure it went smoothly Judina often made sure breaks would happen for Alistair, They did need to also be sure to stop. So sleeping and eating could happen, It was not too uncommon they Alistair had a nap at least once or twice a day.

As this all had drawn to a close it was just proof it was some what helpful for Judina, Even if she was still worried about how Lee would recover in this situation, Then again in some manner Lee was just as stubborn and seemed to managed herself well so maybe there was not as much to worry about.

It would be nice to be back in East Fiore and maybe stay back there for a while just while she does as she always does and think over the many things she normally does.

WC:400/400(normally 800 but cut by 50% because of Alistair.)

{exit to East Fiore}

To the East.(Foot Travel.) Alexss10

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