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Sand Sculpting (Hot Fiorian Summer)

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Sand Sculpting (Hot Fiorian Summer) Empty Thu Jul 01, 2021 4:27 pm

Sand Sculpting

Reward: 3 Posts.
Reward: Azure Beach, Hargeon.
Group/Solo: Solo.
Participants: 4.
Description: What will you build and sculpt out of sand?

  • The users must enter this topic.
  • The topic may not be entered if there is already an ongoing game.
  • Everyone doesn't have to enter the topic at once. Users can enter it and chill at the pier till enough participants are in the topic to play the game.
  • Once the topic has 4 people, the game can be started.
  • Each participant must do a post in which they start sculpting from sand while rolling the dice.
  • Obscene creations result in immediate disqualification.
  • The game ends when the last participant has sculpted and rolled. The participant with the highest number is considered the winner.
  • When the game has concluded, a Moderator will confirm the name of the winner in the topic after which everyone is considered to be automatically kicked without the need for an exit post.
  • Each participant only has 24 hours to reply. If they do not reply within 24 hours they're considered disqualified and may not enter the other games in the event anymore.

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