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Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ]

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Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Mon Jun 21, 2021 5:09 pm

It was a new day for the Rune Knight team as they were scheduled to go back to the large building complex in order to cull more giant rats. Shichiro had been in a fairly bad mood since last night as this place didn't even have decent lodgings for travelers. He might have been a little spoiled back in Oak and that's probably fuel to why he was feeling this way but overall he figured he'd get used to it eventually. He was definitely spoiled being stationed in Oak for so long. Now then, onto the business at hand. Shichiro was supposed to meet his teammates here at a certain time of day in order to continue where they had left off. Technically, they didn't need to wait for each other and could just start on their respective floors as soon as they got to the site. So that's just what Shichiro would do. 

He figured he'd periodically call out for them to check and see whether they came or not but overall, he just wanted to finish the basement and get out of there as quickly as possible. Accompanied by his companion, Lily Panther, Shichiro had entered the building, walked down a corridor and eventually found the staircase he had used the day prior in order to descend to basement floor number three. Of course, like before, his companion Lily Panther, had jumped off of the shoulder of Shichiro and began to descend to basement floor number four in order to clear out the rats that may or may not roam there.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Mon Jun 21, 2021 5:41 pm

Keita had been wandering around for a bit, and had rested quite thoroughly yesterday, but before that he had a wonderfully fortuitous encounter, which had still slightly shaken him. It was definitely a good thing, however, as he now had the power of an Earth dragon slayer, which made his magic have complete control over the earth. It took him a while to get used to it, and he was lucky that the mission today started later, as he was definitely sleepy from the night before, training under his dragon master that had found him. The earth dragon found that Keita's personality of being unyielding but calm was perfectly to his tastes, and so his training began. Something else happened, some sort of ritual that Keita did not fully comprehend, and now the dragon could speak directly into his head and give him advice, which was great, as the earth dragon had an amazing experience. 

Keita found himself in the building that they were in before, and he had gotten the information from his cousin earlier that he did not need to wait for him and just go in and start clearing out the rats, and so the monstrous rats would be cleared out. Last time, he had cleared out the second floor, and so this time he was going to simply keep climbing until he found a floor with rats on it and start destroying them. He was much more confident, as his wisp magic was now gone, and replaced with a much mightier version of dragon slayer magic, and so the rats would not know what hit them.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Mon Jun 21, 2021 6:43 pm

Seika had to actually drag himself from the barracks that day due to how shoddy the sleeping arrangements had been. Orchid City definitely was at the top of his shit list and he had only been there for the better part of one day. The whole damn city was full of shit and decay, just a product of it's advanced age. He didn't know whether to be sad, disappointed or furious about it honestly. Clearly the city council was just fucking worthless to let such a historic marvel that was this city literally wither away into nothingness.

His heated thoughts lasted him all the way through the confusing and almost entirely obscured alleys. The damn things were essentially hidden through a combination of the height of the city, the constant and never ending filth and the various construction projects that had allowed the citizens to turn the alleys into tunnels. As such, Seika had been forced to carry a pilot flame with him the whole time and yet he was still worried about pots of sometimes boiling water landing on him from up above. Truly this was a Sol-less land. These heathens needed to be burned away for their own good.

Arriving at the front door, he couldn't tell if he had arrived early or late based on the fact that both Keith and Shichiro were not in the front. Shrugging at this, he'd go ahead and head inside so he could get started. He could take this time to burn off some frustration on some of the rodents.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:19 pm

Currently, Shichiro was in basement floor number three hoping today wouldn't be too much trouble. Placing his hands into his pockets, he stood in the doorway a bit in order to check his surroundings before completely stepping in. He had to make sure he didn't get ambushed for walking in haphazardly. After scanning the room for a little while he decided nothing was strange and decided to walk in. Traversing through the floor, Shichiro had noted it was a different layout than the previous basement floor he was on. Well that was fine with him seeing as he didn't really like being in the same place for too long. Deciding to continue on with his job, Shichiro began to explore the floor he was on. There wasn't much to be seen or heard here other than some critters here and there. Not big enough for Shichiro to care about at least.

He was on the look for either treasure or for giant creatures. At first he had no such luck with either of those objectives but then he stumbled across an old, gold looking lockbox. He would have normally passed over it but seemed to be decorated rather nicely for something that would be left behind or abandoned. He wondered what could be in it if the box itself seems to have a decent value on it's own. The lockbox was trapped under some rubble and it looks like he would be spending some time clearing up some rubble in order to get to it.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Tue Jun 22, 2021 3:28 pm

Keita was cautiously making his way up the stairwell of the building, looking for a good floor to stop on and start his extermination when he suddenly saw a couple of red eyes on his way up. It seemed like there were a couple of these horrible rat creatures here at the moment, and this time was as good as any to start working on the rats. He happened to stop at the fifth floor up, which was quite high, but luckily this entire building was made of stone, so he did not have a hard time fighting in here at all, which was good. The first couple of the large rats started to absentmindedly rush towards him, and so he did a fairly simple thing of sweeping his hand towards them, after which a magic circle appeared on the ground. When the rats ran over the magic circle, spikes made of the stone floor jutted up and skewered the two, instantly dispatching them. 

There were a few other rats around this floor, and it seemed that this floor was some sort of indoor botanical garden or hydroponics bay, as there were hanging plants and basins filled with dirt everywhere, and it seemed that most of the basins had been tipped over, the plants overgrowing everywhere else. Seemed like a good place for these scavengers to be, and so the amount of rats in this room was a lot higher than the others he had been in so far, but that did not bother him much.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 10:56 am

The crackle of heat and light sounded off in front of Seika as he stared into the once infested room. His eyes never wavered as he stared down at his handy work, the intensity of the flames matching the look in his smoldering orbs. His stare hardened as he realized that his anger hadn't been abated by the one room full of the chittering nuisances. Glancing about, he wondered if he would once again find any useless trinkets laying about amongst the corpses, the smell of burnt fur actually tickling his nostrils with a hint of disgust. He couldn't possibly fathom staying in this room for much longer than he needed too.

It would take him a few more seconds to confirm that there had been nothing of value left in the room and so he had allowed himself to vacate the premises before turning around and holding out a palm towards the enclosure. His hand began to glow suddenly as heat lines wafted off the appendage, a spell circle would appear just above the skin of his hand just before a bright light and a flash encompassed everything that had been left in the room. Within a literal moment, the room had been reduced to ash, leaving nothing behind. As the dust and smoky remains floated down from the air, the man would turn away from his handiwork and walk over towards the next room on his list. He still had a job to do, and he was going to try and get through it as fast as possible.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 12:47 pm

As Shichiro was clearing the rubble to get to the lockbox, Lily Panther was off on his own adventure in order to clear the floor beneath the one Shichiro was on. This floor was basement number four and Lily was taking the request Shichiro had given him to go and clear out an entire floor himself. It was just a bunch of mindless rates and with a sword in his hand, he was sure he could clear these things out in one swing or two. Pushing the door open to exit the stairwell, Lily Panther had walked into himself into quite a predicament. As he walked into the initial room, he saw there were at least eight rats scurrying around. Some were already fighting each other. others were chasing each other for the few bits of food they had found.

Letting out a huff, Lily panther drew his sword which drew the attention of the giant rats causing two of them to lunge directly towards him. Unknown to most, Lily Panther was an expert when it came to not only swordsmanship but hand-to-hand combat as well. Hopping towards the giant rats to meet them, Lily simultaneously delivered two kicks, both his left and his right to each rat that he was facing off against. He wasn't sure if it was enough to incapacitate them but at least he wouldn't have to worry about being injured at the moment. Watching the events that unfolded, the other rats were hesitant to attack Lily Panther.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 6:09 pm

Keita was now in a situation where he was faced with three more rats that had come out from the sides and from behind various forms of furniture and walls leading to other rooms on this floor. This was not necessarily a bad thing, but Keita was not quite confident enough in his physical abilities to take them on, especially when they came at him from different angles. So, Keita first started to run to one side of the room, away from the three rats that he could see, so that he could funnel them into an area where he could then use his earth dragon slayer magic to take care of them, much like he took care of the first two rats that had rushed him when he had just got to this floor. He would not use the same tactic twice, however, as rats were actually fairly smart animals. He was unsure if these monstrous rats kept some of the intelligence and cunning that real rats had, and it was better to be safe than sorry, so he would make sure to try and catch them off guard with someone other than throwing a bunch of spikes their way this time. 

As he ran through the floor, he noticed a corridor, and so he ran down it and immediately turned around. This time, two magic circles, one on the floor and a more subtle one on the sealing, opened up. The one on the floor was closer to Keita than it was to the rats, while the one on the ceiling was directly above the rats while they entered the corridor. The rats seemed to notice the magic circle on the floor and stopped, having noticed that the first two rats died to it, and so Keita confirmed that they were somewhat intelligent.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 6:52 pm

It would not take him long to reach the next door on his floor. His irritation just would not be abated by the task of incinerating these rodents. It just wasn't enough for him. There was just too much pissing him off while being in this shitty fucking city, surrounded by this decaying infrastructure and the lackadaisical government officials. If only Shichiro would allow him to burn this travesty to the ground, he would be just a tiny bit more relaxed, but alas he understood why his superior couldn't allow such an order, even if the man clearly wanted to allow him to do so.

Eyes cutting over to the next room, he could see the hunched bodies of the rodents inside and sighed. Looking at his hands, he knew that if he waded inside and attempted to put them away one by one it would definitely take the load off his anger, but he also knew that in such a large group, the rodents actually posed quite a bit of a threat to him. One of them, sure. But a whole swarm? Even he wouldn't hedge his bets on actually making it out without missing a few fingers and toes and some chunks of flesh out of his arms and legs. Instead he would conjure up yet another ball of fire, the majestic orb floating demurely just over the palm of his hand. The sight of it would always calm him down the best. Sol Bless.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:00 pm

Since the rats were befuddled enough to not attack Lily Panther, Lily decided it was in his best interest to attack them and try to take out as many as he could. Sprinting towards the rats, Lily drew his blade once more, slashing at two rats directly in front of him. One of them had snapped out of its confusion long enough to evade Panther while the other one was split horizontally down the middle. One down, seven more to go he thought to himself. Minus the two he kicked earlier, he'd mainly have to focus on the five that were up and conscious. The less opponents he had to face at the same time, the better.

Now that's dispatched one, the rest of the rats came to their senses, realizing this a life or death situation. Even though they were fighting amongst each other, they quickly regrouped and banned together to face this new threat that invaded their home. Once again, two more rats had decided to attack Panther lily but instead of both coming at him at once, one decided to take the lead and circle to the left side of Lily while the other circled to the right side of him. Not only that, another one decided to jump up towards the air, aiming for a spot where PantherLily would be in case he jumped towards the sky. It seems these rats had some kind of pack tactics but he already knew what to do in order to escape this assault.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:11 pm

Faced with three monstrous rats now opposite him in this corridor, it seemed that they had learned from their friends being impaled a few moments earlier that the magic circle on the ground was something that should not be stepped in, and thuis were very wary around it, stopping in their tracks and simply staring at Keita for a moment. Before they could think about anything else, the magic circle that Keita had left on the roof activated, sending a large amount of mud careening down, covering the rats in the sticky substance, preventing movement. The mud would quickly harden into cement, leaving a large block of cement there, suffocating the rats to death. Keita did not like this particular way of dealing with these creatures, but it was something that he had thought of the spur of the moment. He did not have many other offensive options at the moment, considering he was still very new at using the magic that was given to him by the ancient earth dragon. 

Eventually he would be able to think quicker on his feet with this magic, and train some spells that would al;low him to dispatch his enemies in a much more humane way, but for now, this was what he could do at the moment. He was done with these enemies, the only five he had seen, but he still needed to walk through the floor some more, and he decided to turn around and continue in the direction of this corridor.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:26 pm

His presence finally caught the attention of the rodents, their chittering slowing to a crawl. He could hear and see all of their furry frames shuffling about as they regarded the large man standing before them with interest. The glowing ball of fire in his hand was something of interest to the creatures as their fascination with his form and the shiny object in his hands captivated them. Their danger senses hadn't gone off just yet as they had no reason to worry, the strange creature standing before them hadn't made any sudden moves, and the thing he held was shiny, it was interesting with the way it glowed in the darkness. It would be this level of safety that would get them all killed.

The ball of fire in his hand began to glow brighter just before it condensed itself into a spinning ball of plasma. The fluid like state of matter bubbled and roiled about as it expanded wildly to the size of a beach ball finally spooking the rodents into action as they tried to scurry away from the big light that was also very hot. Those closest to the suddenly expanding ball of plasma were the most unfortunate as they instantly caught aflame with no time to even understand how it happened. The sudden expansion of heat and size had caused a small heatwave to blast out from the ball of plasma incinerating those nearest to him. It was fascinating to watch them squirm about on fire.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:27 pm

Panther Lily decided he wouldn't jump or move backwards as there was no room for him to jump backwards to begin with. Instead, he figured he'd just step forward in order to evade the attacking giant rats. With a swift dash, Panther Lily closed the distance on the one running directly in front of him in order to swift swing of his musika sword sword, Lily Panther would damage the one in front of him causing it to suffer from a deep wound. Unfortunately for him, it wasn't deep enough to dispatch the rat as it began to writhe around in pain and squealing. This only further served to anger the rats as their plan had failed and they decided to once again attack Panther Lily all at once, once more. 

Now Panther Lily had a lot more room to work with as he was in the middle of the floor which was seemingly a large underground lobby of some sort. Maybe not a lobby but something close to a meeting room for certain individuals. brushing his thoughts of the structure of the basement, Panther Lily readied his sword once more in hopes of being able to put one or two more of these rats down for good. As they all began to rush him, Lily began to dart around the room with his speed. The rats were just as fast as he was, if not faster, but it was better than being a still target for them to leisurely gang up on.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:03 pm

With the three rat monsters dealt with, Keita then turned his attention behind him, where he was originally running, which was a fairly long corridor. This obviously led to another large area of this floor, but as to what he would find when he got over there, that was still a mystery. If he had to guess based on the layout and contents of this floor, he would probably think it was some sort of storage area, or a p[lace that had even more hydroponics basins, but different types of plants that could not mesh well with the types in the previous room. Keita continued along the corridor with caution, making sure that he was no9t going to be ambushed by any of the rat monsters should they be right around the corner, and he slowly got to the corner and pressed his shoulder along the wall. 

Leaning around the corner slightly, he took a glance into the room beyond, and in this room he could see two more of the rat creatures walking around, looking for things to chew on. Agin, like the first room, this room had a lot of the furniture that was once inside of it chewed on and destroyed, but nothing that could not be salvaged or replaced. In fact, he saw a plant that seemed to be a large purple lotus, still perched in some sort of water basin, and he knew that this could be used to make a consumable that would give someone a much better chance at resisting the effects of a disease, and it was highly sought after. This was probably one of the treasures that Shichiro was talking about them claiming for their work in this building.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:03 pm

The toasty rats screeched out in pain as the others pushed and shoved past their own to try and get to safety, sadly for them, there was no longer any safe place in the room. There was no desk, no nook and cranny, no hidey hole, that could provide them shade nor safety from the rapidly expanding ball of plasma, nor the roiling waves of heat that continued to pulse off its unstable shell. The creatures screeched and panicked with increasing intensity as the heat from the ball of plasma kicked into a new level. The room itself seemed to shake with the amount of power it was letting off as everything nearby aside for Seika, his clothing, the floor and the walls had been essentially burned to nothing. No furniture stood where he was any longer. Nor were there any rodents, nor any trinkets. Everything was just. Gone.

Finally after a few more torturous moments, the young man would finally release the glowering ball in the direction of the huddling pile of rodents. The beasts had occasionally caught aflame amidst the roiling heat, causing some of them to inadvertently cook their compatriots. As thus, the remainder were left to screech horribly before fading to ash as the ball approached them from the far corner, the incessant horrific noises disappearing into nothing as the ball crossed the room. It hadn't even needed to impact the rodents for it to burn them all to ash. Such was the Forbidden Sun.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:14 pm

As Panther Lily continued his skirmish  against the giant rats, we find Shichiro back on basement floor three clearing out the rubble in order to dig out the golden lockbox from where it was trapped. Successfully getting it out of the rubble, Shichiro decided to look around for the surface . Finding a destroyed table with a broken pillar around it. Deciding to put the box on the table, it seems to serve its purpose even if it was kind of a mess. Now the next thing on his agenda was to figure out how to get it open. It seems there were two different ways of unlocking it. One way was requiring a key to unlock it and the other way was a passcode in order to unlock it.

Of course, Shichiro didn't have access to either of those in order to get the box to open. Weighing his options, he had to think about what he could do to successfully open it. Opening it normally was out of the question as he didn't have access to a key or the passcode to the box itself. He was also aware that if he damaged the lock in any way, shape or form. The contents were trapped inside of there for good and lastly, if he tried to just brute force open the box with any other means, he might accidentally destroy whatever valuable contents were in it, or at least, he assumed they were valuable if somebody was going through the trouble of putting stuff in here.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 8:38 pm

Keita’s eyes were stuck on the large lotus, but he also knew that he needed to handle the two rat creatures first, and he wondered why it was the only plant in here that the rat creatures had not yet devoured. He thought that it might be somewhat poisonous if it was not prepared properly, and maybe they knew that, considering that as rats they should have a pretty good sense of smell, so Keita assumed that it was poisonous. Keita slowly walked into the room in a slight crouched position, as this would allow him to sneak up on the rat monsters, as it seemed that their sense of sight and hearing were not that good, and relied mostly on their sense of smell. He would definitely be smelled before he was actually close enough to stab them or something, but this was not what he was after. All he needed toi do was get close enough to put a magic circle near them, and it would be over, and he could go an collect the flower.

As he walked closer, he noticed that the two rats had their back turned to him and were scratching at the floor, nibbling on any bits and pieces of edible plant life they could get their teeth on, and soon Keita was close enough to where he simply started casting his magic. With a sweep of his hand, a  magic circle appeared on the floor in between the two rats, and then suddenly a sphere of thorns appeared, stabbing into the two rats, killing them instantly.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:09 pm

The glorious light of his forbidden sudden radiated throughout the room just before it impacted the far wall and exploded violently, rocking the entire structure with shockwaves and the loud crack of an explosion. Seika actually winced at this as he realized that Forbidden Sun might have actually been a bit too much overkill for the job they had been given and hoped that he wouldn't get cursed out by Shichiro for essentially causing more damage for their client to fix when they finally got done. At the very least his anger had finally calmed down by a large amount, no longer wanting to set the nearest person on fire anymore. Now he really just wanted to leave ground zero, but knew that he had to check the destruction that he had caused with his recklessness. Ho boy Tempris would have a fit if she were around.

Thoughts of the small child he had an interest in left him with a chuckle in his throat. He actually wondered where she was, probably killing some infidels back out in that civil war that he had assisted in awhile ago.

Returning back to the present day, he'd peer through the smoke and see the rather large hole that now existed in the side of the building that allowed him to catch sight of the Orchid skyline. Frowning at the sight, he knew he was going to get chewed out. There was no such thing as shutting the door and pretending it didn't happen. "Fuck..." was all he could mutter before turning around. He'll deal with it later.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:21 pm

In the end, Shichiro figured he'd just search the room for a key that may or may not be around or some kind of hint that would allow him to open the box up with a passcode. it had occurred to him that he could easily take this to some kind of professional locksmith and get them to open it. Though it would cost him a pretty penny and a gamble, he would rather try and find some clue as to how to get the box opened. Shichiro would then head back into the area he found the box in hopes he'd find a key or something along those lines. leaving the lockbox there, Shichiro continued to search around the area he had initially found the box. 

He wasn't having too much luck considering the state of the floor, even the entire building itself most likely.  Even though it was highly unlikely he'd find the key and box in the same area, he figured it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot and so he looked around. Not only did he look around that initial area where he found the box, eventually his search expanded to the entirety of the floor he was on. He didn't have much luck so he figured he'd have to go with his initial plan of just carrying the box with him at all times and having a locksmith open it for him, hoping it was something that would be worth more than the money he paid and the effort he put in. He had heard a loud boom but he blinked, ignored it and figured he would get to the bottom of that a bit later.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:29 pm

Keita had just finished sneak attacking the two rat monsters in this room when he looked around vigilantly, trying to find any other enemies that might be here, and after looking around for a bit, found nothing. He cautiously made his way to the third room employing his stealth tactics again, but there seemed to be no enemies in the third room either, that room actually being the storage room that Keita had thought about earlier. It contained nothing but some chewed up boxes and leftover light bulbs and basins for more plants, so of course there was nothing of interest in this room to draw the creatures to it, and so it was mostly untouched. After confirming that there was nothing else worth anything on this floor, he figured that it was about time he headed back to the others so that they could get out of here, but first he wanted to get his hands on that plant he had seen in the room earlier when he was dealing with the rat monsters. 

Keita started walking over to the second room from the third, and this was when a large explosion seemed to go off, and it triggered a miniature earthquake, knocking him from his feet for a moment, before subsiding and returning to the usual calm. Keita was somewhere ese on the floor plan, so there was really nothing he could do, and he wondered if that was Seika or Shichiro, before heading over to grab the plant.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:35 pm

Leaving the room entirely, he'd close the door behind himself so he could actually head on down the hallway and clear one more room before heading back and essentially explaining why he had blown a hole in the wall. The anger he had had when he entered the facility was now completely gone, replaced with apprehension at the thought of essentially being scolded for destroying the clients property in an effort to cleanse the location of their rodent issue. It wasn't that he was trying to be overly destructive. Just thorough. Leave no stone unturned and all the jazz.

He would slide the door to his last room with a sigh, eyes barely cresting over the furry forms of the rodents, the pack animals already in a ruckus over the shaking and sound that had just come from the room right down the hallway. They hadn't even known it was him to cause it, but they knew that anything coming from that direction was bad news bears. As such the room was a flurry of activity as plump furry bodies skittered this way and that to find some place to hide before whatever had caused that shaky boom noise to come across their senses.

It was the entrance of Seika that had pushed their instincts into overdrive. The smell of burnt flesh and ash wafting off his body and into their sharp nostrils. They instinctually knew it was him. He had burned the hive. He had burned the dark. He was the one. He was the enemy.


Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:39 pm

Well, he had finished the floor for today so he figured it was time for him to leave and regroup with his group of knights. Picking up the box in hand, Shichiro decided to make his way back to the stairwell. Before going up the stairs, Shichiro figured it was best to see if his companion was having and luck finding items or trouble with the giant rats they were supposed to be killing. Taking a trip down the flight of steps, he pushed open the door to where his companion was. Inside the room, he saw what was a massacre and wondered what had gone on here. Although Shichiro figured his companion was strong enough to handle rats since he took out most mages with ease, he was still slightly worried.

In a corner, he found his companion panting heavily, trying to catch his breath. He picked up the fatigued Panther Lily, placing him on his shoulder and walked back to the stairwell in order to make it back to the lobby where he would attempt to call for both Seika and Keita. Once they had all met back up, Shichiro inquired about hearing a kind of explosion and asked both of them if they knew the source of it. Regardless of their answer, Shichiro would just chuckle a bit and keep it out of mind before guiding them all to the neutral guild in order to collect their payment for the day. As for the gold lockbox, he took it to a locksmith to have it pried open discovering old valuables that he shared with his knights.



Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 9:47 pm

After the rumbling had stopped, Keita started walking briskly over to the large purple flower in the corner of the room, but he was not going to be an idiot about it. This flower was not going to be picked easily, considering Keita saw that the flower was untouched, so it was definitely poisonous. Keita made his way over to it, but made sure not to get too close, and so Keita stopped at around ten feet away from the flower, before using his magic to summon up a small golem out of the ground. The golem walked over and scooped up the flower in the basin and all, before walking around ten feet behind Keita as Keita started to walk towards the stairwell. He hoped that whatever caused that explosion and the rumbling did not cause any damage to the stairwell, as he was not looking forward to attempting to hop down a couple of floors so that he could get out of here. Once he had gotten to the stairwell, he looked down at it, making sure that it was still in one piece. 

After that, he kicked the ground a bit, and then even made another golem so that the golem could walk down the stairs, as they weighed more than Keita. This seemed fine, and he made his way down the stairs to meet up with the rest and leave with them. “Heya guys, did you get anything worthwhile?” Keita would ask, the large purple flower carried by his golem in full view. After chatting with them about what happened, he would exit with them.



Pest Control [Keita/Seika/NQ] Empty Wed Jun 23, 2021 11:19 pm

His danger senses kicked up a notch as the beady eyed fuckers began to round onto his position with interest. Clearly he had done something to garner their attention, which was obvious, he had just got done literally incinerating a whole room of the fuckers. Maybe he should tone it down for the next few rooms he had to do. Alerting the rodents to the fact that there was an exterminator in their midst would just make his job that much harder. He had yet to bring out a flame in this room, which would lull the small critters into a false sense of security.

Their bodies inching closer as they had felt out the threat level of the being in front of them. Their prey was weak. Their prey had wasted too much time, too much energy before he had reached them. Their prey was alone. They could overwhelm him. They could overpower him. They could-

Hot. Hot. Hot. It was hot. There was too much heat. There was too much light. It was far too loud. They were screaming, yet they could not hear themselves any longer. Escape. They needed to escape. They needed to find a hole and escape. They had to. They had to escape now. They had-

And then it was over. Shaking out his hand, the tall man stared at the scene of the roasted rodents all laying where they were immolated. Lips pursing at the sight, he'd turn and head towards the front. He'd search the area tomorrow, for now he had to link back up with his superior and partner for a debriefing.


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