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Tournament Arc Quest (Roc)

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It had been many weeks since he had encountered the Wizard Lord Odin who had been captured by the newly appointed Kingsguard Shichiro. Their battle hadn't been interesting at the slightest, but Ramses had been able to copy a few spells before he left the area. He still felt like that he could have probably defeated them both with the combined efforts of Asimov, but simply decided not to because he was still exploring Fiore.

Ezekiel's disappearance was still a factor. Ramses had came to Fiore in order to join his guild, but he had been unable to find him. At the moment he wasn't interested in joining any other guild, but if one interested him then he probably would. The sun shined hard in Baska as he was making his way towards the tournament area. He had been hired to complete in a Doubles Fighting Tournament. His partner would be a man by the name of Roc.

Ramses was still weak. Even he knew he would be able to win most fights without the help of Asimov. Luckily anything was permitted in the tournament. "It looks like we will breeze through this thing." said Ramses out-loud. A series of beeps and bops could be heard from above in response. The area where he was currently walking was filled to the brim with people of all types. He could feel mana oozing from some of them, but most of them were weak. He just hoped his partner wasn't one of the weak ones.

#2Roc Aeros 

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Roc Aeros
I walked through the town on my way to sign ups, I lived the mana I felt oozeing from the people of this city, its so rich compared to the dreary forest, people everywhere. I get to the sign up desk I was already registered but I still had to sign in to say I was here, I I quickly fill out the form, before handing it to the lady at the desk.

"and what name will the cintestant be using for the duration of the tournament?"

"Roc, no last name"

The lady gave me a smile and directions on where to go, I nod and leave with a quick thank you, best not be rude to anyone, they could disqualify me from that sweet prize! Following the directions I arrive in a open area with a bunch of different contestants, most of them seemed fairly week but one... one of them was quite strong, I could feel the power oozing off of him and it drive me crazy, why was he here.

He was powerful, too powerful for this place from what I knew this was an easy tournament meant for beginners, why is someone as powerful as him here? Is it a trap, is he after something? No matter, I walk up to the lot and ask them who my partner is.


There we go, that help me find my partner, I just hope I don't go up against that super powerful guy during this tournament.


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Ramses would hear an individual speak his name causing the skeletal man to turn around and be met with a pink haired teenager. Upon observing him, he could see that the kid didn't look like much. He didn't care though, the battle that would take place would be over before their opponents could even blink their eye. "I'm Ramses and I would prefer if you didn't going around screaming my name." said the Lich while approaching the boy. Asimov flew up high above. "Follow me to the tournament area." said Ramses while making his way towards where there fight was suppose to be.

There was a mana projector high in the sky that showed the order of fights and their battle was up next. "Just stay behind me and you won't have to lift a muscle." muttered Ramses. As he walked, Ramses could see the people around him staring and whispering. Seeing a Lich seemed to be a bad omen around Fiore. There was no need to disguise himself. The mana that he radiated cause everyone one around him to feel fear and become weaker. It wouldn't take long before they arrived at their destination. It was a simple square shaped arena. Two people were already standing on it and they were waiting for Ramses and his partner to arrive. Little did they know they were about to be swept off the face of the earth. A smirk would appear on his skull. Today would be great.

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Roc Aeros
'Ok, so that really powerful dude is your partner, no big deal, no need to freak out this is actually a good thing, it means you don't have to do as much work!' If only that actually calmed me down, my mind was going a hundred miles an hour, I had just called what was probably the strongest person in this tournament a pineapple... I didn't know wheather to piss myself or laugh my ass off, and that's usually not a good sign. I follow him to the stadium almost instinctively from that and as we arrive... he whispers that in my ear telling me to stay back, to leave it to him.

He was powerful no doubt, he could beat everyone here without lifting a finger, and if I went against him he could smack me down like an unruly fly but then... he would be taking MY glory, he would take MY fun, even with this factor in play a normal person would let him not believing it worth it to go against him but many would often forget a single fact.

I was not a normal person.

As we entered the ring, I could see there were two people with average magic, they would lose, but even still they had magic, so they weren't to be underestimated. The bell rung and the one on the right with blue hair shot a blade of water from his hand at me as the other one with grey hair tried to punch Ramsey with a hand of solid darkness.

It wasn't much to deal with, I just dodged the blade and ran forward, chop to the neck then flip slam him into the floor and he was out like a light.


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Ramses simply watched as the other man went to defeat his opponent. He had met people who were wild before, but this man was as wild as they came. A chuckle would escape his lips after the watching the short battle. All while he was watching the battle, the man who would be his opponent had been eyeing him down, trying to find an opening. However, Ramses was a man with very few openings. One would have to think hard if they were to attempt to find an opening on the Lich. Though he wondered if the man was simply scared.

The aura Ramses poured from his body had made both of their opponents weaker. So the battle was easier than it seemed. Not to forget that the longer they stood near each other the faster their mana would escape their bodies. "Humans. Such feeble minds." whispered Ramses while rushing forward towards his own opponent. Asimov followed closely above. The machine already knew what it was suppose to do if Ramses got into any sort of battle. Across from him he could see the man rushing towards him as well. A sound would echo through the arena as dozens of missiles came from Asimov and hit the man in his chest sending him flying back far.

The battle had been over before it had even started. A smirk would have appeared on Ramses face if he had a mouth, but alas he didn't. After his battle he would make his way towards his partner.

#6Roc Aeros 

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Roc Aeros
Right, mission done and other dude beaten somewhere over there, quick and easy match I'm fairly ready for the next one already, when Ramsey begins heading towards me, I begin to get nervous, he's a fuckin skeleton man! I didn't notice until Inwas in the match, but my partner is litterally a walking skeleton like some sorta king of the pumpkin patch lookin kumquat, of course all that didn't help me deal with his power, you know the one that he is letting off like a gust of wind in all directions, it's not the best to be in the middle of, especially after he used a bit of it to beat the other guy like a bongo on the day of the dead.

"hey, you did pretty good over there, finished him off pretty quickly at least, now we got one less round to go through, should be a bit harder from here on out, although I'msure you could deal with it on your own if you really needed to yeah? By the way, how do you poop?"

I spoke fast, some of it out of fear another bit out of a need to talk, and a final part that was really freakin curious as to how he poop, seriously where would it come from, how would it form, could you just passively see your stomach making poop as you ate? Because that doesn't sound very mugh fun to me.


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After beating his opponent, Ramses would hear the his pink haired partner speak to him. The sound of falling debris could be heard as he turned to face the man. "You can thank Asimov for that." said Ramses while turning his back to the man. Beginning to walk back towards the tournament center, Ramses would speaking again saying "Maybe in the future we will meet up again in this tournament. I plan to be in Baska for several days. If we are paired again I hope the odds will be in our favor." With that being said he would walk past the crowd that was clapping for them.

Asimov's attack had did quite the amount of damage to his opponent, but the man wouldn't die. The sun was beginning to set and Ramses needed to pick up his reward for completing the fight. The tournament center wasn't that far away from the stage, so it didn't take that long for him to arrive at it. After arriving, Ramses would stand in line, his body hidden by a hooded cloak. One by receptionists handed out rewards and it wouldn't be long before he came to the front of the line.

He was quickly handed his reward and would begin walking towards the outskirts of Baska. In fact he had lied. Ramses wasn't going to stay in Baska for long. He had places he needed to be, but maybe in the future he would return and meet the same people.


#8Roc Aeros 

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Roc Aeros
Well at least he had fun, upside means I don't die! Downside being I just helped a wierd skeleton thing win a tournament... oh well, in the end none of that matters,  because I still get paid for this? I leave the tournament with the sound of the crowds cheers at my back and a whistle on my lips as I walked out it wasn't that bad of a tournanent all in all, but it definetly was scary being around a person with that much power for such a long time letting out all that extra mana.

But moving away from that whole thing what am I doing next? I'll probably go around from job to job but I mean, I need to eventually get back to fiore... but the guild hall is so empty there! No one there to talk to, no one there to do stuff with and nothing to do even if there was people there, and boring things are things I don't want to do. I need fun, and to get my rank up, seriously I can't stay D-rank forever! I need better quests if I wanna do more fun quests qnd get more money to get more freinds.

I stopped, I still didn't have one of those, did I? Maybe... maybe I could try to do that, maybe I could make a freind while I'm here? Yeah, tha- that sounds like fun, so thats the goal.

A freind.


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