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Pest Control [Keita/Seika]

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Pest Control [Keita/Seika] Empty Wed Jun 16, 2021 10:31 pm

Arriving in Orchid City, Shichiro wasn't sure what to do as he'd never been here before. At first glance, he thought it wasn't a city to begin with as it had the appearance of an old, overgrown city with streets lined with crumbling, derelict buildings and rough stretches of asphalt buried under carpets of moss and entwined with vines. Annexes and additions have been stacked organically onto the ruins, and the roots of trees spread out across the roads. Closer towards its center, the city is cleaned and repaired to a degree; streets are swept clean of debris, and buildings repainted or decorated. He thought it was crazy anybody could live in these conditions but it seems where there's a will there is a way. Ushering the other two out of his airship, he'd make a suggestion.

"Well, here we are. orchid city just like the map had told me. I have to admit, this isn't what I was expecting to see at all. This place looks as if it should be abandoned but it's not. Well, since we'll be stationed in this city for the time being, I guess it'll be in our best interest to find some work to pass the time and maybe even make some connections or something. What do you guys think about this situation," Shichiro had asked them in the end. His companion had remained silent of course throughout this speech as it was currently on the verge of falling asleep so his question and suggestion was more aimed towards his two Knights.


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Seika yawned and stretched himself out as they began to land in Orchid. His sleepy orange eyes turned and regarded the city with a bit of interest, the aged and dilapidated architecture a sharp contrast to the likes of cities like Era or Oak. It was actually fairly interesting that such a city had maintained such old buildings in the face of the ever changing trends and fads. Even Era had seemed to change its skyline over the past few years that he had been stationed there during training, the more pointed gothic style buildings had been slowly replaced by looming towers and more squared off apartment block style buildings. It was a sort of renaissance of architecture that had inspired many new works of art in the area to be made. It was one of the few things that made Era, and by extension Crocus, one of the more desired locations to live in recently.

Stepping up from his quarters on the air ship, the Apprentice would rise up through the levels of the airship before leaving along side Shichiro and Keita, glancing about some more, he could see they weren't too far from the west gate, maybe half a click or so away to be exact. Rolling his shoulders, he'd look over at his superior and partner, "We could check in with the local guild while we're here. See if there's any persons of interest in the area?" He'd look to see how the both of them would take his suggestion even as he himself shrugged at the thought.


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Keita was watching the scenery change, and Orchid did seem really beautiful to him, at least from above in the air ship as they were traveling. They started to touch down somewhere in a field just outside of the city. The city was still just as beautiful on land as it was from the air, but this was just its natural beauty, as it seemed that the dilapidated and crumbling buildings covered in vines were not the best places to stay, although it did look nice. Much like a bunch of moss might look beautiful, but you still would not want it growing all over your walls and floor. Still, staying here for a bit to do some requests seemed fine, as they could take in the scenery for a bit. It did seem like a fun place to visit but not to live. 

Keita followed Shichiro's lead as he ushered them out of the air ship and into the town proper, and then  asked them their takes on what they should do in the town. "I'm willing to go to the local guild and pick up a guild request. Always nice to do something good, plus we'll probably get to tour the new place." Keita said, agreeing with Seika on his idea to head to the local guild to get our bearings. Although this place looked a little worse for wear, it was at least pleasant if you enjoyed plants and the outdoors, which Keita did.


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It seems both of his comrades had the same idea which was to check out the local guild in order to find some work. it'd be weird for him to do so alone considering his standing but if he brought these two along and repurposed it as training then he'd at least feel a little better about it. With that Shichiro would respond with, "Alright, this sounds like a plan. Let's go see if we can't find something entry level to do that will help us memorize this area faster." With that Shichiro decided to head off in a direction. As he walked, he realized he's never been here before and didn't know where he was going. Afterwards, he decided to ask some residents about the guilds where he could pick up work and if they could get some directions to said place. After a few attempts, he was successful in getting directions and went the way he was directed to go in. by a civilian.

Eventually, he'd come across a neutral guild building that seemingly had quite a bit of work to do and not enough members to do it so they had higher able bodied mages and adventurers to help offload the work. Walking into the building and then the counter where there was an attendant, Shichiro had asked "Hey, are there any odd jobs that the three of us might be able to take on? Something entry level please as it's our first time in this city and we'd like to use this as an opportunity to get to know this area," Shichiro had said, hoping for something easy.


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It seemed the other two had taken to his idea quite well as not only Keita, but also Shichiro, had spoken up in agreement to check out the local guild. Thinking on it himself it was a pretty good idea no doubt. It would help them get in contact with what could be considered the local 'authorities' as well as get some idea of a lay of the land. Considering that the local regiment of the Rune Knights seemed to be either understaffed or kept to themselves, it was best that they talked to the local guild instead of their own fellows.

Once again falling in step with Shichiro, he'd sit his hands in the front pockets of his orange jumpsuit, his head swiveling about as he walked alongside Keita, his orange eyes taking in the various sights around him before tilting his head and regarding his partner Keita with a side glance, "So what happened to you for the last mission? I figured you were also stationed under Ser Shichiro?" It was a valid question in all honesty. They were Apprentice Knights underneath the Kingsguard, as such they were tasked with following his orders and accompanying him on most of his missions to gain knowledge and power under a superior. It was also expected of them to follow the man into the Department of War, but it wasn't necessarily a given. Sometimes Apprentices went into different departments.

Whether or not his question was answered didn't matter as they would arrive at the local guild within thirty minutes. Seika would watch Shichiro take charge and request information for any quests that the guild clearly couldn't handle at the time. Keeping his thoughts and opinions to himself, he'd wisely watch from the side until they were given their marching orders, or until Keita responded to him.


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Keita walked with the two people towards the guild hall of this town, which seemed to be a bit run down, but there was nothing that they could do about this, the entire town was run down at this point. Still, as they were walking forward, it seemed that Seika wanted to say something, and so he asked what happened on the last mission. Keita was a bit confused, as he was not assigned to Shichiro, he just tagged along a bit, and Shichiro had to put in special orders for Keita to even join him on the higher tiered requests from the guild, so he was simply unaware of what Seika was talking about. He assumed that Shichiro did a large number of missions without him, so there was no reason that he would be on that one as well. Apparently Seika and Shichiro had done a mission without him, and he was unaware. 

"I was most likely doing another request at the time. I'm not particularly assigned to Shichiro or anything, so I was looking for other requests to help out the people." Keita said in all honesty. He was still low ranked in the guild, so he did not have a whole lot of leeway in terms of the things he did, but he liked to take requests that helped random people. After this small conversation, it seemed that Shichiro was finished with selecting a mission for the three of them, and so it was about time they went out and did it. Keita was curious as to the contents of the request they were about to do.


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As the other two knights spoke amongst each other, Shichiro took it upon himself to handle the mission and the details of the request. As soon as he asked the previous question, the attendant hadn't said a word and just began to look from sheets of paper in order to find something that could be done even to newcomers like Shichiro and his party. Eventually, the attendant had pulled out a particular sheet of paper with a request on it before handing it to Shichiro saying, "Hopefully this one tickles your fancy. It's easy,. relatively safe and you don't need to travel far. You do need to put in some effort however as it will involve a bit of a workout." Taking the sheet of paper, Shichiro took a glance at the request to see what the party would need to do. According to the paper, a wealthy business owner had recently purchased a new building that he hopes to turn into a drug store. 

Unfortunately, they had a large  pest problem that involved giant rats. The rats were the size of dogs and quite vicious. If not careful, they could take down even the most seasoned adventures and mages alike. There was also a side objective of any valuables that are discovered by the party be returned to the new owner as they were basically considered his property. Shichiro couldn't say he liked the sound of that last part and in his head made an excuse of 'how it doesn't work that way'. He figured he'd just pocket the goods and split them among his team should they come across anything valuable. He’d then hand the paper over to the other two to see what they make of this request.


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Standing back with Keita, he would listen as the boy mentioned that he wasn't actually assigned to Shichiro's detail like Seika had been. Frowning at this, he could see that it made a bit of sense. Like Shichiro, Keita hadn't been at the barracks back in Oak, and most likely had been there of his own accord rather than being stationed in Oak like the rest of the Rune Knights in that city. That was interesting news in all honesty. He didn't even know they were allowed to just move about on their own assignments until they were considered Seated Knights themselves, but to be allowed free reign as even a Page was pretty fortunate for the young lad.

Nodding back to the young lad, he'd turn his attention back to the inquiring Shichiro as the man was handed a quest sheet and read over the details himself before he handed them the sheet as well. Seika would take the sheet and look it over, an eyebrow cocking at the details before a small scowl would cross his face. While yes, he would have the chance to immolate things, rats were always pesky creatures, no matter how large or small they were. He had almost wanted to complain that killing the rodents would be a waste of time, but they were here to complete jobs anyway, so he handed the sheet off to Keita and gave Shichiro a look. "When do we head off?"


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Keita noticed that Seika gave him a strange look, and he knew why. Usually another knight would escort you around, but the short handed-ness of the Rune Knights currently meant that he did not have anyone to be assigned under, but that did not mean he was free to roam wherever. He had a handler in the Rune Knights that was more of a logistics person, and until a more suitable knight came along, Keita would simply request to go with Shichiro, so it was almost like they were bonded together, just not as tightly as Seika and Shichiro, considering the normal procedures. Still, Keita was still fairly new, and he just followed orders, so technically he did not even know he was some sort of abnormality in Seika's eyes and simply continued waiting for Shichiro to get handed a request that they could take. 

Soon, a request was given, and the piece of paper with the details was passed around, and when Keita got the paper, he glanced at it before wondering if he was going to be able to do anything again this time. His magic was good against animals, but rats were known to actually be somewhat intelligent and so he was unsure of the efficacy of his wisps this time, although he would give it a shot. He was fairly decent with his body itself, so it wasn't like he was absolutely helpless, but providing nothing more than a distraction when these two could burn enemies to the ground was... at least he hoped that they could control the flames a bit. Keita nodded and waited to follow the two to their destination.


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After passing around the sheet so the others had gotten the gist of that task they were doing, Shichiro had turned back to the receptionist and told them they would take this job and to give them the location of the building they were supposed to be clearing out. The receptionist nodded, taking the sheet of paper back and giving them the directions to the building they were supposed to head in and clear out. Giving a slight nod, Shichiro thanked the receptionist and began to leave the neutral guild hall with the other two in tow. Making his way to their destination, Shichiro found himself twisting and turning his head each way in order to take as many of the sights in as possible. 

He didn't want to risk blindly going to the building and getting lost on his way back to the neutral guild's headquarters. After a brief walk, the four of them managed to arrive at some shabby looking skyscraper of a building. Shichiro had to admit, this was the first time he had seen a building so tall. The three of them were supposed to clear out all the rats in a building this large? This was going to take some time and effort. Not to mention there was the side objective of collecting valuables to give to the new owner. He had no intention of doing so however as he believed in finders keepers and most likely would be paid less than the items were actually worth anyhow.


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He never received a direct answer for his inquiry, but when Shichiro left, he also stepped away. Falling back in step, his hands naturally slipped back into his overalls. Smoldering coals raked over the sights as he took in the various details of the city they were in during their second excursion into the city itself. This time they found themselves being lead down seemingly random back alleys and hovels on their own to their location. The winding pathway was disorienting in a way but after a quick glance at the heavily obscured sky to regain his bearings he could tell that they were heading due south from the guild house.

Stepping out of the near darkness of the alleys, the trio would come out into blindingly bright plaza filled with the sounds of laughter and merriment greeting them. Getting used to the sense of sight again after using his right hand as a visit, he was greeted with the sight of a dilapidated tower. The tower itself looked to be about fifty years old and hadn't been properly taken care of since it was erected.

Taking in all the sights, Seika would garner a glance at his two compatriots and wonder idly what they thought of the locale. It wasn't that bad in his opinion. Sure the building could definitely use some work, but nothing a team of mages could do in a day, day and a half tops. Of course he'd rather burn the whole bitch down but that's just him.


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Keita was following Shichiro and was a bit behind Seika as well as they walked down the abandoned looking streets towards a large building. They could see the incredibly tall building in the distance, but Keita did not think that they were going to go there for their mission, as it simply did not cross his mind that someone would want to renovate a building that large, or perhaps that monstrous rats would not hang out in a tall building like that, but they were definitely going to that building. As they were getting closer, Keita was sort of site seeing, as he looked around at the overgrown town. He wondered if the town was actively being worked on, or if the people who owned the roads and such of the town liked it looking this way, as it looked a lot closer to nature than most towns. 

They got to the front of the large building in a few minutes of walking, and it was about time that they went in. The plaza that they were in was fairly packed, and Keita wondered why, but not enough to actually ask anyone, as he was on the job. Looking at the other two, he felt like the first floor, at least the lobby of the building, would not have any of the monstrous rats in there, as it was a bit too close to the plaza full of people, and they would most likely be giving it a wide birth if they could see the rats roaming around, and so Keita thought it was safe enough to open the lobby door and pop in first.


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Well, there was no use complaining about it now. Entering the tall, eighty story building, Shichiro led his team into the building which seems to have been a ruined lobby of some kind. Looking around, Shichiro could see ruined stonework and the remains of furniture that used to be used when this place was active way back when. Near the wall where a receptionist would have been, Shichiro had found a made of the entire old building. It turns out there were an additional five floors that went below ground level. It wasn't anywhere close to the catacombs of Oak but it would have still been pretty bad one way or another. Giving a sigh, he'd turn towards his team knowing this would not be a task that would be completed in the same day, or week, maybe even a month. He then decided to ask them what they should do about this particular situation.

 "Alright guys, here we are. This seems like a lot of work. So how should we go about doing this? Luckily there's no time limit so we can take our time since it doesn't seem like this was ever gonna be finished in a day, or even a month. So, should we split up and each take a floor or should we stay together and take our time with it? Also, side note, we're keeping whatever we find that's valuable. Let's call it a "finder's fee." It's clear the person hiring us is quite crooked so we might as well help ourselves to whatever we find ourselves," Shichiro said, a sneer growing across his face.


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It seemed they were both about their business today, something he could appreciate honestly. He'd watch the both of them go ahead and move towards the building. Shrugging to himself, he'd ignore the sights and sounds around him as he also approached their target location with a purpose. Rolling his right shoulder, he would follow just behind Shichiro as Keita opened the door for the trio. It would take a minute for his eyes to adjust to the difference in light. Seeing the dilapidated lobby of the building, he couldn't help but not care at the lack of a human presence. Things like this were common where he was from, buildings that had been left to nature to deal with. It was things like this that reminded him that only Sol was eternal, everything that man did or created would eventually rot and wither away until it was nothing but dust and ash.

Sucking at his teeth, he'd turn back to his superior officer and listen to the man's options for handling this mission. Looking about, he reckoned that if they each took a floor or even half a floor it would probably make the entire process go by so much faster. So with that in mind, he'd hold up a hand, producing a small flame before speaking, "Definitely should take a floor each. While we may have as much time as we want, I'd rather not have all of us all in the same area if we're going to be doing crowd control. I don't know about either of you, but I tend to burn everything in an area when I'm trying to remove pests."


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Keita wandered into the first floor of the large building and started to take a look around. It looked even worse than the rest of the town, and this saying something. Keita was wandering around a bit, and it seemed that thje first floor was fairly empty, and se saw that there was some sort of elevator and a stairwell, and after looking around the room that was essentially a lobby, he started looking closer at things. There was a bit of furniture in there, it just seemed to be semi destroyed, and as Keita looked closer, it seemed that the furniture was gnawed on by some large animal, no doubt the rats and vermin that they were here to get rid of in their request, but it was still a bit disconcerting in a way. As he was taking a glance at the furniture, he heard Shichiro's voice from the other side of the room.

Shichiro said that they were keeping anything that they found valuable, calling it a finder's fee, but there was nothing around here that seemed valuable, and he wondered if anything could possibly even be called valuable, as this looked somewhat like an office building, so maybe some sort of old paintings on the wall or something. Keita shrugged, and then listened to Seika saying that they should start by taking a floor each because he liked to burn things. Was this building going to survive a large amount of fire? "I mean alright, I'll just take the second floor then, see you guys up there." Keita would say as he walked towards the stairs.


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Listening to the sound of his teammates, it seems like they were in agreement with what he had suggested earlier. He agreed with Seika's notion of not having all of us just sticking together to do one floor at a time and would like to have this request finished as soon as possible. His cousin, Keita had also agreed saying he'll take the second floor of the building. This was fine with him as he decided he would go down in the basement first. "Yeah, I agree. Even if we have all the time in the world, I don't plan on living in this run down city trying to finish this request. So I guess I'll take the basement and continue to go down with my companion Lily here. I guess that means you're taking the first floor Seika," Shichiro had said, giving his opinions and thoughts on the matter. 

If everything was settled and agreed upon, Shichiro would look at the map once more in order to find the staircase before heading down a corridor with his companion. As he walked away, he'd instruct his companion to take the floor below him so the work would move significantly faster. Exterminating rats shouldn't be too big of a deal for Lily to handle with his sword, even without transforming into his battle mode. Placing his hands into his pockets, Shichiro found the staircase entrance, entered it and went down one flight. He'd separated with his companion Lily who went down an extra flight.


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Seeing that they were all in agreement, Seika would walk off from the group after receiving his instructions and assignment. The flame that floated above his hand began to glow suddenly and grew explosively into a raging pilot flame. The orange flames quietly burned atop his palm as he walked forward into the dark unknown chambers of the first floor, disappearing down a hallway that was to the left of the where they entered. It wouldn't take him that long to find himself in a large room that was absolutely filled with the rodents. There were so many with so many variant sizes. Large and small, plump and furry. The little bastards were just everywhere. Seika could almost feel like there was nothing of value in the room and with that in mind, pointed the arm holding the pilot flame up and into the room.

The flame grew in intensity as a magic circle appeared behind it, startling the rodents within. The small creatures quickly began to move, hoping to avoid the sudden threat to their domicile, but it was too late as the flame grew brighter and brighter before an intense flash of light illuminated the room. Once the light had died to down, there was nothing that remained except for the steel frames and legs of the chairs and the walls themselves. Everything else had been incinerated instantly in a flash of heat, light and wind.

Peeking back into the now silent room, Seika would trudge inside quietly, pushing aside the smoldering door to see if there were any valuables that had withstood his prominence flare.


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Keita listened to Shichiro essentially call the hastily formed plan into action, before saying that he would go down into the basement levels. It was obvious that this building had a basement, but to have multiple levels down when it was this tall was something that was pretty insane to think about, unless the basement levels were filled with nothing but thick supports. Still, going down never seemed liker a good idea in these sorts of situations, so he was all for the strongest of the group going downward. Keita started walking towards the stairs, being extra careful in terms of watching his blind spots and behind pieces of old furniture and the like, as he did not want a random rat monster creature to pop out from behind a half eaten couch to gnaw at his ankles. 

Keita thought about it, and he was immediately worried, and so he summoned a couple of wisps to wander around him and guard him when he walked around. He then finally got to the stairwell off to the south side of the building, and he looked into the stairwell, and under the stairwell there was some sort of large creature gnawing on something that looked like a bone. The rat creatures were far more hideous than he originally thought they were going to be, and so he immediately sent his wisps to go and attack it. While the wisps did very poor damage to things, it was still damage from magic, so it was useful in taking down these weak creatures.


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Arriving at the first basement floor, Shichiro pulled his hands out of his pockets in order to push the door open into the empty basement floor to see what he was working with. The floor wasn't exactly large so he didn't need to do much in the way of searching the room, trudging along the empty corridor, Shichiro couldn't shake off the smell he had been smelling since he got to this floor. Something rancid was down here and nearby. He figured if he followed it, he could find the source of the putrid stench. Doing so, Shichiro came across a room filled with ruined tables and chairs. Taking a quick glance, he couldn't locate the source of the smell at first. 

Walking further into the room, he sees what seems to be a corpse being feasted on by large, vicious  looking rats. Thankfully, it was the corpse of a human but another large rat they were cannibalizing. Thankfully, he didn't have to make some strange report about rats eating somebody's missing spouse or child or something along those lines. Eventually, the rats had turned and noticed Shichiro's presence, not that he was being stealthy about it. Turning around, the rats growled and hissed as if they were having their territory encroached upon. This was true but he didn't have time for this. Lifting both arms, Shichiro began to fire a flurry of arcane bolts at the three of them. At the same time, the rats had attempted to leap at him but they weren't really aware of the concept of magic so it only proved to skewer themselves on the bolts.


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Stepping into the room, a musky smell reached his nose as he looked about to survey his work. Glints of twisted metal and burnt fur dusted the peripherals of his vision as he scanned about for anything of value that could've been left in the devastated room. Smoke filled the air, obscuring his vision as he noted the blasted out windows and the flipped over furniture. Some of the walls were cracked and a cabinet that had been beside the door had had half of its length burned away in an instant. He'd lift his hand up to his mouth to keep from inhaling the fumes, his smoldering orbs darting from left to right rapidly to cover as much ground as possible before finally deciding that if there had been anything of value in the room, there wasn't now. Leaving the room behind, he'd turn back down the hallway to continue his job, realizing that he had many more rooms to go through if he was going to clear his floor in a timely manner.

Continuing down the hallway for a bit longer, he'd come up upon yet another room, this one wasn't nearly as filled as the last one had been. While there was still an obscenely large amount of critters in the room, it wasn't so many that he'd have to prominence flare the shit to oblivion. Gathering his hands up in front of himself, he began to fire off Rapid's left and right, catching the rodents as they scurried about with extreme prejudice.


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Keita had just finished off the large monstrous rat that was gnawing on some sort of bone under the stair well when he noticed that the rest of the stairwell seemed fine, and then started to continue upwards. One of his wisps were bitten to death considering they did have physical forms that allowed them to attack people and creatures such as this, so of course they were also susceptible to punishment from physical forces as well. Still, it was only a bit of mana, these things were easy to summon and re-summon, especially because Keita had a sort of mystical connection with summoning magic that allowed him to crank these summons out like crazy, so that was something useful to him as well. After re-summoning his wisp, he went up the stairs to the next floor, with his wisps going in front of him, and some of them behind him as well guarding the rear. He was a very cautious man. When he entered the second floor, it seemed to be a large floor that was filled with cubicles, most likely a large office area. 

He immediately saw three more rat creatures that were roaming around, and one of them immediately screeched as soon as it saw him, and started rushing him. He was ready for this however, and had his wisps jump on it. The other two also got startled and started to head his way, the first of which was taken out with a chunk of rebar that was exposed from one of the supports of the building, and so two of them were dispatched immediately.


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Meanwhile, while Shichiro was dealing with the infestation on basement floor one, his companion Panther Lily was having his own adventure on basement floor number two. Lily had pushed open the door of basement floor two, entering it cautiously. Placing his right paw onto the hilt of his sword, Lily decided it would be in his best interest to enter his battle transformation. Growing to the size of a six foot, tall human, he unsheathed his sword which had also grown in size to match his now large, buff physique. Unfortunately, he had garnered the attention of a giant rat that happened to be rummaging through the area. With a loud hiss, the rat lunged towards Lily in an attempt to bite him but with a swift swing of his sword, Lily Panther had cut down the fiend.

Surveying his surroundings a bit more, Panther Lily had found a vault in one of the room's closets. It was locked but it had been quite worn out. Judging from the amount of time spent here, it would be an easy feat for Lily to just simply break it open with the swing of his sword and so that's what he did. Collecting the contents of the vault, he had begun to return to his companion. At the same time Shichiro had also been returning to the first floor to reunite with his Rune Knight team members after checking out the rest of basement floor one for more rats. Eventually, they would all meet up and return to the neutral guild in order to report the job being done, though Shichiro would keep the content of the vault and share it with his team members.



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His Rapid's quickly cleared out the remaining rodents easily, their smoldering carcasses laying about as Seika finally entered the room himself. This one was far different from the last, though that was to be expected as he had essentially nuked the previous room into oblivion. Now that he thought about it, he wasn't too sure if the client would be happy about the fact that he'd be doing repairs on the building that he had tasked the mages with cleaning up. But the more that Seika thought about it, the more that he realized that if the client thought that clearing out this level of infestation was going to be quick and easy then the man clearly had never had a rodent problem before.

Coughing to himself as he inhaled the smallest bit of ash, Seika continued to search through the remains of the room, actually locating one or two trinkets of assumed value that he simply pocketed. As Shichiro had said, this was their finders fee. His search would inevitably net him about five of these trinkets before he felt that he had searched enough before he finally headed out of the door and began to head towards the front. While his section wasn't all the way done, clearing two rooms and taking the time to deposit his loot was more than enough reason to head back and get situated for the next day. Plus they hadn't even stopped at the barracks so he was kind of loaded up on stuff to carry.



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Keita only had one more rat monster to take care of, and this one was essentially a carbon copy of the one he was dealing with previously, so there was not much of a challenge, even though it looked quite ferocious, this thing was not tough in the slightest, and would just take a bit of maneuvering to get it finished up quickly. they were making a large racket here and on the other floors, so there was almost no guess work involved in figuring out how many of these rats were on a given floor, as they all simply stupidly rushed whatever made the noise if it was not a rat, so this was easy. It seemed that Keita had gotten quite lucky, and that there were only three rats on the floor he was on, although the large office space looked like it might contain more, there seemed to be nothing of interest to the rats Keita supposed, as he thought up a strategy on how he was going to win. 

The third rat charged him just like the previous ones, and he knew that the rat was going to lunge at him when he got close, so Keita leaned back, using the rebar he had in his hand as a support, and so the rat skewered itself on the rebar. Keita had finished up and went back to the lobby area to find that he was the last one to finish up his room, and simply left with the two for now.

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