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Hospitlization [Travel-Solo]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lee remained unconcious as Lector guided Zalor to Hosenka. The gryphon had memorized certain routes over the years traveling with his owner. She was quite predicable on the patterns over the years. Lee was tied down to Zalor's torso. He didn't mind much knowing the circumstances. He had seen her like this before, only this time it was much much worse. Authorities had come to deal with the situation. Judina stayed back and Alistair to deal with thei situation and sent the others to Hosenka where she would be safe.

Judina was apart of Emphryean Divine, a guild that was neutral, but an alley with Blue Pegasus. She knew Lee would be safe there once she was fully healed. There was a lot of things to sort out from Lee's granfather's death, her own health, and everything. "Zalor, I am worried about Lee. Do you think she and Ragtime pushed themselves too far?" He asked the gryphon. Without a word, Zalor nodded. He knew what the exceed was trying to say. They both saw what had happened between everyone. Ragtime had shown himself thanks to the ruins they were at. It was some type of spiritual essence that caused a chain reaction. At first, they didn't believe it when they first saw it. For the longest time, Lector had thought Lee had finally snapped when all she talked about was Ragtime this and Ragtime that, now they actually believed her. He was even seen for a split second by her own family to see who Ragtime was. They didn;t know him by name or words. She had never spoken about Ragtime to them. It was the many thing she kept secret in hopes they would never find out, thinking she might be crazy. They would never think she was because they understood what she had gone through as a kid. Ever since she was fourteen to sixteen life was extremely difficult for the young girl. Growing up since then, it was hard to deal with constant flashbacks and episodes of cowarding under the covers. Hans was there for some of the time, but things fell through with him. Her family was always there to back her up when things were hard. Crying, heavy breathing, panic attacks, Lector had seen some of this. PTSD was never fun to deal with.

He stared at her. The exceed felt helpless that he couldn't do anything, but stand there and watch. It was a fight he knew she would want to do on her own. Lee was quite stubborn when it came to wanting help. Asking for help was almost always out of the question unless his life or anyone else's she loved was in danger. For herself, she could care less about her own like and always took risks.

"Zalor, there's the hospital! Land there" spoke LEctor.



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