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Hosenka to Oak (Travel)

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Hosenka to Oak (Travel) Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:38 am

Foot travel was, perhaps, the most monotonous thing of all time. One foot in front of the other, surrounded only by the sound of ones own footsteps and the area around them, whatever that may be at the time. It was not as though traveling alone, even traveling alone by foot, couldn't be fun. It was just that on this specific path that Jove had decided to take it certainly was not. The road was long, straight, and surrounded by literal shit. Whether it be from horses who simply relieved themselves directly on the road, or individuals who could no longer hold back their bowels or bladder and went off to the side, it was everywhere. The road to Oak smelled like an open latrine, and it caused the rune knight to wrinkle his nose in disgust.

He didn't have to be overly careful or anything. It were not as though the roads were completely without maintenance. Each town, as well as the capital itself, provided individuals to help clean certain pathways and maintain the integrity of the roads for travelers who may need them. Every now and then the sky chose to help as well, opening itself up and washing away the signs and smells of the miles long pitstop. The roads had been recently traveled though, that much he could tell by the smeared dark brown and green that had been dragged by wagon wheels down the road, staining the cobblestone and dirt and causing the mages nose to wrinkle in disgust. He wasn't one who could be considered overly sensitive by any stretch of the imagination. This didn't damage his delicate sensibilities. It did, however, make him decide that in the future he would likely resort to train or ship to travel, despite the expense. Hell, maybe he'd even get a mount of his own to allow him faster travel on this disgusting smelling, country spanning path.

Not too soon enough, the silhouette of his destination revealed itself on the skyline. Buildings slowly came into view, and without delay he passed by the sign that declared he had reached Oak. He had entered West Fiore a while ago, that much he had known, but to have finally reached the city brought a relieved sigh from his lips. Closing the distance, and entering through the main gate after going through the required procedures with the guards, he could leave the shit smelling roads for the shit smelling streets.

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