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Hosenka to Oak [Travel]

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Hosenka to Oak [Travel] Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 8:14 am

Nuala saddled Shadowmere and gave the loyal beast a few pats on the back. She’d been the Voidling’s most loyal companion throughout the past year and even though Nuala’s scent had changed suddenly, the horse still recognized her as her owner. She hopped onto its back and gave a weary sigh. Life had been a drag lately and even though Nuala had gone into hiding for some time, for reasons obvious to none other than herself, she decided that perhaps now was a good time to return to the human cities.

She had lost her powers and most of her equipment to bandits, but at that time Nuala simply hadn’t mustered up the energy to fight any of what was happening. Perhaps things were finally improving for her though, because she was starting to feel a bit better. Maybe she would even go shopping – it’s not like she lacked money or anything like that. To go from Hosenka to Oak was quite the journey, but on horseback Nuala wouldn’t take nearly as long as by foot.

She gave Shadowmere another gentle pat, motioning for the horse to get going. Nuala hadn’t ridden such a distance in quite a while, but she was an experienced rider regardless and throughout the journey she quickly realized that it wouldn’t be much of a problem. Nuala was clad in black and her usual attire hadn’t changed much. She wore a long cloak with a hood deeply pulled into her face to obscure her appearance. She didn’t meet many people on her way to Oak and once she finally made it all the way into the north, she noticed a change in the climate as well. It was a tad bit colder here, but not too much – it was still summer after all.

Once Nuala arrived in Oak, she headed straight for an inn.


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