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Brawling Blacksmith

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#1Fala † 

 Brawling Blacksmith Empty Mon Jun 07, 2021 5:57 pm

Fala †
Fala gazed at all the missions to do as it was a huge list. This could last a week, maybe a month even as so many people needed help. Sometimes she wonders why some of these quests were bad, evil even as it was just helping people get even. Was getting even evil? Fala brushed her black raven hair with her fingers as her daily rutine. Another thing that became her daily rutine was Frosch waking up and asking to go out to do something. Her eyes gazed over the names that these quests belong to as she saw a few names she already knew.

One name caught her eyes specifically as Godfrey was quite a cutey. Frosch was confused as to why Fala was starring at the name. It tilted their head and then started to walk off. Fala realized this, folloiwing right after. She asked Frosch where they were going before catching their breath. They explained that it was obvious that Fala wanted to go to help Godfrey so they will start going that way. The little frog cat was not wrong so she went along with it. Today she was just wearing a black and white sundress with some white flat shoes.

Once she got there they entered the shop to see him looking at her. He stoped with what he was doing to tell her the details. Witht he last detail he told Fala and Frosch that the seller will be here around fifteen minutes. She nodded and went to go prepare anything and all she needed to. She told Frosch to get prepared in case things go bad. "Okay!~", was all they had to say about it as they went to go find the seating for the negotionations they had to deal with. Once the door open she gazed at the man.

 Brawling Blacksmith Wannap10

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#2Fala † 

 Brawling Blacksmith Empty Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:00 pm

Fala †
The guy looked a little strong looking, but did that even mean they were strong? He gazed at her as she gazed at the Gemstone that was in question. It was mainly to prove that it was initiallly here as it was no lie. She motioned her legs as if she had restless leg syndrome while listening to his deal. The deal was alright at first, but then he started to go up in price, higher than it should be. Who would pay for this damn thing for a million jewels? Did it have magical properrties?

Fala disagreed with the price, telling them that the price was too high for a rock that wasn't even rare. Frosch gazed at the man and the jewel with their beady eyes, judging them both. "Frosch thinks this is bull crap," they cutely spoke and then went off to probably tell Godfrey, but she could not let the Seller know that. She distracted him for the moment as her companion went to go tell on him like a child taddle telling.

Meanwhile, Frosch looked around and finally saw the big guy, "You're being dooped!~" it innocent said as it then explained how the guy is trying to sell Fala the rock for more than a legendary armor. Godfrey's face turned red and stormed into the room where Fala and the seller was having their chat. "Hey! No one cheats out Godfrey!", he roared and went after him. Fala sighed and grabbed Frosch, "I told ya to be prepared,~" she giggled and threw Frosch at the Seller, assisting Godfrey. After beating up the seller, she went and put in a few punches and kicks in. "Okok, I will sell it cheaper,", the Seller cried out as they gave the gem to Godfrey and Fala got the reward she came here for. Hopefully, she will see him again.


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 Brawling Blacksmith Wannap10

You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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