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A Bloody Fanily Reunion [SL/Lee/Judina]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

A Bloody Fanily Reunion  [SL/Lee/Judina] Empty Tue Jun 01, 2021 2:48 pm

Lee Nakamura
Her eyes cracked open, slowly. LeeAnn felt her head pounding and her hold body pinned down like helpless prey. Last she check, she fell unconscious hearing Ragtime to Lee to hang on. Lector and Zalor escaped without Solomon noticing, thankfully. At least they would be okay and hopefully grab some help. "Kid, your awake! I thought you were dead" spoke Ragtime. He was delighted to see she was okay for the most part. On the other hand, her eyes began to focus to see all of her family bounded in magical chaos with her in the middle.

"What is this? Solomon what the hell are you doing" she spoke. The red headed male turned from staring at some runes with a pleased looked on his face. "Why it's a family reunion, LeeAnn. What else could it be? We've our grandfather, your parents, my father and younger brother here. Sadly, I couldn't find the others nor that useless brother you call Hikaru. I cant imagine why Ryu would want to help you when he and I are so close" he explained. He seemed so calm and cunning with his confident sway. A tall Wendigo-like creature stood directly behind him. It seemed miserable and in pain. Anytime it tried to move, it would whince in pain.

"You're a monster!" LeeAnn barked at Solomon in anger. He punched her across the face, leaving a bruise and some blood dripping from her nose. "You're one to talk, half-breed. Come waltzing in here as if you own the place. There is no place of your kind in here. Evey step of your life I have planned out for you to due, but you always come put ontop. From the torturing of that cult to the puppets and now this! If nothing will kill you...I will"he spoke. There was a cry look into his eye. One that made both Lee and Ragtime  unsettled.


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#2Judina † 

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Judina †
It was magical when your feeling and notions were correct when something felt off, Her arrival into Worth wood sea would be her greetings by Lee small cat, which well was not too horrible. She would have preferred Lee herself, Since then she could travel with her, Than again as this unrevealed into something much more then she personally had expected.

Hearing the story of what was going on from Lector it seemed, Lee had gotten into a situation she did not expect, in the state of trouble, It seemed quickly a plan would be needed to more forward, The plan well looks like Judina would be going in to the danger herself and dealing with her own way, even if it was risky.

it would have to be made slowly to plan the way forward towards where Lee could be, After all Judina did not know where she could be exactly but she had the help of two Lee's closest friends, Lector and Zalor, which was a get benefit.

Since she had the help they were slowly talk about how they were get in to help Lee, Judina had no idea what the building lay out way in anyway or manner, which did not help the situation at hand, since it might be not helpful to just charge in blindly, Even if Judina wanted to do exactly that.

It was just a question of how if anything, walking through the first door was not exactly the smartest idea that was something she already had in mind. So while they travelled towards the goal she had to start figuring it out. No doubt while she was riding towards and now mapping out her plan she had to think about what to expect, This most likely would not be an easy thing.

It was a blessing to have Lector and Zalor for this situation, They give Judina enough insight. Slowly she would have to think of if there was a window to go through that would allow her to reach the point where she could get to Lee, Then again a locked window would just make it harder because she would have to smash through it. So far all of her ideas were not lining up, Then again maybe she should be. So she would turn too Lector or Zalor at this point finally asking to solve this situation in some manner.

"What would be the best way to get to Lee?"Judina speaking, in general so maybe to gather a bit more of ideas, Hopefully both of them would manage something helpful, then again the suggestion of the front door would be worrying because. Because anything else really might be good to make a choice as quickly as they were showing up, Jumping through something was not out of the range of ideas she just needed to know where, Alistair had been quiet because he might not know what to suggest, it was most likely left to either when Judina got there or suggestion of Lector or Zalor however they would mention it to her.


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#3Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Lector rode Zalor the whole way there. He was sure where she was remembering the ancient ruins. They were overgrown in foliage from what he remembered. They were lucky to have run into Judina when they did. It was note just luck, but fate in his opinion. He just hoped they made it in time. Judina rode Alistair the whole ]time as well. The fellow cat creature remained silent, as to not give nay misinformation. They had to form a plan, or give some information. Judina was not caught up on the whole situation with the Nakamura family.

"To give a summary, Lee's family is in trouble. A cousin named Solomon has come back and has been attacking the family starting with Astrid, his younger sister. He has been sending threats and putting Lee into a position to hunt him down and defeat him. Though, Tadashi, Astrid's twin, and Lee were lead to a trap. Solomon wants to kill off the Nakamura family. He has a spirit that's super corrupted, I think he wants to use her as a sacrifice. He knows how to enter the spirit realm, if that make sense. Lee has a pact with a chaotic spirit named Ragtime who has been helping her with everything. He can control her body at will when he sees fit. Think...he is wanting to kill the whole family" he mentioned. It was not much of a summary, but he gave all the details he could.

"I think if I take the skies and lead you all to them. Solomon and his spirit are very strong, but if we can find Lee and Tadashi, then we we could even out the odds" he explained. Lector had wings that formed out of thin air. He flew upward into the air to search for the runes. It didn't take long to spot the runes. He sew Lee and several members of the Nakamura family together. Instantly, he found the others and guided them to the area.

Meanwhile, the rest of the scene had unfolded between Lee and her cousin, Lector and ther others stayed and watched. "You did...what? All my life has been a fun game to you?! The torture of the Illumin cult? The church kidnapping? The parasitic plague? Everything...was your entertainment?! Oh....you fucking asshole...I will burn you alive" she growled. By now, most of the Nakamura family was starting to come awake. Lee stared at her parents, Tadashi, Uncle Simon, and her grandfather, Victor, were all in horrible shape. They looked like a gust of wind could push them over. "Wonderful. The whole family can watch as I murder the clan leader. LeeAnn Alister Nakamura...you were never meant to live this long" he smiled. Lifting his sword, Victor, Lee's grandfather, broke from his chains. "NO YOU WON'T!" He screamed as he stood in front of Lee. The sword stabbed through his chest like a knife to butter. Lee's eyes widen, helplessly watching her grandfather fall before her. Everyone around her cried for Victor and LeeAnn, but she sat there in shock. "The old man took the fall for you? Didn't see that coming...on well. Now, it's time. Caspien" he spoke. A tall, slender creature that looks extremely malnourish with rotting skin and bones protruding out of his skin. He has antlers that were in the shape of asymmetrical twisted branches with a deer skull to match. His eyes were white beads inside a black void. "No...I won't let you touch her. It's my turn! No remorse" she spoke. Her eyes turned red, Ragtime taken over her body with control showing clear. In most cases, the hints of his control were always sudden. This time he was so angry with rage that Lee's eyes were the color of her flames.

Lector, Zalor, Judina, and Alistair arrived just time time seeing some of the scene from Victor's death. "Think now's a good time, better than ever" he spoke, in suggestion. The pure magical energy fueling the combination of Ragtime's and Lee's rage cause the air to feel thicker and denser. "Judina? Alistair? Wait...Lector! Zalor! You...came to help? No time for this, please I could use your assitance taking care of this parasite" spoke Lee. Her voice was distorted in a combination of Ragtime's and her's sounding with a double tone.


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#4Judina † 

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Judina †
It was a fairly good summary of events, Judina in some manner was extremely happy with what she heard, Because it gave her a basis to go off of. It was an insight of how vastly different than figuratively going in blind."Sending them? I am confused by the idea there might have been lack of actions from sending some one treats to start with."It was maybe just her own mind thinking it differently in her own way, Since well anything like that was something Judina would be able to deal with personally."Then again every family is different."

It was something she would try not to seem to harsh about in her mind because well, Her family did not work like Lee's. If they did well Judina's magic was scary in her own ways. Some parts Judina did not understand, so far it just seemed to sum it up enough that it just lead to, some one she cared about was in danger and it was important to see save them."Large amount of the things mentioned are minorly confusing because I am just learning of them now, But I have enough to have a basic understanding." It was the because gather she had in mind of it.

So far this was all useful information that could manage to something helpful in the path forward."Glad there is some kind of plan or idea of one. So far I had nothing."She was grateful that she heard had some path forward something she was unsure it would happen or not at her end right away, Personal doubt was a dangerous lingering beast.  For now however that linger doubt in her mind would be set aside, It was easier when it was for other people and not herself.

It did not feel much time had passed going forward towards the runes and the building that Lee and said family could be in, which well was always a sign in her mind that if it was simple it was risky to go towards. Because being simple could mean being expected, At least what she thought if this invader was not expecting something like this to happen it would honestly shock Judina.

Maybe some people would not be as mindful when actually needing too like she was. But for now the focus could actually start happening since it was good and clear way.

Death seemed to not have a lingering effect when Judina witnessed it now days, maybe it was a flaw with her. If anything it seemed Judina had her own slightly unhappy expression on her face."One seems to no longer value family, Is a disgrace and a corrupted soul."It might be no time, But Judina had a massive cattian that was something most people might not expect entirely ready for anything. It seemed like a depressed sigh, Judina got off of Alistair took a few steps back after patting Alistair."Eliminate the treat Alistair."It was a very open a blatant mention but now Solomon had a Cattian that would be pouncing on him.


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#5Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn bursts into flames. She made a quick dash towards Caspien. Both, Lee and Ragtime, knew that the Cattain had a hold of Solomon before they did anytime. The creature was much weaker than her. It wouldn't be too hard to deal with him. It was a easy defeat for the two of them working together. The harder task was Solomon. Caspien was deal with by knocking him out cold. Though, this was temporary. She had hit him twice leaving him with only A-Rank health left.

Lector had been watching the whole time. He felt helpless with standing on the side lines. Though, he knew this wouldn't be a battle Lee would want him in. Especially, being in a emotional turmoil with just seeing her grandfather pass away. "Solomon, you are such a sad, pathetic loser" whispered Ragtime. There was a small pause. He had taken a huge slam from Alistair. He would be pinned underneath him seeing as he didn't expect anyone else to interfere with his plan. Lee stopped in front of him as she gazed down at him with her shapr red eyes. Coldly, she stared at him then leaned her head back while taking a deep breath. A magic circle in the color of red appear in front of her face as she casted  a fireball in 0.25 meters in diameter this curse B-Rank damage. She aimed it just at Solomon's face. Fi she got Alistsir, she would apologize. He seethe in pain from the burn. There were clear marks of burns on his face. She saw a rouge flame caught a stick on fire. She grabbed the stick and walked towards Solomon. She kneeled down and burned his face with the burning flames. He screamed in pain, but this was not enough for her. She formed a fire letting it burn for a while then let the fire die down. She grabbed him by the hair and shoved his face into the hot coals. The screaming was much, much more painful. She let him sit there and beg. Without a moments noticed, he let out a massive S-Rank spell on Leez sending her flying through the air and hitting a stone wall. The lightning spell had formed dark clouds as rhe sky screamed in agony. Shr felt the pain burning into his face. The lightning bolt landed right on her stomach. She groaned feeling like she cannot move much. She huffed and stared at him. Caspein woke up and shook his head. He stared at LeeAnn, totally forgetting about their little dispute with Judina and Alistair. LeeAnn felt cornered and trapped like a rat.

Ragtime forced Lee's right arm to lift slowly. He pointed her finger right under Solomons feet casting a magic circle and maintaining it for a while. She then opened up he see palms side-by-side casting another larger magic circle abiut 4 meters glowed right under her. Lee felt two large fire dragon wings protect her. A large blast was then released on her command causing Caspien and Solomon to flying backwards. She laid there helplessly panting. She had taken head injuries and torso injuries. "Judina, finish him. I will be there in a sec. Lector help me fly" she called out. Thr small exceed fly with his Area wings on her command. He wrapped his tail around her weak body and fly right above inthe whole battle field.


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#6Judina † 

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Judina †
What was it about these situation that just felt so hollow to a person, Recalling the days were such situations would inflict a lot more upon a person, Maybe it was just how many years and such a person had been through various other things, The reality of Lee situation just seem to only depress her rather then worry about suffering and pain, Then again maybe just how things worked for some one who's mind maybe was just worn out. It seemed however Solomon was vastly in the losing side of this situation, So at least there was that reality in mind.

Words seems generally useless in the situation of bloodshed. Then again for now Judina had yet to really put her into the she just pointed Alistair into that path. After all, Judina in some manner had her will to fight seem slowly drained some times. Maybe that was the blessing of having such a massive animal with in Judina's control she could plan while he attacked or did as he was told, Guess the once wanting to work alone knight woman just came to terms that was not longer the case, For no the note of that blessing was still not in her mind in this moment.

Internal thoughts aside Alistair seemed to make no attempt to outright dodge what was coming to him. Anything could recover later there was a sound expressed from Alistair getting burned from pain, Judina would most likely express regret and horrible feels from throwing him into that situation. Alistair was a large and strong cat, Judina just had to hope this act was not anything too damaging. At least the stress of the situation still has not really hit Alistair or Judina, They both seemed to manage this with fairly good clarity of thought.

A bit of an unhappy sigh Judina at least was not slow putting out her basic iron sword. However she seemed to direct Alistair to back off."A simple request."in some manner it sounded soulless and monotone, Then again for Lee's sake she would just continue with what was asked to ensure her safety and continue on with their lives. It would be a general lead up to how Judina would execute her swing of her sword, It was just how common it was in some manner in her normal lexicon of motions she was use too.

She would make it most likely the strongest cleaving slash she could, At least one Lee would see Judina do in person. It was most likely either interesting or horrifying to see Judina charge into range, With in the final step of her charge slash downward upon the shoulder upon Solomon, It was just seemingly best reaction to remove the problem by attacking as so. Hopefully this is what maybe finished Solomon or left him unable to move, if that was the case it would be most likely logically or well, Fitting in Judina's view to leave Solomon to bleed out.


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#7Lee Nakamura 

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Lee Nakamura
Solomon taken B-rank damage. He almost down, but Lee knew he was still alive or conscious with Judina's final hit. She noted that and signaled Lector to lower her down. As she landed, she saw what she had done to Alistair. "I am so sorry, Alistair! Luckily, it was only D-rank spell." She limped to Solomon, whom was on his last legs. LeeAnn took her foot and stomped his face ten different times time it was deformed. Without a blink of an eye, she turned around back to the others. She felt a hand firmly grasp her ankle. Quickly, she felt a strong eletrocution through body. This caused her to fall to the ground and try to stay awake.

Lector flew to her side. Her family tried to break free, but in turn, they just wrestled themselves into more of a tangle. The kitsune hissed as she couldn't stand on her feet. She managed to crawl away from the him. "What do you want from her? Killing her is too hard. Give it up, Solomon. You're outnumbered" spoke both, Ragtime and Lee. The double tone was again spoken giving Solomon a simple laugh. "You're so cute, Lee. You even have a spirit of your own?I knew that already. Whoever you are...you know I already know you're there. Right, Caspien?" asked Solomon, croaking. He turned to see the spirit growled, limping nad almost down. He growled, yet fell down. The look in his eyes called out to LeeAnn begging for help to be freed from this contract.

"He's in pain. Ragtime...what do we do now?" Without a word, Ragtime forced Lee's body to crawl, slowly, to an altar where Solomon had everything ready for a sacrfice. A gem stood in front of his that was very much stuck in there. Ragtime tried to get a good grip on the gem, but it was no use to Lee's slippery fingers. Immediately, he managed to force Lee's strength to budge the gem. Caspien roaared loudly towards Lee and Ragtime. Ragtime had mentioned one time that sime corrupted spirits could be redeemed, but it would take a lot of work. There was not much information handy anywhere that could help redeem such damage done. Ragtime activated the spell connected to the gem. A bright glow shined from it in Lee's hands. It casted a powerful wind sucking in Caspien. A loud shriek came from the spirit as it was sealed away for good into the gem. The activation costed most of Lee's energy. Solomon clung to a tall stick to use as a crutch. He crawled over to Lee while she was on her knee. Blood coming out of her mouth, scratches, and burns from the attacks, she glared at him right into his cold eyes. "You will always be my play thing. You are nothing more than this" he wheezed out. Ragtime jerked in movemnts with Lee's body. Rage and anger were starting to make him loose control. Lee managed to grab Solomon's throat with her left arm and choking him. "Listen here, bucko, I choose my own path. Not you. Not the government. Not any stupid human will boss me or my family or friends around. Touch them and you will suffer. Burn in the pits of hell you freaking monster" she croaked. Quickly, she punched him once more for a good final measure before dropping him and kicking him. With a final spell, he vanished within a snapped of his fingers. Instantly, Lee felt her vision growing heavy as she eyelids closed. She fell to the floor, clutching the gem into her hand. Muffled voices of her family, Lector, Ragtime, and probably even Alistair or Judina. She faded into unconciousnes. Nothing bit darkness.



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#8Judina † 

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Judina †
Sure Alistair took a hit, He could just deal with it later, Even if Solomon was still alive if anything it would be worth to let him suffer, But maybe that was still the jade souls she was. Alistair on the other hand use burnt slightly form the attack he was still in some manner happy."I will be more then okay after a bit of time."It was nice that the big cat was able to speak for the sake of easy check up, Judina might have most likely waited until they were all safely out of the situation they had been in. Alistair was also trying to seem to like he was okay and nothing was wrong, even if had just been burnt, So for now it was some what okay for the moment.

So far most conversation seemed a bit, kind of out of place for her to listen too, So she just seemed to keep to herself during the time were Lee seemed to continue her conversations, Not that she was entirely not paying attention.

All of these things she had not had a clue about, Yet she just had been left to watch and let Lee work out it seems, Not that it was super horrible to do, It was most likely a if she needed to know she would basis. Then again it seemed walking into this not knowing anything it resolved in a manner she just kind of expected it too.

Lee was injured and tired, it seemed there was various things to take into account with the situation, Solomon seemed to have been dealt with and well everything for the most part seemed to slow down, Maybe Judina did the wrong choice thinking to leave him to bleed out on the ground.

Then again it was all over Lee however was passed out. Given all that had happen maybe Judina could have done more, It would be something she would have to talk to her about later when she was awake. Since however the main target was no long moving, Just now the question of where to go from here? Then again it did not seem like the best area to start here.

So this part would most likely be were Judina took a bit of a leading role were she did not really want to in general, Then again in this case it was not so horrible.

It would be simple as collecting Lee and placing her to rest on Alistair, Sure there were other companions of Lee there but they were most likely weary and tired themselves."I will make sure your marks are not too horrible after getting Lee some where safe."She was referring to Alistair.

She would hopefully have no resistance as she would work with Alistair to put her on his back and prepare for a trip to a safe place, until Lee recovered, Hopefully it would not be that long, Then again Lee was most likely safe in the company she had around her.

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