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Travel to Worthwood Sea.(Foot travel.)

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#1Judina † 

Travel to Worthwood Sea.(Foot travel.) Empty Tue Jun 01, 2021 3:28 pm

Judina †
So rushing off, she had to hope she was not too late to whatever task she had been set out to do."I do hope we are not too late."To just confuse Alistair even more, But he did not mind all he knew just where he was going and that they were having to go quick. She had a feeling she would manage decent time since Alistair was a life saver in that manner, When he actually need to work he worked wonderfully, Other times that was not work was questionable until food.

Either way they were bound to Worthwood Sea, The travel was simple and peaceful even if both of them did not speak the entire time travelling there. This was normal to when Judina had a sole focus on something. Hopefully when she arrived everything was okay, For now she could only but wonder.

Eventually Alistair and Judina would talk about what they were on the way to possibly had to do and why it was important, Since it was important. Now that the understand was set up it would be a casual and peaceful travel to it, Nonetheless Worth wood sea awaited for them both, Adventure was always interesting in his own way.


[Exit to Worth wood sea.]

Travel to Worthwood Sea.(Foot travel.) Alexss10

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