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Talking Skull [Quest]

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#1Fala † 

Talking Skull [Quest] Empty Sun May 30, 2021 11:52 pm

Fala †
Snoring away she wanted to take a little nap after that last quest. Cain was so nice to let her dwell upon his shed as it had some comforts. Fala suddenly was awoken by the Lich-looking man as he started to tell her how he suddenly needs her help. She sheepishly gazes at him, stretches as she gives out a big yawn. She heard him sigh but told him to calm down as she will help him out. Slowly, Fala slouched forward and stood up. At the moment's glance, her legs started to wobble as she was still trying to wake up.

She started to leave after he told her all the details. Fala was curious about his practices as she wondered what made him the way he was. Did he do something wrong or perhaps messed up on a spell? Did he die and became what he is now due to some unknown being? There were so many questions, but Fala had no actual time to deep think such a thing. She had to go to some abandoned graveyard where all the zombies dwell. The dead people were up at night and for some reason, that was when he wanted to go.

She could have gone during the day, find the grave, dig it up and take what he wanted. The client just had to make things harder, he did. The night made her even more tired when as a Daemon it should make her feel more alive. She was not a vampire though so maybe that was it. Twirling, dancing and singing she went around the graveyard avoiding any hordes as much as possible. She did not want to make a mess when it did not need to happen at all. "Golly, I really need a good rest after this," she felt was right to say at the moment.

She went about to find a skeleton just chilling there and Fala just kneeled down and poked it's head. "Come on, I have an adventure for you," she playfully spoke in her deadbeat voice due to being tired. It wondered why it should come with her and she told him that there was some lich that wanted to see something with it. Had some questions, something like that. She did not know the gruesome details, but she knew that there was something.

They shrugged, had nothing better to do, and went with Fala. They both avoided the place together as they walked through the graveyard. Fala wondered how it was to be able to rest physically forever, not having to worry about showers either. The skeleton laughed as much as it could in a haunting way. They liked showers even as boney undead being. Fala had no reason to question a person's liking so she just walked with him the rest of the way. Once she saw Cain, they introduced and she leaned against the door to wait for her reward. Cain was quick in getting her reward to her.



Talking Skull [Quest] Wannap10

You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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