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Questionable Recruitment

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#1Fala † 

Questionable Recruitment  Empty Sun May 30, 2021 11:49 pm

Fala †
Fala took a rest on a bench as she wasn't able to sleep due to the constant helping. Her head leaned back and gazed towards a man who dropped a slip by her, disappearing afterward. Slowly, she slouched forward to grab it and waved it towards where the man was. "Hey, you dropped this-", it was already too late. Her body leaned back exhaustedly and brought the paper to her face. The woman's eyes started to read and realized it was yet another quest. This quest wanted her to attempt stoping some adventurers.

But really, the real question was... why?

She sat there and wondered if perhaps the location of this recruitment was close to her. Her body was physically tired even though her mentality just did not exist at all. She gave a quick yawn and slowly got herself off her butt. The bench was made of cheap wood anyways, making it unconformable for her assets. 'Well, might as well get this over with,' she felt the need to even think. The voices spoke as they told her directions of where she could and should go.

Each was different as they could not agree on a direction. One was left, one was right, the other was damn zigg zagged. Her eyes gazed towards a group of people who were standing in the middle of the town. People stared at them with curiosity as if that was Fala's queue. This was totally the group, right? She started to walk towards them, but as she was going to approach one she realized one of them. Her eyes were sparkling as her lips were lost for words.

Something felt odd with Fala as Fala usually felt nothing. What was this feeling? It was disgust, right? It had to be. She shook her head and put a hand on her large hip. "Hey, whatcha doing with my town? Trying to get people to die for your purpose?", she questioned. They looked at her and studied her look. Some had some disgusting thoughts probably and the others wondered if she was even capable of fighting.

"Hey, I have eyes," she insisted to make them look at her eyes and not her tits. They were definately perverts. She told them about how there were so many good cities like Era and Crocus to recruit people. The people in those two locations had strong people and there was even Hargeon. Hargeon had people from other Countries coming in so they could go there as well. The group of adventurers gathered in a circle as they huddled into a chat. She waited there sadly impatiently till she saw them split. One of them came up to her and told her that she made a good point since they could also get ready for ruthless adventures faster that way.

One by one they left as she looked at this paper for instructions on how to meet up with this 'Cain'. She never met him but once she did she got rewarded after giving him the news.



Questionable Recruitment  Wannap10

You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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